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Businessman injured in Fish Bay | Police launch probe

Well-known Guyanese businessman Martin ‘Tony’ Alphonso, of Alphonso Enterprises, has been injured outside his establishment in Fish Bay on the main island of Tortola.

Video clips sent to our newsroom moments ago shows the businessman face down on the ground. He appeared to be bleeding profusely from an injury to the face.

He was surrounded by onlookers, some of whom offered him assistance.

When BVI News contacted Police Information Officer Akia Thomas, she said: “I can confirm a report of an accident in Fish Bay after 3 pm today.”

“Details surrounding the accident are unclear. However, one male was transported to the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital for treatment. The investigation is ongoing,” she further told our news centre.

She said she was not able to release the individual’s name at this time.

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  1. Forward ever Backward never says:

    The narrative started out with “Well known Guyanese businessman, Martin ‘Tony’ Alphonso of Alphonso Enterprises”, and the spokesperson ended with she can’t release the name of the individual at this time. Wow. Very attentive and efficient when giving details.

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    • Ok special Ed says:

      Genius, from the video that was sent to the newsroom, it is obvious you can see its Tony. And the police are just doing their job, by not giving out his name until they do their investigation. Some of you are always quick to comment before trying to use common sense

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    • Lady says:

      Reading is fundamental… the name she was not able to release was (not necessarily that of the individual first mentioned in the article but that) of the male who was transported to the hospital for treatment.

  2. International Motors Staff says:

    We are all saddened to hear of this terrible news and our entire staff wish you a speedy recovery.

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  3. Bvi news .com says:

    Yes all who know toney knows he was born in Guyana but he is a belonger and a naturalized citizen of the bvi. I did not know that this news site is one of the contributors of the growing issues concerning expatriates and where they are from.bvi vi news i have been reading your news for a long time but you have seriously lost your balance. Please get back on track.

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  4. Oh boy says:

    BVI News stop being so Racist. Yes racist. Where is the Guyanese buisness man. You all worse than Whites against Blacks, seriously.

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  5. Frig Up says:

    Sounds like two people involved. Tony and one other.

  6. You more backward says:

    The news reporter would have written the first part of the article. In the second part she quoted the Police Information Officer Akia Thomas, as saying: “I can confirm a report of an accident in Fish Bay after 3 pm today.” Stop with the Police fool. they doing their work.

  7. Milt says:

    Why they have to stresss Guyanese?

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  8. No nonsense says:

    Where 8s the cyber legislation?? People’s identity is still being posted on line, even in tragedy!! Shame BVI!!

  9. Guyfox says:

    to remind us that no matter how long we live here and no matter how much we contribute we will forever be outsiders. its a way to say it wasn’t a BVIlander, we dont really care

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    • son of the soil says:

      Why dont you cart your tail?

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    • @Guyfox says:

      Why don’t you remember that BVIslanders don’t write for BVI News? Maybe a Guyanese wrote it and she is proud of her compadre. If everything upsets you, stay off the blogs. You need thick skin to partake.

      Not to worry, I am a BVIslander and I love Tony as do many others that were born all over the Caribbean. He has helped many in this community. It is sad to see what someone would do to him no matter what the issue was. He is a wonderful person no matter from where he hails and is treated that way. I wish him a speedy recovery.

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    • @Guyfox says:

      You english man constantly blogging psychological tools to divide the local against the Eastern Black people. You don’t know we ain’t falling for those divide the people divisive tactics anymore.

      We are on our way out of the past psychological tools used against us in the past. Dem nah go wok dis dayer!

      We have learned truth. We have learned the ways of the divider, and we will not be falling for that antiquated Willie Lynch doctrine anymore.

      So take your devisive tactics back to england and use them against the ongoing tribal conflicts there.

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  10. Caribbean Girl says:

    Hopefully a CCTV system is operational at the premises to find out the responsible (s). It looks like is right at the entrance. A lot of people walk around there, sure there is a witness to the melee.

  11. Chosen says:

    Son of the soil you should be name son of s—-.

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    • Hello says:

      Lolol game over …all you just getting upset for nothing…the news is right ..the man is not from the bvi ..if he had a paper to show that he is a born BVI islander then you all can get up on you high a** lol foolish people..where you born is where you from……

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      • unless... says:

        unless you’re born in the BVI to non-BVIslander parents… apparently then you are from nowhere.

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        • E.Ronan says:

          They,the police should keep the public inform.

        • Theo says:

          The BVI is ‘nowhere’ lol and I’m from there.

          A rock in the ocean on Earth……clearly with a bunch of people who can’t face reality so they insist on acting like it is ‘somewhere’.

          BVI was great before the 2000’s, that BVI is long gone.

  12. E.Ronan says:

    They,the police should keep the public inform.

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