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Businesswoman: ‘Same-sex couples deserve to be married in the BVI’

In light of the promised referendum on same-sex marriage, business owner Maris Hodge-Wright has stated that same-sex couples should be allowed to get legally married in the BVI.

Wright, who joined the May 9 airing of Talking Points radio show as a co-host, said same-sex couples in the BVI pay taxes and shouldn’t be denied any rights and privileges other couples or citizens enjoy.

“I’m a Christian, but I’m also a citizen. I don’t think it is fair that people pay taxes and they don’t have equal rights. I think if a man or woman pays taxes, they should be defended by the laws of that country. I know that Christians on Tortola fight me over this because they say I’m not Christian because I have this opinion,” Hodge-Wright posited.

She continued: “I think as Christians, we must defend the laws of a country, we are supposed to live under our Christian precepts but we cannot enforce and tell the law that ‘you can pay taxes but you can’t have the same rights as I do.”

Co-Host Damion Grange agreed with Hodge-Wright’s position, stating that the issue of same-sex marriage is a human rights issue. He said there are other acts – such as alcohol abuse – that the church deems immoral but continue to happen because the laws permit alcohol use. He said the same principle should apply to same-sex marriages.

“If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Why are you worried about it,” Grange said. “Just like you have religious freedom, it should be the same principle here. That’s why I say it’s a human rights issue because at the end of the day, you do have a same-sex couples in the BVI,” Grange argued.

At the same time, both Grange and Hodge-Wright agreed that the Church should not be forced to marry same-sex couples as it goes against their tenets.

“I don’t agree with the church marrying them because of what the church believes. But under the law, they should be able to go to any government agency that marries people and be allowed to get married because they pay taxes as I do. You cannot make me a second-class citizen when I’m paying taxes,” Hodge-Wright stated emphatically.

Where do we draw the line

Another co-host Elvin Grant added that legalising same-sex marriages may give rise to other issues such as those relating to gender. He said the BVI runs the risk of not knowing what they stand for.

“Once you open the door for lots of these things, the question is where does this stop? Once you push the door open, it can go and go until we really don’t know what we stand for,” Smith said.

The issue of same-sex marriage has always been a hot topic in the BVI. Majority of the population upholds Christian principles and argue that same-sex marriage goes against their beliefs.

Just days ago, Premier Natalio Wheatley stated that the much-talked-about referendum on same-sex marriage within the territory is likely to be put forward to the public within the next few weeks.


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  1. SMH! says:

    Be like Uganda, we don’t want that here!!

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  2. Maria who says:

    Who is this woman and why are her opinions suddenly so important?

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  3. I'm a Christian says:


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  4. MD says:

    To Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s

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  5. Oh my says:

    This is not good for BVI. This is not what God wants in the BVI.

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  6. Hmm says:

    Thanks now I will know which businesses to support and which to boycott. You don’t have to be vocal people let your dollars speak for you. Any person pushing anything you do not morally support send them to the pauper house……

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  7. Resident says:

    Equal rights for those who pay taxes…well, well, well, what a novel idea…

    How about the right to vote?

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  8. JY says:

    Wow just wow….so its ok for a Man to sleep with a Man…..and women with women?? because of your human rights?? and you called yourself a christian, so its ok kill a human being becuase he or she wears a pants backwards?? human rights ahhh….

    “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads…Leviticus 20:13 NIV

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  9. SMH says:

    God made Adam and Eve, so what Edition of the Word Christians are following in holy matrimony? We are living in serious Times. Soon if we keep up following the American trend, it’s going to be offensive to have prayers in schools or religious studies. Also, we will then support and recognize immigrated cultures while ours will be deemed offensive.

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  10. Wow! says:

    Marris as a Bible believing Christian, I am disappointed in your stance. Your father must be rolling over in his grave…..disappointed indeed!

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  11. Observer says:

    We don’t want homosexual marriage, We only want corruption, drug running, money laundering, strip joints and gambling etc, etc and ‘natures little secrets’

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  12. Listen says:

    Why are we giving these people so much emphasis and privilege? Why must an entire nation and culture bend because of the desires of a small %? Be gay all you want and go somewhere else to get married then come back but nations shouldn’t have to bend over because these ppl want what they want.

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  13. funny says:

    but we all pay taxes yet don’t get to vote a few hundred people got to vote for the Premier, countries a joke.

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  14. Jokes says:

    She claim to be a Christ……what????? Boy,these days everybody claiming to be a Christian LOL and half of them ain’t even humble and kind towards others.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    All those on the moral high ground, do you support adultery? It is rampant in the BVI with many having a ‘side woman/man.’ Or does this part of the ten commandments not bother you? Lots of hypocrites…

    BTW if a same sex marriage (in church) seems to be a problem then the wording should be changed to ‘civil union’ with equal rights and could take place in a registry office.

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  16. Disturbed says:

    Maris, I am disturbed and confused with your thoughts. Please don’t use you being a Christian and having those kind of thoughts in the same vein.

    This is so sad on many different levels.

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  17. FaithMP says:

    There are much worse things going on right here in the VI under you all noses but no one is talking about them. How many men/women are faithful to their spouses? How many steal from their employers by way of time, goods and/or money? How many men abuse their wives and children? and I can go on and on, but because 2 people who happen to fall in love and are happy with each other, allbeit they are the same sex, we want to crucify them. Who are we to judge them? Let us all live the short life we have on earth and stop being judgemental of others. Ye who are without sin, please cast the first stone (since you all want to quote scriptures like you all so holy and righteous).

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  18. BuzzBvi says:

    Many people pay taxes but have few rights in the BVI as others have said, voting for example, right to freedom of information, right to an open register of interests, right to protection from price gouging, right to prompt and fair trial, right to clean air, right to fair Trade practices, etc. Remember 487 people voted for our current Premier

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  19. Wise says:

    This lady need to stop saying that she is a Christian because nothing Biblical minded person will speak the way she do. Nothing she said is Biblical its all her opinion.

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  20. What!!! says:

    “Oh my”
    And did your god personally tell you what he wants for the bvi?

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  21. Consider the choice says:

    You do have choices her business or the doctors laundromat. Choose wisely

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  22. PT09 says:

    @Resident You have the right to vote in your country,

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  23. Inharmony. says:

    Some were born Tonte-ish and they have no feelings for the opposite sex, and some were injected to be anty-ish. So the only preaching against this behaviour comes from the Bible, that means this thing anty-niss happening from Lappy-arse mornings. If you don’t marry them, they will still be doing the anty-niss in secret. If them want to be legally a couple, let them be a couple, and let the one without thiefing sin cast the first stone against them. Let the wheat and tares grow together until the day of harvest. Let the anty-tontie-taytay the straight, half straight, and aint’-know-how them stop, live in harmony happily ever after. Stop playing God over people’s lives. No man hath seen God at NO time. He never hath talk with none of all you about who should marry or not marry. The same Bible said so, not me. NO MAN HATH SEEN GOD AT ANY TIME. Our church will marry them. Stand deh deh.

  24. Enough says:

    Maris you sound like an @$$!!!!! The drug dealers, prostitutes etc. all pay taxes should they also have the right to do what they want! It sickens me that people like Maris don’t have respect for a culture she grew up in. There is a bigger issue here other than same sex marriage. If person wants to get married to the same sex, they can, just not in the Virgin Islands (British). The Virgin Islands has always had gay couples. They live among us; they are our family and friends. They don’t impose their beliefs on us, and we don’t impose our beliefs on them. Stop pushing the WORLD agenda on this Little Nation. Soon you will be telling us a man can be a woman when this will STOP. Live how you want to live; don’t make it our problem.

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  25. sturpss says:

    This cant be a real place… A lot of these so called christians have stone criminals living under their roof with them and know and turning a blind eye because that’s their brother, son or grandson or whatever but gonna come on here talking about what god want and what god dont want judging how other people choose to live and trying to dictate what should be allowed for other people foh!… The same god allowed satan to exist no? God told Adam to not eat the apple but didn’t actively stop him from eating it… The same god give mankind free will to do what he/she want no? Please separate religion from law making and make laws that serve everyone that pays tax in this territory… I’m gonna be real I don’t think homosexuality is correct; biology already make it really simple to figure out there’s nothing to be confused about or “idenitfy as” however I don’t believe that because I feel that way about it that gays shouldn’t have every right that I have… Not to mention as a country that depends heavily on tourism have any of these fools given any thought to what happens next after BVI basically declares to the world that its adamant about denying gays equal rights? Is this topic really important enough to disrupt our tourism over with financial services already under attack. Think fools; and stop making foolish mistakes. The funny thing is with this topic we fuffing and puffing and hyping up ourselves over something that is inevitable. we need to fight the battles we actually can win and have an actual argument like public registers of beneficial ownership… That is not a international standard and its being forced down our throat and we just take it laying down but gonna carry on over gay marriage… something that dont even matter

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  26. LGBTQ says:

    is part of a sinister agenda that is being executed on this planet. Many fall for it because it facilitates their sick needs and twisted character. The objective here is to maintain global control by any means possible. Some people will never see beyond the surface of anything and continue to promote evil on so many levels. If we continue on the same trend the world is finished. The mentality is if we can’t rule we will destroy. Stand up and fight against this evil instead of going along thinking you are getting along.

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  27. Maris Hodge Wright says:

    I know who l am, and whose l am in Christ. I will always defend my Christian beliefs but as Christians we cannot and should not choose which sins according to the Bible to turn a blind eye to and which sin to condemn. If we want to say that the Bible says that homosexuslity is an abomination and therefore homosexuals should not be allowed to marry at all. ( Notice l did not say marry them in the church or any religious faith.) I said in the courts or civil ceremonies. Back to the Christian values we are so blatantly defending. The Bible also says that fornication and adultery are abominations to the Lord. Why are churches not fighting against the adulterous people who get married and cause their spouses to live in absolute pain, or the fornicators who run rampant in the church. Why only pick on the sin you are not guilty of. If as Christians we want the legal system to reflect our values and beliefs, let the legal system reflect all of our beliefs not some that we choose to single out. When l talk to my Heavenly Father l know he hears me, l know in whom I believe and who holds my hand and my Father did not make any second class citizens. His last commandment is to love one another. That is my responsibility as a Christian. As a citizen it is my responsibility as a Christian to stand up for equal treatment for all under the law. Not just those who are like me, and have the same belief and value system as me.but for every tax paying citizen. Division of church and Government. Can we understand the concept please.

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  28. so call Christian says:

    Don’t these people go to church also, then why not get married @ Church? Question: will “Jah” “Jehovah” put his approval on such Unions ?

  29. crap says:

    Sin is sin, no matter what category we place them in, level 1 -10, it’s all sin. How much sin did Adam do to get thrown out of the Garden of Eden? Just 1. In God’s sight, only 1 sin you need to miss the kingdom of God. There is no middle ground,if you are hot for Christ, then be hot, if you’re cold, then be cold. No please for luke warmness. There is one religion in the bible and that is Holiness. Yes the bible talk about christians, but he was clear that it is without holiness, no man shall see the Lord (not christian, muslim, rasta etc). Be ye Holy as I am Holy (said the Lord of host)

    The sin in this article is homosexuality. It is not the church’s opinion or belief. It is what God said, and what He says is what he says and it is not up for debate of man’s opinion. Absolutely no man-made law can ever ever be higher than the word of God. I don’t care who it is, what country it is and how theologically divine any of us think we are. God is God and he changeth not.

    You wanna tell me, a mother gave birth to a boy with male genitals, clean him for his, change his diapers, had him circumcise and she don’t know her son is a he? Take that trash back to the pit of hell where it belongs. All this homo stuff is demonic and it is evil. Man heart waxing colder and colder. So Maris is afraid to offend the host so we say what we got to say to tickle our friends ears so we can feel included.

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  30. This says:

    Let all see if the premier is going to allow this the uk want this and they need a donkey to ride.

  31. This says:

    Let all see if the premier is going to allow this the uk want this and they need a donkey to ride.

  32. simple says:

    simple things… all we have to do is have a petition and see what the people of the island want… majority rules

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  33. :) says:


  34. :) says:


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  35. :) says:


  36. Keep that s..t says:

    We dnt want no same sex marrige go america.. weather male or female we dnt accept it

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  37. LOL says:

    She got energy for gay rights, but ain’t got energy for the people … Lady you really have your priorities messed up…

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  38. She quoted‘I am a Christian’ says:

    Which Christian Lady? What God are you serving? Which Bible fob you read?

    Remember Sodom and Gomorrah!!

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  39. tola says:

    she called her self a christian and she and her husband are two big …

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  40. Truth says:

    The Bible calls that an abomination. It is the truth and doesn’t need popular opinion to be validated.

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  41. Anonymous says:

    I rebuke sane sex marriage in the name of Jesus. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. We cannot stray away from it or the BVI will suffer more consequences from unrighteous living. Read the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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  42. rne says:

    but that logic then your boss should sack you if you disagree with any of his/her views . . . that wouldn’t be great would it?!

  43. F** says:

    How come no one is commenting on Mr Grange, take on the subject.

  44. All I see says:

    All I see is attempt after attempt to kill off black people and to prevent the reproduction of the race. The waccine, the abhorrent police bill to turn the place into a police state where murders will definitely be on the rise as people take actions to protect themselves from wicked forces, now the gay agenda. The colonizers are laughing because they are seemingly the only ones who know we are the chosen people who have covenant with God and that once we go against that covenant, it is curses after curses upon the land. God is the only thing protecting us and they trying to get you all to turn away from that, oh sick and detestable slave minded people. Read your Bible and know yourself who you belong to. It is only the grace of God that keeps, saves and protects his people. Reject all manner of sickness out of this place so that all will be well. For Christians to be promoting such antichrist discussions, may the Lord have mercy on them and show them wisdom.

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  45. @SMH says:

    God made Adam, and then made Even from Adam’s ribs. Then their children all procreated amongst themselves (sister with brother, son with mother etc). All sounds quite gross and incestuous to me.

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  46. smh says:

    The problem is the church is too heavily influenced within politics. The lifestyle someone chooses to live should not affect your own. If a person want to marry some one of the same sex that’s their prerogative. Once their actions don’t affect anyone else around them , they should be allowed to marry. If you want to have a referendum for that, why don’t you be like the middle east and lock all those people who have sex outside of wedlock , or for using alcohol , why don’t you lock up all those women who don’t dress modestly . Keep the same energy across the board if this issue is based on what the “bible” say

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  47. STRPSSS says:

    No u absolutely right, he jus want robberies, gun violence, SA against minors, incest, domestic violence, drugs, gunss and money, corrupt leadership, discrimination and lawlessness for the BVI….and before u jump, just like how all that i mention ain none of your business, neither is who someone want to marry! if it dont affect you why yal so worried about it tryna NOWWW play holier-than-thou about this when so many other sins are prevalent and running rampant! Please spare me the rhetoric. keep your heart close to God, continue to pray and fast like u suppose to be doing, dnt the bible say thou shalt not judge? leave what is not your concern to God!

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  48. Yolo says:

    This is sickening now. The world seen there mistakes on this gayness. Harming our children. Man dressing up like woman beating woman in woman sports. Ect. These person are mental health people. They need to be in a health care building until they are better. You can say you born that way. Kids a not born races they are though. Killer and not born killers. Pedophile and the list goes on.These are people with metal health issues give them the help they need.

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  49. Mrs Wright you are wrong says:

    You are lost and you are a walking contradiction. You have uncovered yourself

    Isaiah 5:20
    20Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.

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  50. missing the point says:

    Nobody is saying that ppl cannot love who they want to love or be involved in a relationship with someone of the same gender. The question is: does the Government have to give the relationship legal recognition as a marriage along with associated legal rights and responsibilities. So in your adultery example, nobody is stopping someone committing adultery, and everyone agrees adults can live how they wish, but does the Government have to recognize polyamory or polygamy? I think NOT! What next gender recognition, non-binary, gender fluidity? What does Government have to accept and where will the line be drawn?

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  51. We See you!! says:

    Mrs Wright and Mr Grange you are trying to fight for so called Gay Rights not Human Rights. As the man that I am, the law is stopping me from marrying a man just like how you can’t marry a man. You can marry a woman just like I can do as far as I can see the playing field is level. But you want to make a lawless society in the BVI.

    Sorry I refuse to be like Lot who lived in Sodom all that time and didn’t talk against that lifestyle. No Sah!! Grange if you feel restricted here then go and live where it is allowed. Simple!!

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  52. Priorities sis says:

    Where was all this energy when the M@jes+ic one was saying y’all does be cussing and fighting over the corpse at the morgue??

  53. hmm says:

    Yall realize that these people already gay? So by denying them the right to get married you not making the world or the BVI any less gay its just discrimination. I have yet to hear a actual sensible argument for why they can be openly gay in the BVI but marriage is where we draw the line; marriage cant be allowed at all cost. Make it make sense, Explain logically why you care this much about a topic that not even important or concern you or impact your life as a straight person in any way. If this is the road we gonna choose, how we deciding when the law of the country is going to be dictated by what the bible say and when its ok to have laws contrary to what the bible say? We really going to be making laws for the country based on the bible say to do this or don’t do that?

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  54. NOPE says:

    FIRE BURN!!!!!

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  55. Kingdom of Jesus Christ Authority says:

    Either this poor soul is possessed by a demon of homosexuality, and advocating for satan, by the authority given to me in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you filthy demon right now. Get out of her in Jesus name. But, if this be a demon in human flesh advocating for his evil serpent satan, then Get Lost in Jesus name. My Master and Saviour Jesus Christ Rebuke you NOW in Jesus name.Go back to the pit of hell where you came from in Jesus name. AMEN!

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  56. IT IS WRITTEN says:


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  57. O brother says:

    Will she have a head start to hell at her family funeral home free charge choose your box

  58. Really now says:

    It depends on what we take as a definition for Christian. For some it if you are not Muslim or on of those outlandish religions then I must be a Christian.

    A person born the the vi is a virgin islander. A person born in jam down is a jamaican a person born in Christ is a Christian pure and simple. This lady is far from the kingdom and she knows it, as for the other person it is natural for him to do so.

    I believe that these folks deserve their rights. I will respect your rights. Please respect my rights to call sin by its name, SIN.

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  59. Who cares. says:

    I pay tax too,all I want is the government to fix the dame holes in the road,

  60. @tola says:

    Mannnn,they censored your comment so I can’t see what you said about the 2 of them LOL

  61. Not all who say Lord Lord says:

    She cannot be speaking as God’s mouthpiece. She is the d**il’s mouthpiece. Full of the antichrist spirit. Repent before the judgement of the 5 unready churches catches you. God gave everyone freedom to do what they want but these elites starts here next thing they want pedophilia legal. Repent. Repent. Hell is hot. There is no coming back. It is for eternity. Repent.

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  62. Easy there says:

    To be honest you always gave off that rainbow vibe, if you want to come out the closet, just say so LOL and you seem like the boujee type, I wonder if you does eat the k¡*ty on a silver platter?

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  63. Stups says:

    I vex the Mika Barry page was taken down

  64. No argument says:

    To the ones questioning why no fuss over alcoholism and adultery which are equally sins, listen to yourself. You are proving the point that you are trying to disprove. Example, homo is a sin, adultery is a sin, alcoholism (where it leads to drunkennes) is a sin. We all agree. So tell me this. Where is the referendum to legalise adultery? There is none. Where is the referendum to legalise alcoholism that leads to drunkenness. Again, there is none. So WHY THE HELL ARE WE BEING BOMBARDED WITH A BLOODY REFERENDUM ON GAY MARRIAGES. THERE SHOULD BE NONE! TAKE IT BACK TO HELL ON A ONE WAY TICKET YOU DISGRACEFUL SHEEP!

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    Leave the a..holes alone. BVI has lost its moral compass.

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  66. @jy says:

    its considerable to express we dont kill people over the bible because that is not the Christian way.

    Jesus said love god & love each other. While we may not agree, casting the first stone is not Christian

    Anyone who is lacking this understanding doesnt know what it means to be Christian. No one is going against their religion to support homosexuality but true Christians are guides and are not evil in support of religion.

  67. @ Priorities sis says:

    It’s funny how M******ic ain’t giving the morning family a chance to breathe! Money hungry I see

  68. Vybez says:

    As Kartel say “man to man, gal to gal that wrong!”

  69. The Dead Do Talk says:

    Earlier Hmm wrote

    May 10, 2023 at 8:56 AM
    Thanks now I will know which businesses to support and which to boycott. You don’t have to be vocal people let your dollars speak for you. Any person pushing anything you do not morally support send them to the pauper house……

    Should we support the drug smugglers that are creating all the hell on our beloved British Virgin Islands?

    I will support this womans opinion and business versus the alternative a establishment fueled and funded by the profits of illegal drug activity.

    What Powers cause the most damage to our Majestic Lives?

  70. Gadaman says:

    And dem wonder why the yutes run from christianity and all the foolery. How can she say let them get married and the BIBLE clearly states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Pure hypocrites.

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  71. Business woman says:

    I rebuk you and send you back to whence you came. You cannot serve two masters okay. It is either you serve God or the devel. Clearly you are serving the devil with this same sex agenda. Take a ring check of the countries that supported this atrocious sinful nasty act. Didn’t Irma taught us a lesson? Well guess what there is worst to come than Irma. If you play with fire you will get burn. God is real and so is the devil. Heaven is real and so is hell. Get your life and your house in order before its too late.

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  72. Homosexuality is a SIN says:

    Leviticus 20:13

    If a man sleeps with a man as with a woman, they have both committed a detestable act. They must be put to death; their death is their own fault.

    This is what the Word of God has plainly said, yet millions of people all around the world are practicing homosexuality. If God wanted two men or two women to be together He would have done it from in the Garden of Eden. Can two women procreate? Can two men? But because people want to practice their sinful lifestyles they are going against what the Word of God says and will burn in hell fire.

    Damion Grainge you should be ashamed of yourself becas use once called yourself a Christian and was a host on ZKing Radio praying, encouraging people in the Lord and playing gospel music. You had many listeners and you have turned your back on God. I guess you couln’t hide behind God God anymore, your true colors had to come out. I plead with you to return to Hod before it is eternally too late.

    Maris Hodge-Wright, you should be ashamed to call yourself a Christian and in favour of homosexuality. Your husband is a lay preacher in the Methodist Church and this is your stance? It makes me wonder what is his stance as well. So you have boldly and publicly taken your stance on the side of Satan, therefore you will watch your business crumble before your very eyes because God will not be mocked!

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  73. BVI gone through says:

    Isaiah 5:20
    King James Version
    20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  74. Say what says:

    You are a Christian ?
    Must I ask what kind ?
    Not everyone say lord lord
    Are Christians that’s why he will say to u
    Depart from me
    I never knew u…

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  75. Jim says:

    Gays are already here. Schools, businesses, and even government. Look at your local banks, labor department, and immigration. They are there serving you, representing you, touching you. Oh no… the horror. Get over it you bigoted and homophonic belongers

  76. lol says:

    Most of your culture was imported from Europe, you think your ancestors that came from Africa to the Caribbean were Christians?? KMT

    How you will have selective outrage, I’m sure you drink alcohol and was having sex before marriage why don’t you lobby the government to make it illegal

  77. Styles. says:

    For all you horrible human beings judging people for the way they were born (homosexuality is not a choice. Please educate yourself), marriage as an institution existed before church adopted it.

    Marriages originally WAS NOT INVENTED BY YOUR CHURCH. YOUR CHURCH TOOK IT. Originally it was a civil arrangement anyway.

    Leave people be.

    You want to be Christian, be Christian (please stop supporting drug lords, adulatory, corruption etc. BVI is NOT a Christian society)

    And let homosexuals be homosexuals.

    They do no harm to you, so let them be happy as well.

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  78. Virgin islanders says:

    We are not going to give up our culture and belief for the European Culture they had us in slavery tried to kill us out and now trying to make sure we don’t increase our people by giving us they unGodly behavior and having people who say they are Christian bid for their evil and nasty ways WE DON’T WANT IT HERE GO AND LIVE IN EUROPE AND AMERICA WITH THAT NOT HERE

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  79. The Gayness in me says:

    Set of low vibrational frequency a** people in that place calling them self Christian’s who is you to judge ? be quick to shout come church as you are lol I ain’t even going waste my energy

  80. Waa? says:

    I shame to say i’m related to this jack@$$. What kinda of christian you be? And your husband up on the pulpit?
    You nothing but a hypocrite miss.
    Galang so

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  81. Desiree says:

    So how many people in the BVI is this going to actually apply to? Anybody know?

  82. Madea says:

    The Bible also say man should not lie with Beast – is that next?

  83. Wicked woman says:

    Right! What kind of Christian these people profess.

  84. Maris says:

    I do not know which God you are talking about but not the one who is not partial about his laws. So quit saying you’re a Christian. You’re a church goer!

  85. Maris says:

    Maris, messing with witchcraft ain’t good. What you have declared over the radio waves and media is lawlessness and is against God. The angels have recorded what you have said.

  86. Shut the hell up says:

    You all sound so stupid critercizing the woman for her opinion? So what if she is a Christian. So what if she is a business woman. Being a Christian and business woman and a former counselor. She has came across people from all walk of life!! If you all want to support the new whare house majestic life,because of Maris opinion. Then go ahead!!!! Her business is going to strive regardless. So if a homosexual dies, which funeral home is going to deal with his/ body? Don’t homo have the same rights as the straights? As someone who is close to the situation, there are more HIV positive heterosexual than they are homosexuals right here in the BVI. Alot of you all who are here commenting are a heap of marries undercover guys who are up and down f**king the young boys and paying them to stay quiet. Judge not or you’ll be judge. I respect her for speaking up without fear. I will support a business that is open and transparent over a business that is built on lies, drugs, criminal former police activities, greed, envy, hatred, and with money hungry people. That former, dutty police is up and down fighting families to bring their corpse to his business.

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  87. SIH says:

    One cannot call themselves Christian and be in support of things which God detests. Read your Bible Mrs Hodge Wright.

    Those who are Christians by the Word of God, had better stand up and speak up because those who have churchianity will speak for you.

    Be cautioned how you vote when this issue comes to a referendum. REMEMBER SODOM AND GOMORAH! They were destroyed for such ungodly practices. Make no mistake a vote for same sex marriages is a vote against our creator God who made them male and female and brought together one natural man and one natural woman. We will be saying that God did not know what he was doing! Is that really what you want to say to Almighty God? I think not. If they want to practice in the privacy of their homes, that is their choice but we should not legislate it because that would be a slap in the face of Almighty God. Yall better pray and encourage.

  88. Wozza says:

    For a God Fearing country you are mean.
    How many of the people you sit next to in church are beating their spouse and children
    How many of them are sitting in church on sunday thinking about how to uck on Monday?
    How many are stealing

    I have yet to find a gay man or a lesbbian women who has not had the best morals and kimdness to fellow humans.

    God does not like nasty people and here you all being nasty and doing it in his name. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
    Everyone has a right to live a peaceful life with the person of their choice.

    Also educate yourselves. Read some history and not the drivel history passed on by churches.

  89. big Meech says:

    so to does polygamist

  90. Schuups says:

    Storm come get your wife. Marris, go and sit your stupid @$$ down from talking scheyit! Its Krischuns like yall have people staying away from church. Mind you, the bible says those who tech will be judged by a stricter accord.

    Carry on.

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