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BVI bags $50K as Trini moves cockfight $$ through airport

Photo by Davion Smith/BVI News

Some $50,000 has been added to the public’s purse following the successful prosecution of a visitor who reportedly attempted to smuggle nearly $30,000 cash through the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport last month, the Customs Department has reported.

The visitor in question reportedly has been identified as Denwayne Renaud of Trinidad and Tobago.

While speaking on local radio this week, Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Leslie Lettsome said after law enforcers apprehended the visitor, police and Customs officers launched a joint probe.

“[We] were able to find out that the money was not legit … It was money from proceeds of crime, based on our investigation. That case was [then] handed over to the police who, in turn, took the matter to the court and the guy was prosecuted. The $30,000 was forfeited to the Crown and the guy was charged some $20,000 in fines,” Lettsome reported.

Lettsome said the fines have since been paid and the man released.

Cockfight winnings

Unofficial reports say the cash in question was the proceeds of an illegal cockfighting operation.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Customs Commissioner has applauded the efforts of the Royal Virgin Islands Police as well as the efforts of law enforcement officers stationed at the territory’s airport on Beef Island.

He then cited Section 87 of the Customs Management and Duty Act, which says persons departing the territory must declare any cash amount that exceeds $10,000.

“We realised there was a challenge and we went to the extent to make sure that a form was generated so that anyone who wants to take in excess of $10,000 out of the country can come to Customs, where we’ll issue the form, and they fill it.”

However, Lettsome said persons must produce documentation supporting the source of the funds.

“You can’t just come with $10,000 or more and we accept it. We have to check the source of the money — whether you withdraw it from the bank or whatever … We have to make sure that it is legit money that we are signing off on.”

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  1. Little Dix says:

    BVI need some friendlier cocks. They always be fighting.

  2. LOL says:

    There is no such thing as legit money. Smh!

  3. Believe says:

    So now the law enforcers believe that there is a cockfighting ring in the BVI??
    What are the plans to go after this unlawful and in-humane activity? Seems as though the BVI also has Cock Fighting Tourism – Sham, Shame, Shame.
    We did not need someone from T&T to be apprehended, splashed on news and social media in order to find out about this. Just like how most law abiding citizens can clearly see the corners where drugs are being sold in broad daylight and the law enforcement does nothing about it. They turn a blind eye to it. Wake up Royal Virgin Islands Police Force!!!!

  4. hmmm says:

    but the don’t ask the man them with the 100 thousand dollar cars and boats how they make the money all because they paying that 20%..

    Let the money run

  5. Don't forget says:

    Remember that drugs that was found around the cases of drinks in trinidad hmmmmmmmm.

  6. Jr kartel says:

    aa Leslie holds such high post? kudos!

  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Someone might ask D———— — where he got that expensive looking gold toilet chain he wears.

  8. Politician says:

    Stop lying burr cock fight. If a trini was so lucky to win that I doubt he would make it til airport with the money

  9. vision eye says:

    Trinidadians exceeding on both ends ,home and here in this country with drugs and money trafficking ,have to keep focus on this on going traffic.

  10. LOL...... says:

    Well all this fuss about cock fight. B.V.I should stop importing chicken for consumption then…. In the mean time we need to focus on more youth programs to build our next generation……with that being why is cock fighting even news? WORK ON THE YOUTHS PLEASE……

  11. Hm.. says:

    Illegal, yet the cockpit still operates. The officials act like it’s illegal, but still knowing where these fights takes place, they do nttn about it….why y’all take the man money? He won fair n square, it’s a rare thing to be touch by lady luck lol

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