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BVI takes massive leap in healthcare with first-ever cardiac lab

From left: Dr Heskith Vanterpool, Dr Kendall Griffith, and Mrs Jean Vanterpool.

Residents can now be diagnosed and treated for many heart conditions without having to leave the territory.

This is because the Bougainvillea Clinic officially opened the doors last Saturday to the Dr Kendall Griffith Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory – the first ever in the territory.

The cardiac lab, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology, was named in honour of Dr Griffith — an Interventional Cardiologist in the USVI — in recognition of his dedication and unwavering contribution to the new facility and the ‘steadfast role’ that he has played in the development of the cardiology services at the Bougainvillea Clinic.


Premier Dr D Orlando Smith who delivered brief remarks at Saturday’s opening ceremony said it was a “remarkable and exciting time for the territory as we celebrate another milestone in the Virgin Islands healthcare.”

He continued: “The laboratory is the first of its kind and will help to reimage and reshape the BVI medical industry. This is progress made in improving the quality of life for our people. This is progress made in securing our economic future.”

He said opening this new facility shows commitment to raising the bar of health care in the territory by taking it to the highest standards in the region.

Deputy Director of the National Health Insurance, Roy Barry also had praises for operators of Bougainvillaea Clinic.

He said it is a major step in the right direction and urged persons to support the Road Town-based medical facility.

“Having a cardiac catheterization laboratory helps to fill yet another gap in the territory’s available health care services,” Barry said.

He said with roughly 36,000 National Health Insurance beneficiaries, there is a growing need for quality healthcare locally.

Chief Medical Director of Bougainvillea Clinic Dr Heskith Vanterpool said, the despite setbacks such as Hurricane Irma and getting the necessary equipment, he was pleased that his vision was finally a reality.

Bougainvillea Clinic’s new Cardiac Catheterization Lab

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  1. Congrats? says:

    He is the biggest NHI beneficiary. ????

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    • CONGRATS!!!! says:

      You must work in the NHI to say this with such confidence. People can say anything when they do not understand how a system works.

      Go ask NHI who benefits most?!!

      Who gets funds handed to them without having to put in any claims?

      And who, on the other hand, has to be constantly appealing for payments to be made for services rendered and claims made?

      Know your facts before you speak?!!

      • Sound Cloud says:

        I remember seeing some kind of report in the news of all the healthcare service providers who benefits from NHI and this establishment and the other one by the round about were up in the millions.

        Please don’t loose focus. Congrats and well needed service.

  2. Bigger says:

    It would be much bigger to create and sustain a diabetes outreach program.

  3. SMH says:

    Why the Healthcare Administration not trying to get Peebles Hospital updated with the essential equipment necessary for various medical treatment?

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  4. What Time Is It? says:

    @SMH, You have asked the real question: “Why the HealthCare Administration nt trying to get Peebles Hospital updated, (Upgraded) with this essential equipment necessary for various medical treatment”?
    That is a real serious question and one that should be asked by all of us. after all, we built a hospital costing upwards of a hundred million ($100,000,000). Health Service Administration is about to turn over the New Nurse Iris P’Neal Clinic/Hospital to the health services. Meanwhile, while government hasn’t’ quite finished and furnished Peebles and is asking for the public to make contributions for its furnishing, while asking the public to also furnish the New clinic/hospital on Virgin Gorda?,
    I find this situation more than interesting when government is bragging abut the enormous contribution Financial Services is making to the country, (at some 60% of overall revenue). Yet we have very little to show for it. No 7-million plane, no extended airport, no paid off TPP, repaired government buildings, schools and everything else.
    Those comments made by the premier would have means somo much more and be more relevant had Peebles, our national hospital and medical center, been the recipient of that and other medical equipment.

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    • @What time says:

      We have almost 3,000 Civil Servants in a Territory with just over 30,000 people and many pensioners who haven’t contributed a dime to their pensions. Do the math and then you will realize why things are the way they are and newsflash, it’s not VIP, NDP or any other P that caused this, it’s the selfishness and short-sighted ways of the people that have caused this. Everyone feels entitled to Government’s cash in the form of contracts, assistance, building rental etc. How can that be cheap?

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      • Clap says:

        Hurray to “What time.” That is so damn correct that things are not funny. People want to work and take home every dime and turn to Government when they squander theirs and sometimes even when they bank theirs.

  5. Soo says:

    I agreed with @what time

  6. Clarity says:

    I believe that you are all missing the essence of this history making event.

    You are all obviously blinded by the hate you have for one of your own trying to make healthcare standards higher for his own people.

    Open your eyes, ears and mind! There is no sense of entitlement in this matter. This is all about offering a service to the people of the BVI so you don’t have to travel to foreign countries.

    Come on people!!! You need to stop bashing your own who are trying to raise the bar. Do your research before assuming things or listening to and sharing other people’s statements that have no truth or evidence to it.

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  7. Clarity says:

    I love the idea of my heart being treated right here at home without the fear of dying on my way to some foreign place to get treated.

    And that, my dear friends, is the significance of this major step.

    Applause, Applause, Applause Dr. Vanterpool!! Keep raising the bar. Maybe the BVIHSA will take a page out of your book.

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  8. Hmmmm says:

    WHO WILL REGULATE THIS CATH LAB TO SAY THAT THEY ARE WORKING AT PAR TO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS? Insurance will force people to use this unregulated cath lab..

  9. Joseph says:

    If people would stop eating Unhealthy Fatty Foods containing LDL Cholesterol…there would be no need for a Cardiac Lab. Unless, one has congenital cardiac issues.

    Avoid red meats, margarine, butter, pastries, biscuits, lard.

    Eat fish, skinless chicken, fruits, vegetables, cod liver oil, etc.

    I love pork, but had to divorce it.

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