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BVI gov’t seeks international legal representation for Commission

Right Honourable Sir Geoffrey Cox QC MP

The Andrew Fahie administration has acquired international law firm to represent his government in the upcoming BVI Commission of Inquiry sanctioned by Governor Augustus Jaspert.

The announcement was made moments ago by the Premier’s Office via a media release.

According to the information provided, government hired a former Attorney General of England and Wales as well as a law firm with offices here and abroad.

The Premier’s Office said: “The Government of the Virgin Islands announces today that it has appointed law firm Withers in the BVI and London, together with leading counsel, the Right Honourable Sir Geoffrey Cox QC MP — the recent former Attorney General of England and Wales — to ensure a transparent process and to advise upon issues arising from this decision by the Governor in this matter and upon all matters relating to the Commission of Inquiry.”

Premier Fahie spoke highly on the legal ability of Sir Cox and Withers law firm, stating that he believes they both will provide his government with comprehensive legal representation.

“I am pleased that the government of the Virgin Islands will have Withers to advise government — in particular the expertise of Right Honourable Sir Geoffrey Cox, MP with his extensive legal knowledge and professional experience regarding Overseas Territories,” Fahie stated.

Section 12 allows for legal representation

The Premier’s Office also highlighted Section 12 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act which provides legal grounds for the government to seek representation.

“Section 12 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1880 as amended provides that persons or entities that have a concern in the inquiry or who are the subject of the inquiry, shall be entitled to have legal representation in the proceedings of the inquiry,” the release added.

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  1. Reply says:

    Hmmm. I thought the Premier and his cohorts were promoting independence from the U.K. Hiring a former Attorney General of England and Wales doesn’t appear to be an independent move at all. More like trying to save my @$$ move.

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    • Sooo says:

      So who is paying these legal fees? Foy using taxpayer money to shield himself from any wrong doings. Foy is using the treasures to pay to hide his … If this government did nothing wrong then why do you need an attorney. He must be speaking to the former Premier of Bermuda. Getting advice on …

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    • Jiffy Pop says:

      Lol it was all fun and games for the minister of health the other day…so, its OUR turn to sit back with our popcorn and watch the show

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        And Geoff seems just the man. He will fully understand where Fahie and Co are coming from.

        “In 2016, the House of Commons Standards Committee—of which he was a member—found that he had committed a serious breach of a House of Commons rule, designed to make transparent an MP’s financial interests, after failing to register £400k of outside earnings (11 payments) for legal work within the permitted 28-day period. “

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    • e says:

      especially since he just hired a local. Slap in the Face

  2. Care says:

    So if nothing to hide why hire big time lawyer ?
    Tx payers suffering are local lawers too small for this they have to go over seas.Hmmmmm.

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  3. Meanwhile says:

    the infrastructure, roads are in deplorable condition, education and its infrastructure have have no importance, wages and salaries are still in the 112th century, while the cost of everything, but especially food and shelter rises daily.

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  4. Pandora's Box says:

    This is getting more amusing by the day! But the true down side to all of this is the burden falls on the tax payers dime (both sides of the COI I am guessing).

    We have been robbed already by so many elected officials of all parties, and now adding insult to injury, billing us a whole lot more while they bicker about what is really going on!

    Don’t get me wrong, this needs to be done! But the irony is making me numb!

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  5. What!!’ says:

    1. At what expense to the tax payers? 2. If you done nothing wrong why need representation?

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  6. Drop News says:

    Who’s paying this bill for the representation?
    Tax payers regardless always get the sh.ty end of the stick. I hope we the public get transparency of how much this is costing the public purse.

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    • Same check as speaker says:

      To answer your question, the same checkbook that pay wilork lawyer against 4D is what going pay this one.
      The people lose again

  7. SMI says:

    Andrew Fahie You don’t have any say in the matter, Find a seat and stop trying to cover your a** you bring this on your self.

    You are spending the people’s money again in a no-win situation.

    I see that Sir Geoffrey Cox QC MP has a big smile on his face he is smiling all the way to the bank.

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  8. Hypocrite? says:

    So what yuh sayn is… these man believe in locals so much and still hire a British white man to represent them. Already know he not going to be cheap either.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Don’t need to be cheap. Same people they allegedly stole money from going to be paying to keep them safe from prosecution.

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    • Why? says:

      Why the negative comments when BVI Govt has gone and hired a good experienced operator to defend BVI’s interests?

      Why does this site and VIPNO allow racist comments to be published?

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      • Yessr says:

        First, Mr Cox is not there to defend BVI. He is there to defend Foy and his accomplices if he done something wrong.
        Second, what racist comments you talking about?

  9. Cost says:

    Budget for several $million

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  10. awa says:

    Sir Gary Hickinbottom meet Sir Geoffrey Cox QC MP

    Let the games begin.

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  11. shop local says:

    Aren’t our local attorneys and lawfirms qualified? I would have at least wait to be charged before I get a lawyer. Threaten or promise to carry me court wouldn’t make me run to defend if I don’t know what your charges against me are. hmmm Remember once you retain you on a clock and getting charge. Guess you frighten.

    I still not happy that the money all around going offshore. Stimulate the economy Fahie. We have Q.C here too

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Let me ask yall people something. If the police come at you door with a case saying you did a crime… Guilty or not guilty will you seek a lawyer or represent yourself?

    Obviously someone with sense will get a lawyer regardless. A lawyer who knows the law, and knows how to represent your innocence.

    I need yall to stop blogging nonsense and talk sense.

    An i quote “So if nothing to hide why hire big time lawyer ?” Does this sound like someone with sense?

    Lawyers represent guilty and the innocent. And me personally I am calling up my lawyer at the drop of a dime once any try to tie me up in foolery.

    I commend andrew and his administration for this move. Because the UK has an agenda to discredit or integrity as a basis to come in and take control

    But we not fools we see that play from a mile away and we ready for it!

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    • Curious says:

      Who said anyone did a crime? They are investigating to see if there was crime.

      I keep hearing UK want to take control and no one who says this gives a reason.

      BVI revenue less than 0.05% of the UKs revenue. So why go to all the trouble for virtually nothing?

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      But do you hire a lawyer when you hear the police are making enquiries if you are completely innocent?

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      • @rubber duck says:

        You bet your bottom dollar I would.

        Especially once the words judge, commission of inquiry, investigation, corruption and any other words that are related to those words above are mentioned in regards to myself, my family, my associates or the BVI. Point blank!

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    • Joshua says:

      @anonymous please go ahead and get your legal rep now, you will need them. I am so glad you all getting white expats to come in. Let me tell you why, the same white racist expats as you all are keen to call them, before the year is through will be coming in to rule you. Please let it be Gus. You all hate expats with a passion how do you now feel that we will be in the seat of power. Since there is no one really qualified to seriously run this little town we might as well move our families down to the White House. And no not only as governor but white governor white commissioner white Premier, Lord I love it.

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  13. Tax Payer says:


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  14. Local says:

    Now you agree Locals unfit when knowledge is first!

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  15. Well look at that says:


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  16. This is ironic says:

    So you are promoting local businesses you say. Pushing for everything local but when you’re in trouble you gone overseas for people. Isn’t that called hypocrisy?

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  17. What about... says:

    …The newly appointed proudly local Attorney General ? Where does her office fit in all this?

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  18. @SHOP LOCAL says:


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  19. What!!! says:

    “Anonymous “ You are right “ if the police came to my door saying I did a crime” yes I would get a lawyer BUT this is not the case here, no one has been accused of committing a crime. Very expensive representation is being paid for by the tax payer before anyone is accused of wrongdoing. Running scared????

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  20. Binks says:

    So let me get this straight. The UK White men are only bad, evil, not good for the BVI when they are in the Governor’s House? I hope people see through the foolishness of these guys and understand what is at play here. This is a save your a** move to the highest extent! It will cost the taxpayers millions by time this is all done.

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  21. LMAO says:

    These guys are the best! They cry about being oppressed by the white man and is about to spend millions on a UK white man for representation. WTF? This is too funny.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Ha,ha, ha ha ha ha. You are right but we all now have to pay for this too.

    • @LMAO says:

      Stop conflating the two. The history pf white atrocities against the Black race has nothing to do with using a person who knows, understands and is experienced in a system constructed, ruled and operated by white men for white men.

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    • Racist says:

      They don’t scorn the white man they want his knee off the black mans neck. You do not understand this because you are the true racist

  22. Anonymous0 says:

    Is corruption not a crime? And what are the alleged allegations? Is it not the the BVI is corrupt?

    If anyone was slandering your integrity like that would you not seek legal aid to defend yourself?

    Alot of you bloggers too stupid to be smart. Just blogging because you have fingers, a platform and an internet connection.

    Anyone with a microscopic bit of common sense would know that you dont fight slander like this one on your own

    Matter if fact you dont fight any kind of situation involving a judge on your own.

    Thats what lawyers are there for….

    And this administration has done the right thing to seek legal representation foil this witch hunt the governor has conspired!

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    • @Anon says:

      Hope your blogging fees are high..keep blogging the same s**t over and over.

    • @Anonymous0 says:

      Ok fine, lawyer up, but with your own money; not a time from the Treasury to pay for that. However, I’m in favour of you to get funds from the Treasury to stock up on pampers because the Ranking Hickin-Bottom Jasper (Jaspert) is on your tail.

  23. He says:

    I campaign every day night with he and when he won I even pat he on he back and tell he he have long days ahead of he go rest he give me he number add me to a group chat and I never get in contact with he again

    • Same Here! says:

      I used to have What’s App contact to him before and lil bit after election but could never make contact. Don’t mention Trying to get an appointment.
      Commission Of Enquiries are not Indictments or nothing to be worried about. They are just like being Audited; trying to find out if/what went or is going wrong.
      I find it really strange that Premier Fahie preached so much about Corruption and lack of Transparency during NDP’s terms, and the need for them to “Bell the Cat”; and often advised that “We would be treated in ways we wouldn’t like, if we weren’t careful or act circumspectly in our dealings”
      Clearly like the governor has been saying for some time there are pockets of Corruption in our country. Grave Concerns at that; and clearly not simple things like not Auditing the books or only appointing supporters and cronies to Statutory Boards or giving preferential treatment to family and friends in terms of contracts, paving driveways etc. For these kind of acts any lawyer just out of school would do. No Jail Time involve. But Don’t touch Taxpayers Moneys, Don’t Pad Contract Costs, Don’t misappropriate funds, be Careful with the Project Overruns etc. Big trouble. For those you would Definitely want to get the Best :lawyer money can buy; …or Heads will Roll.

  24. Too smart says:

    These comments are made by people too smart to make such stupid statements. They are willful.

    This fight is pointless what next? Nothing.

    The hyenas will not get a piece of our land.

  25. Joshua says:

    When we take over we giving all the expats the ability to vote. Since that we outnumber you. You will never see another tolan Premier again. Time to shake up road town. You all mistreated expats for soooooo long. The tide is shifting. The expats rule things. Haha.

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    • @Joshua says:

      Don’t get carried away. If our government is alleged to be corrupt how is the tide shifting?

      We certainly don’t mind the UK taking over for a little while to bring some sense of good governance and transparency to government but you would be foolish to think that would mean to give equal rights to expats. Get real and have a seat and while you are at it keep out of our politics.

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    • OMG says:

      Its a little confusing, The UK are taking over what ? Their own country?

      They are coming in to reorganize the country as its not being run well. They are looking into the corruption of giving contracts to people who do not complete the job or poorly. Plus the extra over run charges to Millions.

      It’s called accountability.

      The Government is elected to run the country if they are not doing it well the UK can come and ask questions. If they dont get the answers they bring in an investigation to get the answers.

      The Government has forgotten that they dont won the country they are elected to run it for the best of the citizens. There are protective laws for the local people which is understandable but outdated. The world is a changing place and the bVI and the rest of the work need to keep up with changing times.

      We will have to wait and see but all we want to see if a well run country and well run governments and a fair playing field for the administration.

  26. @Joshua says:

    Please stop blogging nonsense. Take over where? Shake up which Road Town? Expats moved to the BVI and lives their best life, so much so that if they are asked to leave they will do almost anything to stay. Don’t know who the person was who first mentioned mistreatment of expats, but it does not happen or the place wouldn’t be overrun with them.
    Stop dreaming. Expats rule nothing. BVIslanders are quiet, praying people, but don’t take us for no chumps. We worked hard to earn what we have and we will fight to keep it. So if you feel froggy, try crossing our little bridge in Beef Island and take the first plane home, Dear. God promises to give us strength against our enemies, he promised us we can do all things through Christ. So we are not afraid. The enemy is hard at work, but thank God for the blood of Jesus shed for us.

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  27. Leveller says:

    I would have thought that if ever there were a job for mr forbes this would be it.

    bit more strategy required.

    conflict those who may know where the bodies lie.

  28. OMG says:

    It’s strange I have not seen an advert in the Papers advertising this position. How come that they have not advertised this. Will Mr Wheatley reject his permit as there are local people qualified to do this job.
    Perhaps the advert can read something like this.

    Legal Council required to defend corrupt government.
    Preferable a lawyer with experience in corruption.
    Salary is a blank check as tax payers paying.
    BVI Belonger Preferred.

  29. Hallalula says:

    Satan days numbered and the clock ticking so is dis site.

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