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Gabriel James charged with multiple counts of rape

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has reported that 44-year-old businessman Gabriel James has been charged with rape.

He was charged on four counts of that offence.

James has also been charged with one count of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm and one count of Threat To Kill.

The police did not provide any further any information except that James will appear in court at the next available sitting.

The circumstances that led to these charges are not yet clear.

BVI News will provide additional details as it becomes available.


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  1. Doll says:

    He again. Wasn’t he accused of indecent assault in September, 2013?
    This man seems to not have learnt his lesson.

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  2. ... says:

    nothing new

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  3. Not before time says:

    Now Al**n has gone he is no longer protected

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  4. Guyana girl says:

    Fake news again

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  5. Oh Boy.. Why? says:

    Look how he throw it all away over nonsense that dont worth it..

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  6. Tortolan by the bone says:

    So long nothing new cause he allegedly been with all he workers that work there an who use to work there over the years people been saying he s**k with something so maybe thats why he allegedly doing that to he workers sigh so all those nasty a** men that love crystal night club ya’ll aint fraid what the lab might say i dont sorry for none ya’ll he bring wh**e here distroying people homes and to the mens out there ya’ll so set a dogs meh son so who messing with strippers over the year ya’ll going with down with that p*g with what he have#you go bow for the result o nothing to discuss [email protected] burna boy

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  7. H says:

    Who else high A.F right now?

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he really sick with something for real? cause it been saying over the years maybe why he treating women so cause he allegedly been with everyone of he workers over the years so to all those stupid men who love crystal ya’ll aint worrying about ya’ll worstless nasty a** entertainer that helping you ya’ll distroying ya’ll home

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  9. Richie says:

    Forget about court and trials – just sentence this creep to four life sentences since his victims have to live with a life sentence of what he allegedly did to them.

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  10. Ann says:

    He did not do it

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  11. smh says:

    Don’t protect this alleged rapist identity show the community the filthy animal not no damn police sign

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  12. @ SMH says:

    I totally agree with you , and if he is a regular offender ,castration might be nessary/ can I apply for the job ? His ballz will be vermry tasty after barbB Qued

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  13. Tell me says:

    What exactly is a ‘businessman’ in the BVI? Isn’t that term being used a bit too casually?

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  14. Jamaican Girl says:

    He is lucky that he was not charge for murder,, only time will tell , God do not sleep

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  15. BBU says:

    Everyone knows what he looks like. He’s Big, Black, and u**y. …

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  16. Yep says:

    He owns and operates Crystal’s night club, so he is considered a businessman.

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  17. Lol says:

    We all know who he is though. You must not be from here!

  18. A Building Block says:

    Non BVIslander
    Non UK National
    Simply a blight of degradation and indecency on these Islands with the assist and nod of our nasty,rotten and selfish elected.

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  19. Really says:

    More like a p**p!

  20. BVIslander says:

    The saying goes, time will tell. Well, it’s about time for him. Another thing, find out from Wi**ock who was his Agent to bring in all those strippers as Cocktail Waitresses.

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  21. Big Richard says:

    If not from here it’s time to deport him.

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  22. Well sah! says:

    Wow! Who hurt u!? Cause you sound madd AF. Did one of these ladies of the night steal ur man? Maybe YOU should get tested!

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  23. BF167 says:

    One big d**ty p*g junior b – to keep the work do they have to sleep with him?

  24. little wi**y says:

    he is who is not worth it! big d**ty man

  25. Roost says:

    The chickens coming home to roost! First the wigger now the pigger. Both in cahoots. Government big black jeep used to be in that night club yard everyday. Waivers, Covid test results, fake vaccinations. Keeping the women passports until they satisfy what they owe … Any lady who doesn’t cooperate was sent out immediately. Murder on he doorstep multiple times and he open the next day with no regard or respect. He uncle … now on the run and can’t protect him anymore. I bet the yellow/orange news site will never run this story! All coming home to roost! He did the same thing down Josiah’s Bay when he get he head buss with a pipe from Talley and the dancer slice him up with a garlic blade. Heen learn? Roost!

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  26. hmmmm!!!11 says:

    @Tortolan by the bone ….you are one angry woman!!!

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  27. laughoutloud says:

    F**k his f*t d**b s**nt

  28. Investigate says:

    Former Deputy Commissioner needs investigating.

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  29. Desmond H says:

    Junior is a wh**e….monger wutliss ba**ard. My sister he will see several dentists

  30. Lickle Buddie says:

    Hmmmm…Lola ain’t used to work there?!?! As Yellow man used to sing 🎤 Diseases…🎹🎼 Lickle Buddy fellow….

  31. 2023 says:

    @hmmmmm11 shut up seem you just like him nothing a about angry it’s the truth he is not the victim he allegedly abuse his workers that putting money in he pocket


    A lot as been said since she took a stance. Some will try to ruin her character and even bash her, but she’s been prepared for this. So let’s get one thing clear she’s no stripper neither is she looking to get paid. She’s a successful business woman back home who earns her own bread. So just stop and think about how many women before claimed they were physically and sexually abused by this man but did nothing about it? She’s the voice for all those before her and she’s strong to come this far. She will not be silenced or intimidated. She’s a strong woman so give her the support she needs to see this out to the end.

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  33. Lol says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣u sound very hurt like a good front stripper c*m an kick way ur foot listen the man is a p*g we all know that but me sure know u no need fi a cum fi the stripper them an correction is not all stripper he sleep with but rather the fools who afraid to tell this man go chuck thru he mumma so get your facts before u speak an best u stop talk to before I send a next stripper for u man🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Lol says:

    U too listen no man cuss the man an leave the strippers cuz yall love bring down woman that don’t even know yall an is yall same men telling stripper oh my wife been sleeping around oh my wife nasty oh my wife lazy my wife boring catch u self an leave the damn strippers alone cuz yall be so damn press an yall doing the most for these men that ain’t even paying yall bills but buying the same nasty strippers house car land open business an all focus on being u man peace and not his damn nightmare kmft

  35. Lol says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣she sound mad hurt

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    I’m not talking about the lady in the comment section, I’m talking about the girl Junior allegedly did this to. She’s really strong and brave to be speaking out.

  37. Feo Gomez says:

    He don’t have anything to castrate.

  38. Rubber Duck says:

    Wig wearers must be trembling in their socks. 250 is it?

  39. huh ? says:

    The news say they was in a relationship, a strong self preserved business owner will never put herself with that u**y s**b.

  40. Buja says:

    They need to investigate the girl working in the bar name P**. She knows all his ins and outs. She does behave like she own there. She know all the wrong he did to the present and past girls and act like what he was doing is cool just to have a job and a s**tty pay and a so call position. God don’t like ugly P a woman like yourself you side with the wrong doing. I love karma.

  41. Buja says:

    I applaud that girl for bringing a voice for all the other girls that got abused … Just a matter of time with P**. As a woman she knew the bad treatment that those girls were getting and she (P**) side with him just for a job and a pay check. God don’t like ugly karma coming for you P**. Let’s see if you will keep that close friendship with him when he go to Balo let’s see your loyalty with that. To the girl that she’d light for all his victims, don’t give up God will guide you through. I stand by you and I know other women will stand with you.

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  42. BVIslander says:

    @Ann. I guess you are in denial. Maybe he assaulted you and paid you to keep your mouth shut?

  43. hmm says:

    oh wow! All the arrest, charges, and more are now starting to come together. wow! smh

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