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BVI establishes coronavirus reponse team | Results confirm no cases of COVID-19 locally

Chief Medical Officer and Incident Commander of the territory’s coronavirus response team, Dr Irad Potter. (Photo Credit: PAHO)

The British Virgin Islands has now received official confirmation that there are no cases of the novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the territory.

According to a statement from Health Minister Carvin Malone on Wednesday, March 4, a total of three British Virgin Islands residents were tested by the Caribbean Public Health Agency in Trinidad & Tobago and “all results were negative for the virus that causes coronavirus disease”.

“This includes a BVIslander who recently returned from an affected country and had remained quarantined at home in accordance with established protocols. No additional health information in relation to the testing of persons under investigation will be reported. However, the Ministry of Health and Social Development will continue to provide statistical updates and will alert the public immediately upon detection of the virus,” the Health Minister said.

COVID Response Team

Malone made the statement while announcing what he described as the BVI’s first Health Emergency Operations Centre team to lead the COVID-19 response.

He said the team comprises specialists from across public health under a unified leadership. Malone said Chief Medical Officer Dr Irad Potter heads the team as Incident Commander.

The minister further said the team has additional support from other agencies to help share information, coordinate with regional authorities, manage suspected cases, organise the logistical response, and “carry out other necessary response activities”.

“As the COVID-19 disease continues to spread around the world and cases are confirmed within our region, the Government remains vigilant in its monitoring and surveillance activities, public health measures, and community awareness and engagement,” Malone said.

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  1. Caribbean Girl says:

    This is good news, but too vague. Who are the members of this team? Other agencies to help? What are the other necessary response activities”?
    We need a plan, protocol, and information.

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    • On looker says:

      go and listen to the Caricom press conference, you will get alot more information on corona. BVI is also part of caricom so the information relates to us.

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  2. 007 says:

    The damage has already been done. The woman picture was all over. I don’t remember any apologies for the breach of public trust by any of the local healthcare facilities. That’s why people does go away to do certain test because these people will have everybody knowing your business before you even get the results.

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  3. Divoc says:

    You mean none of the 3 tested have it !

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  4. Added risk says:

    I listened to Donald trump this morning declare that he has a “hunch” that the statistical death rate figures provided by the world health organisation are false and that most people should not bother getting tested but sit it out at home “or even go back to work”. With that reckless advice from the us president we should expect an explosion of undeclared cases in the us. I think as our main tourist source we should be extra vigilant and wary. That approach is going to put us at greater risk.

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    • Windy says:

      You listened to Donald Trump !? A big mistake

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    • Love for my Copuntry says:

      @ Added Risk, I so agree with your comments. We do need to be extra vigilant because there have been known cases where persons in the US were tested and the first tests came out negative but later when the same persons were tested the test came out positive. I am not a doctor but based on the all the information provided thus far, I would strongly advised persons who might suspect that they could have been exposed to the virus, to please go and repeatedly be tested.

    • @Added says:

      What is reckless about his statement? The common flu kills far more people in the USA alone every single year so what’s your point? Being paranoid and acting crazy, posting s**t all over doesn’t stop you from getting the disease. Being prepared and remaining vigilant is what everyone needs to do. Why did it take this virus for people to wash their hands regularly etc.?

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      • @@Added says:

        You sound so d$mm foolish. How could you compare the common flu with a new virus that the world doesn’t understanding and to which there is no mechanism to counteract its effects.

        Go and have a seat you ignorant MF.

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  5. Love says:

    He is correct the common flu kill more

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  6. Lisa says:

    Mr. T, doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own house. He surely doesn’t know anything sensible about this deadly virus. He opens his mouth because he can.
    P.s I live in the USA.

    Everyone MUST be vigilant!

    Have you read the bible lately in Revelations, about the Plagues coming to the earth in the last days?

  7. so.... says:

    how many respirators in the BVI?

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