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BVI no longer under curfew!

After almost five consecutive months of experiencing varying degrees of restrictions as it relates to movement, the British Virgin Islands is now no longer under a curfew.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Petrona Davies gave that confirmation in a brief response to BVI News inquires on Friday, August 14.

“No new Curfew Order has been issued,” she said.

Business can now operate beyond midnight

This means that businesses or establishments that have been approved and certified to open can do so beyond midnight hours, since the last curfew ran from 12 am to 5 am daily. 

However, businesses must continue to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols such as having and utilising sanitisation stations, ensuring all customers and staff maintain physical distancing of no less than six feet, and wearing face masks as required under the Public Health (Covid19 Control and Suppression Measures) (No. 4) Order of 2020. That order is in effect until October 31.

Besides businesses, residents are required to wear protective masks when in public spaces.

Vessels can move freely within territory

Now that the curfew has been lifted, private vessels can now also freely move within the territorial waters daily; except for waters classified as ‘exclusion zones’ since territory borders remain closed.

A pre-clearance is needed to move through the exclusion zone outside of the navigational limits from the Multi-Agency Operational command before travelling.

“The navigational limits are “east of 64.38300’W on the south side of Tortola and an area East of the dividing line between the westernmost tip of Jost Van Dyke and Westernmost tip of Tortola (This area will be further confined by navigational limits to the North, East and South),” the aforementioned Public Health Order states.

While the last territorial curfew started midnight and was first implemented on June 17, the BVI had been under varying curfews since March 25. 

This curfew was to limit any potential spread of COVID-19 in the BVI, which has recorded a total nine positive cases of the virus. Of that amount, seven have recovered, one is still active, and one died.

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  1. Good says:

    I could finally cheat in peace again

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  2. Father Time says:

    Time is just a social construct created by the white man. {insert Dr. Umar meme}

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  3. government men says:

    thank you sir but if something occur it will go back to curfew so you pepple do not do any foolishness live like you should

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  4. Bree says:

    Well it was good while it lasted. Live next to a Spanish bar and we all know how loud they can get especially on the weekend. Will miss the quietness but life must go on.

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  5. ROFL says:

    We laughed so hard i would give 1000 likes!

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  6. Finally says:

    its not Corona comes out at 12am. finally can enjoy an evening out and night businesses can make some much needed money.

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  7. Government Official says:

    Waiting for a proper GIS report. Not sure what BVI News publish ain’t the truth.

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  8. Papalin says:

    Pahahahahahahahahahahaha pardner yo free now

  9. Peace and Quiet says:

    The dark spots under my eyes have been disappearing with the peaceful sleep through the nights.

    No loud vehicles/bikes all hours of the night and after midnight making noise in your head.

    Haven’t heard gunshots in a while too.

    Already see it have a jam tonight that goes until….so what kind of mask wearing and social distancing would be happening.

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  10. Yup says:

    You can now all go about your illicit business after midnight. There is no more worry. The Cubans are here with the cure. I hope they brought along the cure for the clap as well. Island people rejoicing. Drug traffic can now pick up again.

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  11. Side Hornady man and woman says:

    Yes I jah…a good free up yah now…dem better look sharpe…hehehehe FREEEEEEEEE Joe and josephene

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  12. Cages says:

    The wild animals is being let out of their cages.

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  13. Anonymous says:


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  14. Me says:

    Check Ste Lucie they open border with a test and everything fine,do the samething please

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  15. Guest says:

    BVI man them can now finally get back to visitIng them side woman on a regular ….lol….gotta spend a lot for that lost time…..

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  16. Couldn't wait says:

    Party and have fun yall,real people don’t live in fear.

  17. Local girl says:

    My husband is free now to go and lick his pinky left right and center, his border never closed anyways, he’s opened for business round the clock no more dodging and weaving, all the sl$ts wh*r*s and Jagabats will be in fully swing again.
    The stench on this island is overpowering.

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  18. You all enjoy says:

    Enjoy your freedom guys and get ready for the backlash that is coming your way real soon.

  19. yes problem says:

    My birthday …. and I am so happy to see our British help here and that our territory has their help. Government has done a great job, thanks to WHO. PLEASE keep our borders safe.

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  20. See says:

    So the strippers can make money but work permit people cant come back . SMFH

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  21. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that the curfew is lifted but now that the U.S. VI’s #’s are so high – I am concerned about the borders being opened.

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  22. Rubber Duck says:

    Old Tortola proverb : If you are up after Midnight, you are up to no good.

  23. Hope says:

    The loud noise from the bike riders affect you dumb A** Cabinet members out of your sleep every night. The virus is right next door and you J***A**es lift curfew to please
    thugs, strippers and cheaters. Good luck when the virus start spreading.

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  24. Concern says:

    Scooters need curfew, too much torment at nights

  25. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BIKES!!!!!!!! says:

    I woke up at least 5 times after midnight last night from the bike noise in Huntums Ghut.




  26. vip heckler says:

    Common sense finally prevailed

  27. Ting to talk says:

    Brace ourselves for more crimes. I see the motor bikes them everywhere at any hours.police are not equipped to target them. The dpps office is in lambo.They don’t want to prosecute people . The police are left on the fight alone. I made a report since October 2019 the police investigated the matter,the suspect was arrested and charged and I confirmed that the file is with the DPp’s office. Up to now I haven’t heard anything when I contacted the police they said the matter is no longer in their hands. Contact the DPp’s office . I contacted them and I was told that the matter is being reviewed. I am wondering now. I am done with it. I don’t want to hear anything from them. Taking my lost . I get victimized twice.
    .I d

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