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BVI seeing increase in dog attacks! Ferocious incidents reported

Not any of the actual dogs mentioned in the story.

The British Virgin Islands is experiencing an increase in reports of dog attacks and damage to property by animals.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said a number of these attacks have been ferocious.

“Earlier in April, a woman was hospitalised after she was attacked by two dogs while walking in the Belmont Estate area. The owner of a goat herd reported that four of his goats were met decapitated in his front yard after admitting that his goats have been jumping the pen and entering his neighbour’s yard,” the RVIPF stated.

And just this past week, three roaming pit bulls reportedly destroyed pieces of outdoor furniture, and attempted to enter the home of a resident in the Chalwell Estate area while he was at home.

On the same day in Long Look, a man showed officers the remains of his dead chickens after his neighbour’s four dogs had entered his property, the police stated.

The police are therefore warning owners of dogs and livestock of their responsibility under the law.

“Owners will be charged criminally for any attacks or damage to property as a result of their unrestrained animals. Similarly, persons found to be intentionally harming or setting poison out to harm or kill animals can also be charged and prosecuted under the Protection of Animals Act, Cap 94, sec 3 (1) (a) for cruelty to animal,” Acting Deputy Police Commissioner St Clair Amory stated.

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  1. WTF says:

    So glad they also cited the rules for cruelty to animals. Too often, inconsiderate animal keepers are responsible for good animals being “tarred with the same brush”.

    Ag Deputy Commission Amory seems well suited to his role and in-tune with the cause and effect of his statements within the community.

  2. MsB says:

    Any dog is a big responsibility many don’t consider before getting one. Dogs need care that goes beyond feeding them.
    Owners must be knowledgeable of what breed, size of dog suits them best.
    Dogs must be trained/socialized and cared for, and that is the major problem to tackle. Owners not knowing the needs of the dog nor the liability it poses when not managed right.
    Pray for the speedy recovery of the woman attacked, for the government to recognize the issue needs proactive quick action. Dogs are not the culprit, but an owner that doesn’t comprehend what entails to have a dog.

  3. Lem says:

    People need to stop breeding dogs and chaining them outside 24/7. If you don’t want a dog in your home don’t get one!! You can’t blame the dog it’s the human. Sick of seeing how many animals are abused.

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  4. things bad says:

    Dogs and all are hungry under this existing government

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  5. These says:

    Stray live stock is more of a problem than the dam dogs that why mrs kill them goats up vg ..this a problem all over the country cow sheep sleeping in the police station all of in the grave yard descicrating on family members burial spot think think the chickens in road town and dont talk about the pigeons u can’t sit down in peace there shitting on u ..not to mention them sea gulls hmmmm lordy dont talk about the stray cat them there not even self catching the rat no more since these domesticating white people come here got them all spoil and s**t hmmm wat a world of human and beasts

  6. Hmmm says:

    The previous administration had plans to control the stray dog and cat population. Maybe it’s time to consider following through with those plans. People should feel safe walking the streets. If dogs are attacking people they might have rabies or something. This could be a huge problem of someone doesn’t seek help in time.

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