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Businessman, doctor, technician found with rifles and kilos of cocaine in Tortola apartments

Not the actual guns, drugs, or rooms mentioned in the story.

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards today denied bail to a trio found with more than $1.7 million worth of cocaine, a quantity of ammunition, two firearms and $2,768 cash at two apartments on Tortola.

Businessman Korrey Stoutt — a USVI native with Belonger status — was charged alongside Dominican Republic natives Jordy Vargas and Dr Yamell Medina Acosta.

Stoutt was charged with ‘Possession of the Proceeds of Criminal Conduct’, and ‘Landing Without Leave of an Immigration Officer’ but pleaded not guilty to those offences. Stoutt was further charged with Breach of Curfew. He pleaded guilty to that offence. 

The businessman, in the meantime, was also jointly charged with the two other accused persons for Possession of a Controlled Drug With Intent To Supply To Another, Unlawful Possession of an AR15 rifle, possession of 10.736 kilograms of cocaine, and possession of a Nato 5.56 rifle With An Obliterated Serial Number.

They all pleaded not guilty when they appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, May 27.


The court heard that on Saturday, May 23, police spotted Stoutt driving during curfew hours; heading to an apartment in Hannah’s Estate on Tortola.

He was reportedly intercepted and members of the police Armed Response Unit were summoned to assist before Stoutt was asked to exit the vehicle.

He was informed that he was in violation of the ongoing curfew, as well as other Immigration-related offences.

“I have been here all the time. I never left, I’ve been sick. I just lay low,” he reportedly responded.

Incriminating passport records?

While examining his passport, police reportedly retrieved a boarding pass bearing his name and the date, March 7, 2020. The boarding pass was from Tortola to the Dominican Republic.

A further examination of his passport revealed that the last recorded stamp of travel was an exit stamp from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico on May 7.

Police informed him that the BVI’s ports of entry were closed during that time. Further investigations, therefore, commenced into the matter.

Gun found at first residence

It is alleged that he was taken to his Fort Hill residence, where a search warrant was executed. During the search, a firearm was allegedly found. He was also taken to his apartment in Hannah’s Estate where another search was also conducted.

Stoutt claimed he did not live at the apartment in Hannah’s Estate. However, the two accused Dominican Republic natives who resided there allegedly refuted that claim and pointed officers to his room which had a photo of his wife, and contained some more of his belongings.

The court heard that a search commenced into his room and upon entering the room, Stoutt took a small grey bag containing travelling documents and a key to a Mercedes Benz and handed it to the police.

A bible containing the aforementioned cash was also found. 

“That’s mine,” the accused businessman allegedly said.

Bricks of cocaine

It is also alleged that a cargo bag containing a number of bricks suspected to be cocaine was found next to his bed. He was reportedly asked who the bag belonged to, and he replied: “I have nothing to say.”

The other two defendants were also asked about the drug find, but they replied: “I don’t know anything about that.” 

A further search uncovered a clear vacuum-sealed bag with a brick suspected to be cocaine and a container with an automatic rifle inside. 

When cautioned, all three accused persons made no reply. 

It is alleged that ammunition was also recovered for three types of guns. The search moved to the rooms belonging to Vargas and Acosta. Inside, a vacuum sealing machine and bags were found. When they were cautioned but made no reply, the court heard.

Night-vision goggles and satellite phone

Over in the living room area, police also found one night-vision goggles and a satellite cellphone on the TV stand. And like before, the trio denied knowledge of the items.

They were then transported to the Road Town Police Station, and detained pending further investigations.

On May 24, they were invited to witness the weighing of the drugs, which totalled 10.736 kilograms.

No comments

They were invited to be interviewed, but they made no comments and they were subsequently charged with the offences before the court.

Attorney-at-law Stephen Daniels represents Stoutt while Reynela Rawlins represents the accused Dominican Republic natives.

Vargas, who is 45 years old, has been residing in the territory for the past four years, the court heard. He has been employed as a phone technician, has two children, and no previous convictions.

Acosta — 33-years-old medical doctor — has one child and has been residing in the BVI for past five months and is employed as a personal assistant to a doctor. The court heard that she is serving as an assistant while she prepares to take her medical certification exam to practice in the territory.

The matter was adjourned to June 18.


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  1. Vigilant says:

    Boy they been watching your move to knew that had left the island in the first place and to where . on raider .

  2. Mr. Pants Below His A $ $ says:

    WOW!!! That’s some serious power they packing. Guess the guns are for hunting elephants. The law needs to be more serious with gun and ammunition posession. Makes you wonder if those guns were used to gun down anyone.

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    • Nick, nick says:

      Looks like some excellent work by the police. Surely the DPP can’t make a mess of this one.

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    • Magnum says:

      You would have a hard time downing an elephant with either of those rifles. Calibre far too small, 5.56mm rounds are used by NATO forces to minimize risk to civilians. They’re also cheaper!

      My rifle of choice would be a nice bolt action; winchester .458 magnum.

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    • He'll Learn Now says:

      He better not keep those pants hanging all tight up below his bum up the prison.

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  3. Kennet says:


  4. His boy says:

    Cory hmmmm I thought u know better than that you on your way up to see ur next rat head pana man oh and the man ayo send up deh see god don’t sleep I hope he don’t play with ayo lol life is a b***h trust me

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  5. Haha says:

    ‘Just happened to stop him driving after curfew and knew to call the armed police’ um. Obviously being watched or set up for a while. Plus WTF are you doing with it in your house? Surely you would keep it stashed elsewhere away from people?

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  6. In Plain Sight says:

    Why do we refer to money launderers (drug smugglers) as businessmen?

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  7. Doh says:


    There are no guns in the BVI

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  8. Some says:

    People like that we don’t want in nature little secret they come in here and destroy this little place call home think they could do what they want and don’t care who they hurt or where they come from they cannot do anything like what they do here because they know that back in there country they will be dead already it have a lot more in big jobs here.

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    • For this slow one in the back says:

      Okay, First of all he is a belonger. He was born in the US.You know the VI and USVI people are related and one. So don’t even imply what you are trying to imply. You just need to go back under whatever rock you are under and undo. Just talk about the fact that they caught them and Keep it moving. You know back in his country they roll like that so idk what you talking about.

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    • Stout from here so STOP CHAT . says:

      Stout from here so stop CHAT CRAP.
      Its a chance you need to do the same.
      So stop CHAT S**T. Yes

    • No Negative vibes on people. says:

      Stoutt from here so stop CHAT CRAP.

  9. Anonymous says:

  10. Shee lyke iiecreaam says:

    Glad to see you all going after the real criminals instead of looking to beat down the poor Ganja farmers who just selling bread for the sick and hungry to eat.

    Assault rifles and bricks of Cocaine. I await the slipshod sentencing that gonna pop up a few weeks/months later.

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  11. Good job says:

    The police working, that’s alot of guns tgey finding,good job when it good say it good.

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  12. Mrs Charlton says:

    D.R. has one of the highest covid cases in the region, they could be carrying the virus into the territory as well as their drugs and guns.
    How exactly would you contact trace who they have been in connection with.
    Very scary

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    • Not in BVI says:

      I’ve read many articles involving drugs and money in BVI and what they have in common is that they are ALL linked to individuals from Dom Rep.

  13. Roberta Engers says:

    Test and Trace.
    This has the potential to undo all the good that has been done

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  14. Ausar says:

    So much for CLOSED borders!

    And Korrey is sick?


    Sick with what?


    And the police has been all over him and others, and their possessions?

    Talk about “community” spread!

  15. TruDat! says:

    Some of the stupidest criminals ever coming here recently. Driving around during curfew and all that stuff back at the house. What a Muppet! Throw the book at the whole bunch of them -too stupid to be on the streets.

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  16. lol says:

    sick and hiding.. hmmmm.You sure you ain’t from vincy.?

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  17. Dumb ass says:

    He say he was on the low but his passport ain’t say the same thing we know you korry you can’t stay on the low for a day lol but you goin learn how to lay low up in the jail oh don’t drop the soap lol nice trip

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  18. Relax says:

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord. Repent and be saved.

  19. Not in BVI says:

    I’ve read many articles involving drugs and money in BVI and what they have in common is that they are ALL linked to individuals from Dom Rep.

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