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BVI dropped the ball in preparing for independence

Former Seventh District Representative, Dr Kedrick Pickering.

The Virgin Islands may have let things slip after once having a constitution that was purportedly the envy of other United Kingdom Overseas Territories.

This was the view shared recently by former Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering who said he believes the territory is perhaps now playing catchup.

As he spoke with residents at a political meeting in North Sound recently, Dr Pickering said the territory’s constitution was once held up as a modern constitution by other territories. 

“Everybody suddenly wanted to have a constitution like the BVI, but you know what happened? We dropped the ball – the government that I was a part of, the other government that took over after 2007 – we dropped the ball,“ Dr Pickering said.

The former legislator said there were a number of things that should have been done that would have propelled the territory to a point where it should have been having a debate on self-governance and independence by now. 

“We should have been having that discussion right now, but we ain’t there cause we dropped the ball on the work that we were supposed to do,” he added. 

According to Dr Pickering, the territory’s first Premier, Ralph O’Neal appointed a committee which should have explored aspects such as educating the population that would eventually lead the territory towards independence. “The committee was supposed to have done that, the committee was established, and it fell apart somewhere – the work was never done,” Dr Pickering said. 

According to the former legislator, an education campaign should also have been conducted that would have led to a possible referendum; allowing residents to ultimately determine whether the territory should go the route of independence.

Dr Pickering also attempted to make it clear that the current constitutional review process should not be tied to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report, which recommended a partial and temporary suspension of the territory’s constitution.

“That was not set up in response to the threat from the Order in Council. Absolutely not,“ he said.

Dr Pickering argued that a review committee established by former Premier Andrew Fahie was slow in getting started; leaving the impression that it was now intertwined with the work of the COI.


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  1. Yawn says:

    Instead of helping us to get there you were busy cozying with those who ancestors colonized us. You were busy going to Oil Nut Bay for sushi. Then flying in Bronson helicopter. Then going government house for cocktails.

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  2. Rubber Chicken says:

    Joining the US would be best for us economically. The USVI is thriving right now, and we are not and neither are the former colonies. Independence is a fool’s dream in this world, so rather, we should be picking our which country to associate with. I believe that the US is the best country to associate with, given how big its job market and economy are.

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  3. We don't want it says:

    We don’t want it, until we can trust our government not to rob us and there is transparency and trust. How all those other independent islands doing? Yep, not that great. Lets clean up before these power hungry politicians take what is not theirs …

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  4. Resident says:

    no independence with ayo set a thieves running things

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  5. Dr Pickering says:

    When people can let go of the story that keeps them enslaved, BVI will be free. BVI will succumb to the global reality soon.

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  6. TurtleDove says:

    The ball has been dropped a long time ago. You had much to do with it. My view now is that now is not the time. We need to get our act togather. We cant even get you all to complete a simple form about your asets to prevent nepotism and conflict of intrest. Need to be set aside for now. What else you got?

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  7. A drowning man says:

    Would grasp at a straw, is real true saying / a whole set of propaganda aristocracts just opened their closets and took out their magic wand to do their thing (well hallelujah) we have 4 ah dem , his holiness CSC / the bitchUP / yours truly the estEEmed one and the cuban mouth champ and they all have O E thing in common , they love to hear themselves bRAy

  8. Lmfao says:

    You want self rule? The African only turns wherever they are into a hell hole. Read the papers!! Turks and Caicos murder is up. Jamaica in a state of emergency due to crime and murder. Haiti? We won’t even go there. You all need to be kept on a short leash as you turn everywhere you are given a chance to rule into a living nightmare!!

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  9. @Lmfao says:

    What about the united states and the other countries that are run by your type. Which thrives because you all use the IMF to destroy these African-run countries and suck the opportunities and prosperities from them.

    Support Corrupt individuals in their election bids and watch as they destroy the people but push your agenda.

    . You are living in a false world untrue and misleading to yourself and others. I know my true history, not the nonsense that was made up.

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  10. @ Lmfao says:

    Who responsible and don’t give a d**n.

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  11. Jah Know says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thought of why it’s only the political leaders and those with big influence talking about independence but the rest of the ppl in this territory isn’t asking and shouting for independence??? We do not want to go independent with you guys and to add, our agriculture and fishing isn’t even up to par. How can we sustain ourselves???

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  12. Tooth&Claw says:

    Of course, people in the Cayman Islands are absolutely gutted that the CI’s is not more like the BVI.

  13. Ok says:

    OK handsome doc.

  14. @ jah know says:

    Hey , WE got cocaine & weed , that ourght take us over the top , according to Saint Andrew and his holiness CsC and if that don’t WUK , we got gunz and murderers for hire sll on 5he streets

  15. Ausar says:

    I think Dr. Pickering, that the people of the BVI can be freed ONLY, by person’s NOT of your generation.

    As in the Bible, Moses, led the Children of Israel to the promised land, but could not enter, because of not following the laws given to him from above!

    This is exactly HOW our people must approach this: new leadership with a different protocol from the one before!

    Your generation has been ruined, and it is others, that must now lead us,not you!

    SORRY, but it’s the only way forward!

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