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BVI doesn’t have the most stringent toursim protocols

Premier Andrew Fahie

While defending the recently-released COVID-19 protocols that will govern the tourism industry as of December 1, Premier Andrew Fahie has reminded critics that the BVI does not have the most stringent protocols in the Caribbean region.

The Premier made that statement during Tuesday’s media conference geared at clarifying a number of the protocols announced earlier this week.

He said his government even got confirmation from the United Nations Development Programme the BVI’s protocols “are more on the conservative side”.

“We have consulted all the technical experts that could be consulted,” the Premier said. “We have done a full analysis of nearly every Caribbean Island … Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, St Lucia, Barbados, Dominica — we did a full analysis to see where we rank in this.”

“There are some that are more stringent. There are some that may be seen as less stringent but one thing is clear, every single country knows that they have to put measures in,” Fahie expressed

Since the announcement of the protocols that will govern the return of visitors, many in the territory have said they believe the rules are stringent and will deter tourists from travelling to the BVI.

Some business owners have reported a spike in vacation cancellations from would-be travellers since the announcement of the protocols.

Despite the criticism, Premier Fahie has maintained that the protocols are necessary to protect visitors and residents from another COVID-19 spike. He said he will not be bullied into making decisions that are not scientifically informed as he will face similar public pressure if COVID-19 claims more lives in the territory.

While other Caribbean countries are struggling to control the COVID-19 outbreak, the BVI with only one death, has one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the region and the world.

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  1. That’s right says:

    Check out st kitts plan. BVI have it easy. Yet I read the blog and the people moan and groan . Wtf?!

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  2. Styles. says:

    Dear Andy Foy

    Remember in primary school when you did something wrong and you tried to tell the teacher that someone else did something worse?

    Didn’t go down well then did it?

    So why do you think you can get away with it now?

    Your plan is horrible regardless of any plan of anyone in the world.

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  3. Concerned says:

    and check the outrageous costs, where other islands don’t charge anything or $ 40.00 per person, the BVI charges $ 500.00 per person,

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  4. Lb says:

    What is important is that BVI also doesn’t have the most practical plan either! Foy also needs to realize is that this is not 1960! We can read and research for ourselves. We don’t need him to tell us what his so called experts told him. We don’t need him to tell us anything. This is 2020! We can read for ourselves. We can see through all the BS. So don’t come feeding us crap!

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  5. So simple says:

    Rapid test at the airport , get the guest to the marina , make sure the boat is already stocked , get them on the water , Day trippers have them test in st Thomas the day before , let them check in west end and be on there way , isolate the guest on the outer islands from mingling with general public , waiters and bartenders face mask and face shield , test the workers biweekly . Done deal

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    • nah says:

      Nah you want us to go back into lockdown. This lackadaisical way of dealing with the pandemic from other countries is why this virus is still infecting & killing people at scale.

      Good thing you dont make the decisions. Rapid test at airport, test negative due to low viral load. Enter the BVI and spread. Next set of lock downs done deal.

  6. @that;s right says:

    Let’s not get it twisted. St Kitts number of days quarantine may appear to be stringent but read the fine print! Tourists are allowed to check into world class resorts and enjoy their amenities. How bad is it to have to spend a few days at Marriott, enjoying all their restaurants, bars, casino, beach, pools and everything else. Stop trying to defend the VIP’s nonsense, it is bad for the Territory and it is wrong.

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  7. SK is Worst.. says:

    The only one worst than the BVI is SK, But the kittitian people put politics before country and would drink poison if the leader they love tell them to. The BVI is different, the people is different…We not going to lay down and die, or let polititian kill us..I’ve heard many times that this Premier get his advice from the SK leader…The BVI is different what work in SK will not work here…

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    • Tamarind says:

      I believe that St Kitts isn’t as heavily dependent on tourism for their total income as is BVI. If nothing else, they have a strong agricultural base And they are not so heavily overpopulated.

  8. Wow! says:

    ‘He said his government even got confirmation from the United Nations Development Program the BVI’s protocols “are more on the conservative side”.’

    Fahie, you are special Brother. My God! Anything from 12 year old girls calling you, to United Nations mandates to justify your b*****nary!

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  9. Okay... says:

    I have heard this sentiment ring out by citizens as well, but are we playing “follow the leader” here? Can we decide that we will be innovators instead? Are we also waiting for their economies to crash to feel better about ours crashing?

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  10. BVI is not competitive says:

    Actually, in the EC the BVI has the worst restrictions of any country when looked at in total. This well researched chart of the countries from a USA tourists protocol perspective clearly shows that BVI is worst or at best 2nd worst. No wonder everyone is cancelling their reservations!

  11. Steve says:

    It is better to be safe than sorry, life is not all about money fahie is doing what his government thinks is right for the b v i .you cannot try and please everyone. One ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

  12. Wayne Douglas says:

    It is better to be safe than sorry, life is not all about money fahie is doing what his government thinks is right for the b v i .you cannot try and please everyone. One ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

  13. Accounts says:

    but since when the bvi is compared to the expat down island nations?
    I thought they were Americanising.
    So now that the grass turn Brown expat Caribbean has green forests.

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