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BVI announces travel ban on South Africa, Brazil

Minister of Health & Social Development Carvin Malone.

Health Minister Carvin Malone today announced that a travel ban has been imposed against travellers from Brazil and South Africa due to new strains of COVID-19 in these countries.

Because of new COVID-19 strains, the BVI implemented a travel ban against the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom on January 11, 2021.

“In a most recent Cabinet meeting, in light of new strains of COVID-19 being prevalent in South Africa and Brazil, a decision was taken that in addition to the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, to implement a travel ban on persons travelling from South Africa and Brazil to the Virgin Islands,” Minister Malone explained.

He further said the ban on these countries was put in place to protect the public from COVID-19 and doesn’t apply to BVI nationals, Belongers, residents, work permit holders, diplomats and government workers travelling from these countries.

Minister Malone reiterated that these persons would be subjected to a 14-day quarantine period once they’ve travelled from the affected countries.


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  1. David "Banner" says:

    Put a travel Ban from the US to the BVI. The South Africa and UK variants of the virus are set to explode in the US. You do not want this in the BVI, do you?

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  2. So true says:

    Close the borders….

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  3. smh says:

    You need to shut it down now! These variants are much easy to catch/spread!

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  4. Mr.Gage says:

    This is counterintuitive a ban needs to be placed on the US as well since the UK and possibly other variants could be already present amongst the populace since their genome sequencing testing are way behind that of other countries.

  5. Shorty says:

    Mr Minister, the BVI should consider since y’all boasting about being the envy of the Caribbean to actual test for the new variant. Additionally, when the ban was implemented for the UK and DR the variant was already present in the US and other parts of the world. Now the South African variant is present in the US and or Caribbean brothers/sisters have noted the UK variant. Might as well you lock your borders cause the ban doesn’t make sense when the variant is already around the world, only for those who are actually testing for it.

  6. Hmm says:

    The US and the UK need to ban the tolans from going to there country
    Better yet start send ayo b***hes back to tha bvi

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  7. smith says:

    We need to look after the beneficial tourists here, although the quarantine periods should be observed at this time. Fairly soon the vaccines will enable legitimate marine tourism in a similar way as before. However we need to pivot away from cruise ships, as they bring negligible net revenue, and are completely unsustainable on several levels. We prostitute our islands for thousands of cruise vacationers who spend about $15 each per day. Meanwhile we endure the massive pollution from sewage discharges, diesel exhaust and incinerator smoke, which they are freely allowed to discharge in the BVI. These predatory cruise companies are based “offshore” employ staff on slave wages, and pay little if no tax. They routinely coerce Caribbean islands into investing in shore facilities. Covid will likely prove the death knell for this debased industry, as each ship has proved to be a floating “petri dish” incubator of disease, e.g. novovirus, Covid, and every future virus.

  8. Go for it says:

    Be my guest, ban US travelers. That will be the final nail in your coffin. You sit upon two pillars, right? Finance has been crumbling. Now you would knock tourism over yourselves. Go for it. But don’t think it will just pick back up. The coral is dying there. The people aren’t terribly friendly to tourists there. And there are many other islands with gorgeous beaches, friendly locals, and cheaper prices. COVID is here to stay. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and move on. Otherwise, we’ll move on without you. I was just there, and I have a trip planned there this spring. Close your borders and I’ll change my trip to the USVI and that will be the last time I waste extra money getting from the USVI to the BVI. How sad that would be, for me. How devastating that’s going to be to your economy. Good luck to you!

    • Traveller says:

      I’m right behind Go For It. Our US family is also looking at cancelling our Spring plans to the BVI. This would have been our first visit to BVI, been planning it for over a year. We’ve been Covid-free (knock on wood) by following simple safety precautions. Our family will receive the 1st of two Covid vaccine shots next week, like numerous other US people. The recent news of government turmoil is also a black eye for visitors that do their homework. Whatever your country chooses to do with it’s borders we will respect. It’s your country, not ours. Final comment: Visitors need time to make plans, if BVI doesn’t commit opening their doors with easier access very soon it will be too late for visitors to coordinate travel to BVI this Summer/Spring. I’m changing our plans tomorrow for USVI. Something to think about.

  9. Weary Traveller says:

    I agree with the previous comment(Go For It). Our US family also made plans for our first ever trip to BVI over a year ago. The travel restrictions are not friendly and expensive. Keep in mind that to reach the BVI we will passed at least 2 sets of temperature tests plus carry a valid Covid test results. Additionally, we’re receiving our Covid vaccine shots next week. Locking me down for another 4 days just ruins a vacation, even if it’s coming by sea. We fully respect the BVI people needing to be kept safe. If I made it to the BVI I’m possibly safer than the people there. Final comment: Visitors need time to plan trips to the BVI. Many of us require months to coordinate a BVI trip. Your clock is ticking for this Spring/Summer season being empty again. I’m changing our plans to USVI this weekend. Maybe see you in 2022 if the government turmoil is in better shape by then.

  10. Weary Traveller says:

    sorry for the earlier repost. It took a few hours to hit the website here.

  11. Hmm says:

    There might be more tracel bans and restrictions in place as the new wave hits, but please take into consideration the persons who are working limited hours and have to pay full price for a permit. In this crises we had to get addional money to pay for those three good standing letters from NHI, SSB and inland revenue. People with expired work permit from since last ywar should be waivered or pay half price. Some persons were even locked out so they were working. It would be great if something is done. Now again another $25. For immigration fees for extensions for those same expired work permits and another $25. When you get it. Come on all these fees are too much right now.

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