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BVI to begin exporting fish to the region

Premier Andrew Fahie has said government has started plans to export fish regionally.

Speaking in the House of Assembly recently, Premier Fahie said the export initiative will seek to boost the fishing industry in the British Virgin Islands.

“The members of my government can tell you, we already talked with the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) region and [countries] in the CARICOM region … We have some unique fish that they need and they already waiting for us to get going so we can export them and provide for the whole region in the Caribbean,” Fahie stated.

“That’s waiting on us, so the initiative is not being done idly in isolation. It’s done with a plan in mind,” added Fahie while commenting on government’s move to pump $2 million into the local fishing and farming sectors.

Commendations to Dr Wheatley

Premier Fahie also commended the minister responsible for fisheries Dr Natalio Wheatley for his efforts in spearheading initiatives geared at transforming fisheries in the BVI.

He said that despite the sea being one of the greatest natural resources in the BVI, the territory falls behind in properly utilising it for maximum economic gains.

“That is why I commend the Minister of Education when he came up with the initiative for the fishers and farmers with the $2 million, so that we could touch the heart of the territory, district by district, with that money,” the Premier stated.

Fahie, who is also the Minister of Finance, said his administration will be doing all in its power to ensure a much stronger fishing industry in the BVI.

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  1. Udhd says:

    Wow only now I hate how their valuable resources we can make finance and it’s not risking it we scorn fishing fishing has been so much vital to our economy in the past and neglected we should have been doing it this for a long time only not know

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    • Really says:

      So it’s illegal for locals and tourists to fish but your now going to export fish. Just imagine the rise in tourism and tourism dollars by way of easy permits. You all step on your d**ks with every move.

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    • Albion says:

      I really struggle to see how this is supposed to work. If you look at fish exporters around the world (i) they work at volume, (ii) they have ‘flash-freezing’ facilities, and (iii) they operate through shipping and logistics hubs to enable rapid export of the fish.

      We don’t have *any* of those things. How on earth are we going to develop a competitive fish exporting industry?

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      • Local fisher man says:

        Do not watch the ways it cannot be done, Watch the ways it can be. Yes! those are evident issues, we thank you for enlightening us. Fish can last well over 2 months frozen, that gives us enough time to work out proper shipping logistics.
        The volume will arise after the government invest into the market. Local fishermen can produce a lot more but they lack the business mindset.
        Flash freezing facilities is just a matter of ordering the proper Equipment.
        PS. Overthinking makes you create problems that aren’t there.
        We can develop a competitive fish exporting industry simply by following proper measures and investing into it.

  2. Voter says:

    Close the fishing terminal and there is no local distribution channel but we are going to export!!!What nonsense is this !!!

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    • me says:

      I tried to like this post 1000 times. The government should focus on reopening a well-stocked , well- equipped fisheries in the BVI first. This is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. Exportation will be an excellent idea once this is done.

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    • @voter says:

      BVI Fishing Strategy:

      Catch good local fish, sell good local fish by export.

      Import Bad fish, eat bad imported fish.

      Brilliant, i LOVE !!!

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      That BVI fleet of trawlers will be leaving every night crewed by hard working BVIslanders.

      In Mr Fahie’s dreams that is.

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  3. job says:

    Yes finally!! This is such a great idea

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    • Click says:

      Before you can export you need to have a local market so folks can buy, getting local fresh fish is extremely difficult on tortola.

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  4. waterman says:

    The VI does not have ANY ability to manage/protect the fish or industry. Reefs are dead. Fish are gone already. Undersize and under age fish are being taken right now. Protect your resource, do not export it.

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  5. Haycraft says:

    Crap. I can’t even get fish to buy. Feed your people first. Send the left over overseas.

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    • Hmmm says:

      That is what America does – export the sub-standard products or, BVI just buy them

      • America says:

        The US doesn’t export anything to the BVI. Your local c*****d politicians that own the grocery stores buy the cheapest crap they can in the US and they import it to the BVI. This way they maintain the highest profits imaginable and the people of the BVI eat the garbage. Keep voting for them.

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  6. Gage says:

    Where can I get some fresh fish locally? Can someone provide me with some fisher folk contacts, thanks.

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  7. Anon says:

    Are you hearing this people?
    Fish for other country, whilst the BVI has hungry children’s eyes looking to thier parents for food!

    Really? Take care of the hungry and needy here now with the old wife!

    Oh I forgot BAD ME. There are no poor in the BVI.

    Bad form!!

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  8. Wow says:

    I can’t even go to the store any where on Tortola and buy some fish to cook since irmaria. Fisheries blown down looking like the government ain’t planning to put it back. All kind a people to the side of the road selling fish God knows how far they went out to fish.I fraid fish poison mehson.All I’m saying is provide a proper fishing complex for us first na buddy to buy deep water fish again.

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  9. Charlie Tuna says:

    Where would the processing Center be located to clean and package the fish?

  10. Lol says:

    Yall need to understand that even the Premier has a Boss. He has been given his orders and he must facilitate England’s roll out plan.

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  11. Laugh out loud! says:

    After dem frenchie can fish out Jost Van Dyke, Little and Great Tobago and where ever else! But you dare NOT let US NATIONAL PARK SERVICE meet you near St John in the west. Dem taking your catch and warning you. Hmmm! We just lame on securing out boarders

  12. Quiet Warrior says:

    Are the domestic needs being met? Should not local demand be met before export? Where are the local fish depots from which fish can be purchase? What type of fish is the OECS desiring? Is the cart being rushed before the cart? Why does government seem to rush everything before dotting the I and crossing the T?

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  13. Thoughtful Sailor says:

    Ciguatera is a known hazard of local fish. We need to concentrate on deep water, pelagic species. Don’t forget that or there is trouble waiting.

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  14. Max says:

    I can support exporting fish but only if there is a surplus. I can’t imagine exporting fish if you don’t have enough to satisfy local demands first. What special fish does OECS and Caricom needs? I am interested in knowing.

  15. Spark News says:

    This was said by the gentleman on Facebook yesterday. Obviously someone is listening to him , why not just get him involved as a voice of the people. Kid has really good input. This is an excellent initiative if carried through. Good luck B.V.I…. your one of a kind. Don’t ruin it.

  16. Lol says:

    They drinking or smoking ?

  17. fish lover says:

    i loved to eat fish. the problem is the local supply here in the stores are not enough, or otherwise prices are toooo high.
    so i made a moved on fishing for my own 🙂

  18. well sah says:

    We cant even ketch frys to go fish wid

  19. Forward ever Backward never says:

    I am sorry but I don’t know where Andrew Fahie head is. Before his priority be to supply BVI residents with fresh fish he talking nonsense but exporting. Oh I forget, when he export the fresh fish from the BVI, he import dead farm bred fish from Honduras, Guyana and Trinidad. Good thinking Mr. PREMIER.

  20. Windy says:

    Sounds like desperate story to change the news. But while you bring it up … exploiting our already stretched natural resources. Keep our resources here. If we start exporting we’ll run out. If it’s managed like the virus response we surely be in trouble

  21. Forward ever Backward never says:

    Wow. Export BVI fresh fish and import farm bred dead fish from Honduras, Guyana and Trinidad. Way to go Mr. Premier.

  22. Boat owner says:

    1) Need people to fish (local BVI people are too lazy to do this work)
    2) We have great workers from the Philippines here that are not working! (change the trade licenses and lets get going)
    3) Put some fish in the stores in the BVI First (what up with export when you have no local product)
    4) Or just let guys with boats go out and fish! We are all sick of sitting at home! I will give you some fish if you let me go out to the drop off!

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    • Fish lovers of the bvi says:

      Rape the sea Mr. Fahie and 5 years from now there will be no fish the feed the hungry.

    • @Boat Owner says:

      Stop classing all BVI people in one category. And stop pushing the agenda for other nationalities.
      Before you expats got here, it was local fishermen who built boats and fished these waters. I for one wish all of you would just clear out; so sick and tired of your negativity.

  23. Kingfish says:

    I do believe that our elected officials speak before thinking just be to heard. No matter how you twist and turn it the BVI cannot produce the amount of fish needed to sustain the local market much less to export. I personally would like to know the unique fish that the BVI has that other Caribbean countries/islands do not have. As a kingfish I prefer to remain in the BVI, please don’t export me.

  24. Frigup says:

    Beware of poison pot fish…ciguatera!!Only pelagic fish should be exported – after the local demand is satisfied

  25. Zone 6 says:

    Why do we need to export fish we need to preserve our fishing industry for ourselves when the fishermen go fish they get the fish sold locally with no extra fish left over so what’s the reason for export for them to focus more on the outside dollar and we can’t get fish to buy locally after or we have to pay higher prices let’s fish and supply our local economy if there’s a way we can ship out after we can consider it but I think it catches can be sold locally

  26. Fishy says:

    We dont eve have fish fry on fridays here any more and that’s because there is no fish here to distribute, when u send the fish overseas we will have to spend more money to ship them back here to supply our bvi demands that’s very foolish vip, I think u all is getting ahead of your selves and it needs to stop asap.

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  27. Anonymous says:

    When all the fish gone we will eat cats and dogs like in china,and just add curry

  28. BVI says:


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  29. TurtleDove says:

    Bad move…sell local and preserve…..h**l we import everything else.

  30. Wondering says:

    What fish? BVI waters don’t have fish like years ago.

  31. J Thomas ...carimex says:

    Should export fish from near the sewage outlet at town and start your own bi worldwide pandemic….perfect

  32. DUH says:

    BVI waters don’t have fish like years ago because we destroyed all the hatchery areas. It is really a shame what was done to these islands in the name of development.We had some of the greatest blessings on the planet and ignorantly allowed ourselves to be duped into destroying it so that strangers could capitalize and go away rich while we are left to suffer in a desolated environment because as our famous leaders say “where there is no vision the people perish”..FANCY TALKERS.

  33. Fisherman says:

    Legalize spare fishing .

  34. Ausar says:

    Premier Fahie, while I agree that our agricultural products could use a boost, I’m not so sure about the supply chain, that’s proposed.

    I mean, why are we not investing in opening fish farms?

    Why, we could “grow” yellow tails, ole wife, and others, in a similar manner, like we grow tomatoes, or other vegetables, and export those instead.

    I’m just not sure why we would export scarce resources, but I think if we’re into fish farming, this endeavor could be a win-win, for the territory!

  35. Knowledge says:

    This reminds me of the pass when the Chineses wanted to drag their nets in our waters. Time to say no again and protect nature. You can find another way without destroying nature.

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