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BVI confirms first two cases of coronavirus

The British Virgin Islands has confirmed its first two cases of the coronavirus.

Premier Andrew Fahie made the announcement via a live press conference a short while ago.

One of the patients is a 56-year-old male resident who travelled from Europe on March 15.

He was reportedly exhibiting mild symptoms so he contacted the government’s medical hotline. He has been quarantined at home since.

The second confirmed case

“Patient B is a 32-year-old male resident who travelled recently from New York and came into contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 8,” Premier Fahie said.

“The patient arrived on island on March 10. The medical hotline was contacted on the same day he was tested, and remained quarantined at his home since then,” the Premier added.

“Both cases are unrelated,” Fahie further said, adding that both test samples had been sent to the Caribbean Public Health Emergency Agency (CARPHA) for testing. He said the results from those tests were obtained today, March 25.

Premier Fahie said persons who were in close contacts with the confirmed COVID-19 cases have also been notified and are now under ‘mandatory quarantine.’ He said health officials are taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus to the rest of the territory.


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  1. Strong BVI says:

    Lets continue to practice safety measures as outline by the Government and try to keep this as controlled as possible.

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    • Gerr Alld says:

      I agree with you. But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about to safeguard yourself. Heard of a certain lawyer who think he is well above everyone else cause he have money and big position…heard how he was going around being a D!<k to people…Mr.F_ _ _ _ a if you dont want people close to you,please stay your behind at home!

    • Cover up says:

      Where in Europe exactly?

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  2. @$&:$! says:

    The virus been hot since mid January. Why were people in the 2 places where the virus is running rampant then coming here while the virus was in full swing in those places. I highly doubt if these were mandatory travel ventures. Fahie thank you for closing the borders lock all of them out and hopefully these 2 pleasure seekers did not infect others.

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    • Being selfish says:

      I just think they are both selfish. And not considering others

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      • Really? says:

        No one knows the circumstances of the two individuals, so you all need to quit the foolishness.

        The COVID-19 is now our reality, we need to stop casting blame and try to find the best way forward as a small (a very small) community.

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        • Lolly says:

          We don’t need to know any more than they were in places where the virus is rampant and then came to the BVI. They could have stayed where they were, but they chance coming to the BVI knowing full well that they could be infected.

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  3. Michael Helm says:

    I commend the entire Government of the BVI for their actions during these trying times. At83 years old, with a history of bronchitis, I am comforted that they are acting in such a reasonable manner.

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  4. Michael Helm says:

    I forgot to mention that I have been in a state of self separation for some weeks now. thank you, B&F for your excellent advice.

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  5. Nick says:

    15 days to get a test results?
    Thought tortola was a civilized country.awe have a probleme here.

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  6. Overcomers says:

    Lord please have mercy on us……We are begging for protection over this territory and other parts of the world. Give our leaders and those that work in the health field the strength to do this.

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  7. Nelle says:

    Please do not panic buy and remember to check in on the elderly

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  8. The Truth says:

    There no way they can verify these people stayed at home, unless they posted police at their door. Guarantee more than 2 people have it.

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    • Devon says:

      You are right… there are probably a lot of people infected right now… also with all the people returning from travels in the last week or so… we all need to stay at home and see what happens for at least two weeks if we are going to beat this virus.

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      • Too late says:

        I saw some of those who were suppose to be in self-quarrentine all up in the bank and supermarket. The one student chose to enter government offices on day 2 of arrival without being tested. What wreckless irresponsible and selfish behaviour.

  9. Wondering says:

    “Patient B is a 32-year-old male resident who travelled recently from New York and came into contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 8,” Premier Fahie said.

    So is it wrong for me to be reading the above sentence to say that the 32 year old male, was in contact on March 8 with a person who had already tested positive? If this is right, then did this person knowing, he may have Covid19 traveled from NY to BVI, infecting everyone on the way?

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  10. Interestingly says:

    BVI News did not bother to mention about the 117 people under mandatory quarantine. Also what does “mandatory quarantine” mean in the BVI?

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    • @Interestingly says:

      It mean they should stay their *@@ home.

    • Lilly says:

      It means they should stay at home, but who knows if they do. I think Government needs to rent Treasure Isle (as it probably has no guests) to use as a quarantine centre and have police on the grounds to ensure that no one leaves before they are supposed to

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  11. Concren says:

    The government should never let them go home he should have a place to put them like every other island please

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  12. Hmm says:

    What about those who havent called the hotline or seeking medical attention?

  13. Tortolian, State Side says:

    Of course the Health Department has been checking on the cases to assure that the persons in quarantine is not allowed to walk around anywhere.

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    • Really? says:

      I wonder if they sought to find out who they may have infected, first hand, second hand, etc. For all you know there may be a whole lot of people out there worried, just like how second hand smoke can endanger people who are not smokers

  14. John Local says:

    Testing results coming back after FIFTEEN days is a major concern. A person could catch the virus and FULLY recover BEFORE the test results come out.

    Given that there is a SIGNIFICANT proportion of people who catch the virus and show NO SIGNS whatsoever

    If we cannot have widespread rapid testing NO-ONE will know what the status is until it is way to late

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  15. Liane Le Tendre says:

    The BVI should contact CARICOM to try to develop a rapid response for Covid-19 test results.

    Surely there is somewhere in the central Caribbean capable of processing tests in less than 15 days!

    Cases of Covid-19 are beginning to explode in the Caribbean and 15 days just doesn’t cut it! Something must be done to reduce that number to 2 or three days tops.

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    • Agree says:

      other than Trinidad, Dominica can do the testing and the results is ready within 12 hours. BVI will have results within a day.

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      • LIAT says:

        What happens when all the airports are closed? Test going by boat?

        • Pigeon says:

          The tests are being flown to Trinidad by pigeon. Third world stays third world because the intelligence level never rises. Thus sit back and just wait. Whether you are tested doesn’t matter. The results don’t matter. You just have to live through it and test results won’t help that.

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  16. Wow says:

    And we were fighting for independence and have to depend on a down island country test . It shows us that as a nation we need the love and support of others . Kudos to the Govt for the quick updates to the country . Even though some people are not adhering to the rules Bakery in East End have employers serving bread with naked hand .

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    • @WOW says:

      I know and guess what, they don’t have to worry about me buying anything from their bakery.

    • Dolly says:

      Oh Goodness! Is that really happening? I have seen them use a spatula to put the bread in bags. Has this practice suddenly stopped? that is not good at all.

  17. This is Smart says:

    Faroe Islands have a population of 50,000 people. Look what they are doing!!

  18. C19 obeah man says:

    Well only now is on

  19. Diaspora says:

    Though it was hopeful that the VI would escape this disease, and with our regional neighbors all around us having confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), it is disappointing but not surprising that the BVI is starting to have confirmed cases. Nonetheless, it is time to be concerned, not panicked.

    Given that there is neither a cure nor a vaccine for the disease, residents must collectively take maximum effort to prevent, contain, control and mitigate the virus outbreak. We must take action to arrest and slow the spread of this virus. Without a cure or a vaccine, a practical means of keeping this virus from spreading is social distancing. A major mode of spreading the virus is from person to person so it is important to break the link between people.

    Moreover, an important concern should the hospital/health system being overwhelmed by a major outbreak. The health system/hospital in the VI is small with limited surge capacity and it will not take much to overwhelm it. An overwhelmed hospital means lack of hospital beds, ventilators, respirators, nurses, doctors, technicians and other medical professionals. This situation may mean that some triaging may have to take place. To avoid such a situation, each one of us make the personal sacrifice to prevent, contain, control and mitigate the virus.

    The first order of business is protecting the lives of the populace; rebuilding the economy can come later. Though the economy will reach a boom in time, lost lives cannot be brought back to life. It is way past time to shut down the territory; let’s stop the fiddling. The crown rep has promised that the UK will assist with medical supplies. Well, are the supplies on island? The territory needs more beds, ventilators, nurses, doctors……..etc.

  20. soo says:

    I think that the names should be released. The world news published daily the names of those contracted the COVID-19.

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    • :) says:

      Lol that’s illegal. Only the people that publicly announce having the virus are mentioned. No doctor or any other organization can just release the names of their patients or results just so.

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  21. Noy says:

    No test cant take 15 days. Lie them lie. If a test take 15 days well its doesnt make send for a test. You can get a test in 2 days. They just cheap dont want to pay for the good serive to bring the test.

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  22. Sorry says:

    Y’all praying for protection from God but Y’all have been wicked human beings that didn’t repent from your wicked ways. Irma and Maria was your warning. And when you saw that the sky wasn’t falling anymore you all went back to your wicked ways. The disasters used to pass over the BVI but as you can see we are being hit with everyone as of lately.But you should feel relieved that you are the first country to have the cure!!!

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