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BVI being positioned as ‘culinary tourism destination’

In a move to position the territory as a destination of for culinary travel, the BVI Tourist Board has secured a place for two local chefs at an international culinary/sporting event.

The Tourist Board became a sponsor for the annual Citi Taste of Tennis, which is being held in New York City on Thursday, August 23, and with this sponsorship deal, the board was able to have Chef Kenneth Molyneaux and his protégé Chef Brentfield Lettsome featured.

Approximately 800 persons are expected to attend the event and will have an opportunity to sample BVI cuisine from chefs Molyneaux and Lettsome.

“We were afforded the opportunity to become a sponsor of this exclusive event, which caters to our target market, and so we jumped at the chance to showcase our local chefs and position the BVI as a destination for culinary travel,” explained Tourism Director Sharon Flax Brutus.

She continued: “As a sponsor, our business development team will be sharing BVI collateral with event patrons and promoting our culinary events such as the BVI Food Fete in November.”

Molyneaux and Lettsome, in the meantime, are trained and collectively decorated chefs who have served in hospitality industries locally and abroad.

Chef Kenneth Molyneaux

Chef Brentfield Lettsome

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  1. Good News says:

    After the storm Chef Ken has been to Texas and Spain now NYC… down but not out.

    Good Going…. never give up!

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    • Food for thought says:

      According to the New Yorker, a report has surfaced stating U.S president Donald Trump has used BVI offshore financial institutions to hide or laundered millions in shell companies.

      The report states a lot of this money came from Russia to secure Trump’s political support. Millions of US dollars are being hidden, belonging to trump, which he got from the Russians.

      My friends this is bigger than the Amorosa tapes!

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  2. hmm says:

    Tourist Board is sort of lost right now.

    Islands still need to be cleaned up
    Still need hotel space
    Still need a lot of work

    Why we keep trying to put the cart before the horse?

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    • BVITB & Budget says:

      The tourist board is more than lost. It’s hard to know how they spend government money! They never provide audited financial statements for years now.

      Much of the events they use to promote BVI is over rated and geared towards a small 0.02% of demographics coming to BVI. With NEW YORK office fronting as the financial decision maker, is hard to swallow, since no one attends

      Committee or PAC meetings to report.

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  3. Culinary destination? says:

    If we want to position ourselves as a culinary destination shouldn’t we offer some culinary options in the territory?

    I love me some rum and ribs, but honestly what culinary options does the BVI really have?

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  4. Let’s do the math? says:

    How much we paying for this sponsoring and why only 800 invited?

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Please have faith several significant culinary options are on the way in time for this Christmas

    • you must be kidding says:

      Even in the best of times the BVI only had mediocre options. Great scenery and great cocktails. But the food quality was never up there.

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  6. bviabe says:

    Congrats, anyway, but what does “sharing BVI collateral” mean?
    It brings to mind “collateral damage”

  7. Anonymous says:

    The culinary delights of the island consists of frozen garbage precooked and warmed up and served. No one on the island can even make a proper pizza, one of the simplest items to make. Your surrounded by water yet you serve frozen fish purchased in Florida. You are all pathetic. Another government scam to use government money to support the ruling families. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

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  8. Scam yes says:

    If it has to do with tennis then that’s their FC calling the shots so she could go watch a match and act mighty as a ‘sponsor’. You’ll get no ROI on this just like the waste of time Miami Open !

  9. CW says:

    With local support like those commenting above no wonder the BVI is in shambles. The tourism board are some of a VERY few even trying to make BVI better- be quiet and let the grown ups work kids. What do you do to help BVI. And BTW, to “hmmm” up above: are you dumb on purpose or for fun? THE TOURISM BOARD ISNT RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING UP ISLANDS. ITS RESPONSIBLE FOR TOURISM. grow up child, you embarrassing yourself

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  10. Sameole says:

    Greedy local landlords and business partners trying to thieve the business, work permit delays, difficult and to long to get trade licences. Before we even start on the available skills within BVI, these things need to be addressed otherwise we will never be even average let alone good.
    Let’s aim high and enable he business not just for tourists but our own quality of life.

  11. Bob says:

    Good effort but BVI is still a long way behind the trailblazing Cayman Islands in this regard.

  12. Skeptical says:

    Really!! Ribs, chicken, rice and peas are culinary cuisine that people haven’t had!

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  13. Patra says:

    Visited the bvi never had any good food..they can’t compare to our very own Vincy chefs..I am a cook and I can top any meal they put up.i know frozen and microwave..

  14. Patra says:

    Bvi is not the best in culinary.i have never had any good food other than which I had to cook on being on vacation.i know microwave and frozen come on hail up Vincy,Barbadian, Trinidadian.

  15. Jane says:

    Island food is very uninspiring..burgers, ribs, ribs, chicken. Even breakfast menus suck. We have to try harder to promote local produce: whelks, honey, soursop, pork, lobster we are blessed with great options but restauranteurs are stuck in a time warp and other Caribbean islands out perform. Just go to St Marten, Barbados jeez even St Thomas. If you must do a burger make it excellent rather than cheap bread, processed cheese etc. I would love to see an upscale BVI restaurant with doved pork and funghi. Somewhere which elevates local cuisine to a pro-chef level rather than home cooking and amateur plating.

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