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BVI ranks 5th in OECS for number of COVID-19 tests done per capita

By Kamal Haynes, BVI News Staff

The British Virgin Islands currently ranks fifth in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) for the number of coronavirus tests conducted per capita.

BVI News analysed testing data from nine of the total eleven OECS member states, omitting Guadeloupe and Martinique whose stats on total tests conducted were unavailable.

As at Thursday, April 30, the BVI had conducted a total of 129 tests; six of which returned positive for COVID-19.

With the territory having an approximate population size of 30,231 (according to global statistics provider, Worldometre), this means that the BVI has conducted about 4.26 tests per 1,000 inhabitants. In other words, the BVI has tested 0.42 percent of its population to date.

Grenada, which has a population size of 112,523, has conducted the most coronavirus tests per capita; having tested 1,406 persons. This data suggests that Grenada has conducted 12.5 tests per 1,000 people, which is equivalent to 1.25 percent of its population.

The lowest-ranked member country in terms of tests per capita was St Vincent and the Grenadines, which has tested 108 persons from its population of 110,940. This represents approximately 0.1 tests per 1,000 people, which equates to 0.097 percent of their population.

USVI has double the testing rate of BVI

Our news centre also compared data between the BVI and the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands. The statistics showed that the USVI has conducted more than twice the rate of tests per capita when compared to the BVI.

With a population size of approximately 104,425, the USVI has conducted 872 tests, which is 8.35 tests per 1,000 people or 0.84 percent of their population.

The USVI has had a total of 66 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, with 51 recoveries, four deaths, and 11 active cases.

Tests per capita’ not necessarily an indicator to manage COVID-19

Notably, Executive Director of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), Dr Joy St John, told BVI News in an invited comment that ‘tests per capita’ does not exist as a measurable indicator for governments to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said there is no mention of it on the official guidelines circulated by the World Health Organisation and other international agencies.

“CARPHA has not intervened on sovereign decisions of its member states with regards to the type and amount of tests to be performed, understanding that CARPHA member states outline their health policies based on many factors,” Dr St John stated.

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  1. Political Intelligence says:

    The government needs to get in contact with the government of Senegal to see if they can purchase some $1 dollar testing kits and $60 ventilators (invasive and non invasive versions).

    Senegal Doctor Amaudo Sall is the Brains behind the $1 rapid covid 19 testing. The 3D printed ventilators, developed by Senegalese engineers will reduce the cost of such devices and make them more accessable.

    With the $1 dollar testing kit, if available, everybody in the Virgin Islands can be tested. This will be a very effective way of keeping track and managing the disease. As a matter of fact, Senegal has managed to curb and limit the spread of Covid 19 thanks in large part to it’s $1 test kit that can allow anyone who wants to test, to be tested.

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    • Intelligent response says:

      A $1 test kit from Senegal works the same as $1 car you buy online?

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    • @PI says:

      Please don’t waste your time! Instead of doing some research they will automatically assume it’s rubbish because it’s from a place of ‘blackness’. Let the sheep continue to be led to the slaughter by WHO and others who are laughing their asses off at how easy it was to scare the entire world into staying at home for months and wearing masks even when driving their cars! Brilliant!

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    • Nonono says:

      Rapid 19 test is not safe

    • Really says:

      You would bet your life on a $60 ventilator from Senegal. It consists of bellows and a trained monkey that pushes it. You are dumber than you look and that’s hard to beat.

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  2. Diaspora says:

    Due to the small number of tests, it is highly probable that the number of confirmed cases could be much higher. For a greater and more comfortable measure of who had contracted the disease, who has the disease, who are asymptotic carriers…..etc much more tests need to be conducted. Without ramped up testing, the low number of confirmed cases could be a false sense of security. The VI weighs in with 0,42% of the population being tested that is 4,26 tests per 1000 or 426 per 100,000. The typical minimum testing target per country is 1%. The Hon Carvin Malone (AtL), Acting Deputy Premier and MHSD, did indicate that testing will be ramped up. Our GDP is well above most of the other countries and we boast as having one of the higher standard of living, quality of life and GDP per Capita ($32K). True, the GDP per capita can be a misleading number. Let’s geh ah dun!

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    • @Diaspora says:

      I don’t see what the big deal is. People will get it, some will recover, some will die, it’s not going anywhere. All countries will reopen at some point and it will flare up again making all the lockdown nonsense and broken economies useless. How many people globally died form the flu since COVID came on the scene? Ever stopped to think about why we continue to see a bunch of numbers and stats but never anything that truly looks at what really matters?

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      • ok says:

        If your mother or grandmother gets it, it will be big deal for you I am sure.

      • @@Diaspora says:

        The big deal is that an uncontrolled COVID-19 spread will swamp healthcare services to the exclusion of the all the normal work they do. If you have cancer, go take a seat, if you have heart disease, go take a seat, if you are in a car accident, go take a seat.

        Also, uncontrolled, there is more likelihood that it can mutate: become more deadly, more contagious. The more sick there are, the more healthcare workers will die. Those healthcare workers are not easy to replace.

        You are right, it is not going anywhere. Left unchecked you can anticipate to see 300+ deaths in BVI. You might shrug your shoulders and think that is acceptable, but most of us have a bit more love for ourselves, and those around us to allow this to happen.

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      • @@Diaspora says:

        @@Diaspora, it seems as if you subscribe to herb immunity, ie, some people in the population will die and some will survive and that the fatality rate is acceptable. Is it? This is the belief of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, two TV doctors, and others. And I’m sure you will agree that every life is precious and that every effort should be exerted to save it. Some people believe the economy should take priority over life, ie, Dan Patrick, LT Gov of Texas, said “there are some things more important than living.”

        And you will also agree that the economy will rebound as it works its way through the business cycle but once a life is gone, it is not coming back. If Covid-19 had taken the life of a parent, child, grandchild, grandparent, sibling or other family member and there was a chance to save him/her, would you feel the same way?

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        • You for real? says:

          Did you seriously jusy site Dr. Phil? Lord have mercy!…the sheep are further astray than we think!

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          • @Hou for real says:

            @You for real, are you for real. Did you understand the purpose for citing (siting?) Dr. Phil? Explain yourself.

  3. ok says:

    If your mother or grandmother gets it, it will be big deal for you I am sure.

  4. 300 says:

    After 3 plus weeks of lock down does anybody even have the cold in the BVI much less Covid 19?

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  5. LB says:

    How is this a story? How is this noteworthy?

    And as usual you absolutely do not have to post my comment!

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  6. 140 says:

    140 tests for 35000 population ! n rank yourself as 5th! !

  7. Guy Hill says:

    Trusting God to cure this covid19.

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