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BVI records 2 more COVID-related casualties! Death toll now at 42

Two additional COVID-19 related casualties have been recorded in the territory, taking the total number of deaths to 42 persons.

Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Ronald Georges made the disclosure today during a virtual stakeholders meeting hosted by the Ministry of Health.

Dr Georges declined to offer any details of the deaths, including time of death, age ranges, or gender but disclosed that at least one of the persons that died was unvaccinated.

According to Dr Georges, there is often much dispute regarding the vaccination status of persons whose deaths have been documented as COVID-19 related, with persons sometimes having bones of contention regarding the details.

He stated that the vaccination status of the other deceased person was unknown at this time.

The number of total active positive COVID-19 cases have also seen a small reduction since the last update two days ago and now stand at 1,305 active positive cases.

The CMO said the territory’s next epidemiological summary will be released sometime later today.


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  1. You gotta love this place.... says:

    What do they mean when they say that the vaccination status of the other person is unknown. Isn’t that one if the first questions you should ask the patient when they arrive at the hospital? Also, the vaccination statistical info, isn’t it all provided to Health? Something is fishy here.

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    • We Aint Fools says:

      A simple 2 deaths…but they want us to believe the other patient’s vac status is UNKNOWN… why Georges think we so fool fool. Youre wrong brother.. we aint fools.

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    • fact says:

      Vaccination reduces the risk of dying or being hospitalised with Covid-19 by 90%, a French study of 22.6 million people over the age of 50 has found.

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      • Informed about vax says:

        Given what is happening with the infection rate of vaccinated people in Dec 21 and Jan 22, it is misleading at best to quote a study from Oct 21. Look at the statistics coming out of the UK, Europe, the US and Israel right now. Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, said in an interview yesterday “… as two doses of Pfizer’s Covid injection only offer ‘very limited protection, if any,’ and three doses only offer reasonable protection against Omicron, Pfizer will have a new version of their injection, ‘version 1.1’, ready in March.” If it sounds like a software release, it’s because it is. Vaccinated persons will always be one injection behind the current variant. Meanwhile, the science is starting to remember that there is such a thing as natural immunity and it is quite strong if not interfered with by vaccines or immune system disrupters.

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        • Joe says:

          Why take a chance on natural immunity, which wanes, when the chances of severe illness, hospitalization and death are higher than vaccinated immunity?

          Seems foolish to me. Unless you have gone entirely “natural.”

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        • sparkyMcGee says:

          “natural immunity … is quite strong if not interfered with by vaccines”

          Uh, no, this is scientifically incorrect. Vaccines strengthen natural immunity, that’s how they work.

      • Right says:

        They got you boy!
        You need to check God and not French men

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    • truth says:

      Just because you ask someone if they have been vaccinated doesn’t mean they have to tell you. Also, not everyone here has been vaccinated here so they wouldn’t appear on bvi records.

    • LOL says:


  2. The Nation says:

    What a disgrace! you think it is by coincidence that the vax status of the other is not disclosed. please. how come they don’t know the vax status. aren’t they keeping a record of all vaxinated???

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  3. SAD, SAD, SAD says:

    As crazy as this may sound, I ‘sensed’ that death was in the air. Vaccinated or not vaccinated: Prepare to meet your God.

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  4. Tongue Fu says:

    “According to Dr Georges, there is often much dispute regarding the vaccination status of persons whose deaths have been documented as COVID-19 related, with persons sometimes having bones of contention regarding the details”.

    Why should there be a dispute regarding vaccination status ? Don’t you have records of who is vaccinated?

    Before you used to record the vaccination status of the hospitalized now you stop cause of the dispute? You not divulging names so why is there an issue?

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  5. Quite possible says:

    To not know vaccination status of someone. Maybe s/he was vaccinated in the US or Europe, or at a private clinic.

    It’s also a matter of health privacy. If they announce both deceased persons were vaccinated or unvaccinated, and you know Bob and Betty were the ones who died, then they have released personal medical information.

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  6. Crystal says:

    Not all folk’s are willing to give their vax Status.

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  7. Define says:

    When you say ‘unvaccinated’ do you mean without the ‘booster’ or twice ‘vaccinated’ but the 14 days didnt pass yet or once ‘vaccinated’. Did they really die of covid or of something else.

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  8. Set of liars says:

    These healthcare professionals are real sickening and love to withhold information to suit their agenda. Why they ain’t say one of the person that died had serious health conditions. So sick of them. May their souls Rest In Peace.

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  9. STOP IT! says:

    Did they die from COVID or WITH COVID? They need to STOP! If someone is in hospital with cancer or other grave illness, develop the common flu and dies, they never say they died from the flu. This is just f**king ridiculous now!!!

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    • Our leaders are complicit.. says:

      This is part of the fear. The Vaccine drive to make Bill Gates and WHO more money. If you dont know let me tell you. Bill Gates Got investment in all the Vaccine companies and WHO works for him.. They are all evil and leaders all over are complicit and using their power to oppressed, deceived and lie to their People. They know what they are doing and they know they doing wrong. Then when they get old they want to run to Church. Now good people cant get a good funeral because they are branded as covid death most times not so….How come no one talks about Germany asking WHO to put a hold on Vaccine until the effectiveness is proven. U not hearing about this. WHO has no authority its up to bill gates their boss.

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  10. Me says:

    Dr d orlando death house claiming souls. mind you all have alot to answer to think the money can save yall ?? Think again in time youll get whats coming

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  11. . says:

    There are still a lot of covidiot in here.

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  12. Unprofessional disclosure says:

    “According to Dr Georges, there is often much dispute regarding the vaccination status of persons whose deaths have been documented as COVID-19 related, with persons sometimes having bones of contention regarding the details.”

    The problem has been the politicisation of the Pandemic and poorly written inaccurate health bulletins that lacked sensitivity and caused distress among grieving families. I saw evidence of this on social media, which when reported never seem to have been properly addressed. Reporting such information should be left to properly trained media professionals. The CDC recently had to adopt this strategy.

  13. OMG. Stoo it. says:

    These people are in the Hospital for other ailments only to be tested positive while they are there…Why every death of a positive patient has to be covid?. Its very possible that these people can pick up covid in the very hospital.. The stain lots of us have to die with. Our death certificate will never let the future generation know the real reason for their family death….Sad. its all a part of the fear game and the Vaccine drive…So, Sad.

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  14. UKM says:

    @Our leaders are complicit, You sound so stupid you should blog.

  15. Captain Flint says:

    They dont want to just come out and say that if you not vaccinated you going to die. No one going into that hospital with covid comes out alive.

  16. Never testing. says:

    You are all good for still listening to this sell out. I never once hear this man speak about treatment. Can you imagine, a deadly virus circulating for over two years now and this man never once tell us what the treatment is!

    All you people in quarantine, has a health official called you to tell you how to treat yourself? Or that a deliver or medication is on its way to you?

    This is NOTHING to do with health! NOTHING!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    They know that the person is fullly vacinated and the person died from the covid and you all dont want to say that.

    • @anomymous says:

      And how exactly do you know that? Of course you don’t . You’re just guessing to suit your view. Pointless comment.

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