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BVI should adopt National Heroes

File photo of the statue of Noel Lloyd before it was damaged during Hurricane Irma last year.

Political aspirant Mitsy Ellis-Simpson wants the British Virgin Islands to adopt national heroes.

She said naming and celebrating great individuals who contributed to national development will give guidance and shape the behaviour of residents.

“It is time that we unite this country, select national heroes and declare a National Heroes Day. I would like for the Virgin Islands to set a unified and social precedent for everyone who calls the Virgin Islands their home which will promote collective consciousness and encourage the preservation of Virgin Islands history,” Ellis-Simpson said.

She also suggested that a plot of land in a central area be selected and used as a National Heroes Square.

“This exercise will require every district, all nine, to form a committee to identify persons with certain attributes and characteristics whom they believe should be declared a National Hero through clear guidelines. This matter should be the people’s decision presented to the government of the day as to who we should celebrate.”

Qualities of a national hero

She said individuals classified as national heroes must be deceased persons who lived here, performed courageous and noble acts, and who provided outstanding and exceptional service that brought honour to the Virgin Islands.

While driving home her point, she said persons who may be venerable enough to consider are the BVI’s first chief minister, H Lavity Stoutt, activist Noel Lloyd, Theodolph Faulkner who she said “shares credit for the start of our first constitution”, and Dr Willard Wheatley.

“I’m not at liberty to say who should be declared a National Hero but … every nation you can imagine, including the Virgin Islands, has its history documenting its struggles and triumphs but the history is incomplete if we do not document the great men and women who contributed to its national development,” Ellis-Simpson said.

She continued: “I’m a firm believer in pursuing the things that matter like investing in our children and young people, fixing our infrastructure, taking good care of our seniors, building stronger industries and so forth. However, nation-building should be at the heart of any economic and community development plan for the country. We truly deserve National Heroes, a National Heroes Day and a National Heroes Square in the Virgin Islands.”

Mitsy Ellis-Simpson

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  1. Laura says:

    Absolutely brilliant idea that should have been initiated years ago but its not too late to do now! Cyril Romney,Carlton de Castro, Isaac Glanville Fonseca ,Ralph O’Neal, Noel Lloyd, Oliver Cills, Reeial George, Elton Georges, Terrance B. Lettsome, Neil Blyden, Samuel Hodge, H. Lavity Stoutt, Theodolph H Faulkner,Patsy Lake…etc

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  2. Woww says:

    Good idea Mitsy but we still don’t want you on the VIP ticket.

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  3. Political Observer (PO) says:

    National hero, National Heroes Square…….etc real talk. Nonetheless, different thought on the following:”She said individuals classified as national heroes must be deceased persons who lived here, performed courageous and noble acts, and who provided outstanding and exceptional service that brought honour to the Virgin Islands.” Give national heroes their flowers while they are living.

    National hero Noel Lloyd scorned, treated as loco, isolated, deemed a pariah……etc. He was from the Country and Up Street. Every local that owns a plot of land on Wickhams Cay owe Noel a debt of gratitude; PAM too. Moreover, he was belatedly and reluctantly honored by elitist hypocrites on his death bed in the US. This is not a cheap shot, for I’m related to some of the elitists. Shameful! Let’s not repeat this sordid period in our history.

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  4. true says:

    And instead of the Queen’s Birthday Parade, make it a National Heroes Day

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  5. Devon says:

    What about a “failure” or a “square of shame” for our politicians !

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    • Hodgie says:

      Good put it close to the garbage dump
      Cox Heath.

      • Heckler says:

        How about put the NDP close to the garbage heap too. None of them will make it to be a nation hero. Lavity must be well mad in he grave.

        • Fact says:

          H.L. Stoutt faced the same lunacy that this Government is facing when he forged ahead with the admin complex, hlscc, cruise dock and other major developments during his tenure. Don’t let the nice words fool you at his remembrance ceremonies, many of these same people speaking great of him now were lashing him the same way except back then we didn’t have blogs.

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        • Really says:

          So not even Dr. Smith? Or even Lorna? Wow really ungrateful

  6. Retired says:

    The BVI celebrates H. Lavity Stout with an annual holiday in early March; e.g 4 March 2019. Perhaps that holiday could also be the ‘new’ National BVI Heroes Day?

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  7. Alive says:

    So why must they be deceased? give people their flowers while they’re alive

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  8. Hmmmm! says:

    This is nothing new. National Hero’s Day was just celebrated in ST Kitts & Nevis a little while ago. Find something new for your political agenda.

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    • @Hmmmm says:

      Why can’t it be celebrated in tola too? St Kitts doing it. This important here how all you treat you own. Just a shame how Noel Loyd went down. I tired celebrating the queen birthday. Turn it into a national hero day. That the best thing.

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  9. Wow says:

    This young lady is thinking! Absolutely a great idea. Samuel Hodge, Cyril Romney, Lavity Stoutt, Patsy Lake, Noel Lloyd can be national heroes.

    Who else?

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  10. SMFH says:

    She lost me when she said …”form a committee….”…WTF? For what? We have the Department of Culture, let them deal with these things. I agree preserving our history and paying homage to our national figures that have passed on is vital but we don’t need a committee or anything for that, let the relevant departments do their work.

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    • @SMFH says:

      I do not agree with you. It’s the same s**t have people F up with the NDP government. Department of culture cannot decide nothing by them self. They got to go to the people. Let culture come tell me any s**t. EVERY TOM DICK AND HARRY NEED TO HAVE A SAY. I believe that is what the woman talking about.

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    • LCS says:

      I agree. No comittee is needed. Let the people name the individuals for this honour. The Deaprtment of Culture should do the rest; research, set the standards and involve students in different schools in the project. It will be a learning experience for them to know about these individuals.

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      • Raymond says:

        Every committee should get a consensus from them district to present to government. Either that or let culture decide how. This thing she talk about should be done properly so people don’t put up they family,

  11. Tweek - my input says:

    Good idea.

    But why wait until they have passed away to be recognized. If people qualify while they are still breathing they should be considered and recognized. In the spirit of “give me my flowers while I am still living”.

    Those alive would feel honored that they have been acknowledged and can share it with both their family and territory and for those who receive the distinction posthumously, this is more geared for their families remembrance and territory regarding the legacy they left behind.

    Both should be considered.

  12. So.. says:

    Why elect people if for every simple thing they have to come to the public for a say? The list of names she put forward is a start and there are ways to ascertain who the others are. I think we just love to make things difficult for the h**l of it rather than for the help of it. We have enough people who know the history that can come up with whatever is needed.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    B.V. Islander know who they are. Stop trying to change our minds to suite your emotions and personal issues.

    A lot of these personal issues would just cause us to lose this territory to the Everyone else eventually, then you’d go back to St. Vincent.

    Protect the PEOple of the land – The Ancestral Virgin Islanders.. in doing so you’d be protecting yourselves.

    They are the key.

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  14. Politics time again says:

    Please vote for the elections 2019.

    Andrew and the vip all the way.

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  15. Ras says:

    I ancesta from Africa. Nation hero a African. I’m a bvisjander but I more feel African is where I from. Don’t mean I not Respect. Noel Loyd was a real African.

  16. Jane says:

    not a bad idea but how about a politician coming out with some policies which would improve these islands on a day to day basis:
    * fixing the St Thomas ferry schedules so it runs daily, once an hour, say from 6am to 10pm
    * modernising the work permit system
    * setting a benchmark for government spending and audits
    * providing amenities like more kids playgrounds or an outdoor gym
    * stopping the importation of left-hand drive passenger vehicles so that bus passengers etc dont disembark into the middle of the road

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  17. @Jane says:

    Nation building will help some of your problems.

  18. Wendy says:

    How do you adopt what is yours?
    Honor,recognize,hail but adopt?
    She not impressing me positively with her mouthful of political effortless chupidness to impress who?
    Substance, please Ms Simpson.

    Besides,all these names and not one Smith.
    Gyall go study and learn local history. You are lacking all around.

  19. Chupps says:

    This simpleton statement sounds quite VIPish.
    Too many young newbies with little ideas so shallow statements thrown out is woefully amateurish sounding.
    Bet she has never read the Constitution.

  20. Turnbull says:

    Nation heroes has been on the back burner for far too long so I glad someone bring it up. I am a proud Virgin Islander but it’s a shame how some behave. If she can get the government to give honor than themself good luck. Wish you all the best.

  21. True thing says:

    American is a powerful nation because from the outset it recognised the importance of foundation builders who demonstrated principles that a nation can follow. So too has Singapore and many other nations. It is not a silver bullet but it can form part of that foundation that strengthens the core of a nation’s values and continously gives hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. These are positive words Mitsy. I think you are up to the task.

    • Avaava says:

      Nice job Mitsy
      I think you are a honoree.
      You think a lot about our little paradise
      You really show care and most of all concern and passion.

  22. Alrick says:

    Willard Wheatley was the best followed by activist Noel Lloyd.

    Has anyone thought about Vernon Pickering?

  23. Laurence says:

    I like reading the young lady articles. Get her to write more BVI News. On the topic a national heroes square not a bad idea. Statue for Teacher Willard, Lavity, Ralph, Omar Hodge, Noel Lloyd, Sir Olva George and Samuel Hodge. Turn Noel Lloyd park into the square. A hero day and award ceremony can hold right there every year.

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  24. Be Careful says:

    Too many heroes Will make it meaningless. How did Patsy Lake get in there? And what about Walter DeCastro and the other PAM people?

  25. Fahie says:

    Great idea Miss Mitsy,honor,and respect

  26. THE TRUTH says:

    National Heroes should be people who put their life on the line for the national good. The list that is being proposed here consists of too many sell-outs. Get real or forget it.

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  27. Cheque vg says:

    Well well I tip my hat to you
    Miss I dont no you.
    I read about you.
    I applaud you
    Thanks for thinking about recognizing some of our family who believe believe in this little place.
    Thanks Mitsy.
    Jehovah God be with you.

  28. Avaava says:

    Nice job Mitsy
    I think you are a honoree.
    You think a lot about our little paradise
    You really show care and most of all concern and passion.

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