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BVI to compete in Mr World pageant | Miss World BVI Saturday

The British Virgin Islands is producing its first representative to participate in the biennial Mister World international pageant which is scheduled for January 2019.

The Miss World BVI pageant committee made the announcement on Friday, August 10.

The committee said the name of the territory’s first Mister World BVI will be announced during the 2018 Miss World BVI pageant, which is scheduled for Saturday, August 11.

Eighteen-year-olds Aaliyah Inniss and Anika Christopher, as well as 21-year-old Yadali Thomas Santos, are the three contestants in this year’s pageant.

The pageant will be held inside the Eileen Parsons Auditorium located at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College in Paraquita Bay. The show starts at 7pm.

Environment-conscious pageant

Territorial Director for Miss World BVI Damion Grange said the pageant will be taking on a culture and ‘environment-conscious’ approach to this year’s competition.

He said Miss World BVI has partnered with Unite BVI to bring awareness to the territory’s Save the Turtles initiative.

“In light of this, the girls have to produce a ‘Save the Turtle’ video and that is going to be voted on,” Grange said.

Contestants will also be required to do a separate Beauty With a Purpose Video as part of the competition.

As for placing greater focus on culture, Grange explained: “We have a new format for Cultural Presentation [segment]. Rather than just showing the cultural dress, the young ladies are asked to do a cultural dance and it should be their interpretation of a cultural dance and this is our way of ensuring we keep the culture alive and also as part of the actual production.”

The 2018 Miss World BVI winner will represent the territory at the 2018 Miss World final scheduled for December 8 in Sanya, China, while the yet-to-be-announced Mister World BVI will compete in the male version of the international pageant on January 27 in The Philippines.

Meet the 2018 Miss World BVI contestants

Aaliyah Inniss

Aaliyah Inniss

Age: 18
Height: 5’9″
Languages: English
Platform: Awareness of Sexual Abuse

Biography: Aaliyah Inniss is a senior at Elmore Stoutt High School. She is hoping to graduate next academic year as valedictorian or salutatorian. Aaliyah hopes to become a paediatrician. The young beauty enjoys watching anime and describes herself as strong, independent, and weird.

“If I win the pageant, I would love to bring awareness to all our platforms, not just mine.”

“I want to use the Miss World BVI title to expose our culture and our heritage. I want to bring awareness to sexual assault on young girls, women, children – anyone who has been harmed by it. I was sexually assaulted as a child and that’s why its a topic that is really close to me,” said Aaliyah.

Interesting Fact: Aaliyah is a big fan of Manga (Japanese comics). She also enjoys reading other comic books.

Anika Christopher

Anika Christopher

Age: 18
Height: 5’7″
Languages: English
Platform: Education for Sustainable Development

Biography: Anika Christopher is from the sister island of Virgin Gorda where she graduated with honours from Bregado Flax Educational Centre in 2017. She placed ninth territory-wide that year. She is heading into her final year as an English major at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College. She hopes to become an attorney. Anika is a fervent reader who enjoys the drama and theatre arts. She also likes to explore new ideas and try different things. The 18-year-old describes herself as self-motivated and passionate.

“If I am to be crowned Miss World BVI 2018, I would use my platform to develop education for sustainable development. The spin I want to take on that is to start a nonprofit literary magazine and also start a nonprofit children’s book,” said Anika.

“Considering the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria, it’s important for us as a territory to start looking at developing our country sustainably. That led me to question how we go about achieving our developmental goals while still ensuring the preservation of our cultural and environmental resources, and I believe that the most effective way of achieving this is through education.”

Interesting Fact: Anika once read so much she received an award for it.

Yadali Thomas Santos

Yadali Thomas Santos

Age: 21
Height: 5’6″
Languages: English and Spanish
Platform: Youth Development

Biography: Yadali Thomas Santos graduated Elmore Stout High School in 2014 with seven CXC subjects. She has an Associates degree in General Studies and Architecture from the H Lavity Stout Community College and is now employed as a draughtswoman trainee at the Public Works Department. She hopes to become an architect.

Yadali describes herself as helpful, creative, and active. She enjoys music and playing the flute. She uses her free time to paint, draw, and do a bit of writing. She also enjoys acting.

“One of my goals, especially if I do become queen, is to produce the first major high-quality film about Virgin Islands culture.”

“If I win, I get to showcase our culture, our customs, and our people. My platform – youth development – is a passion of mine. This is because I think we have a lot do in the BVI in terms of youth development and there is so much we could start doing such as implementing girl empowerment groups, reading activities, and cultural fetes. All of these things can help to teach the youth, engage the youth more, and all of that will result in a better more sustainable future for the BVI,” said Yadali.

Interesting Fact: As a draughtswoman trainee, Yadali has worked on designs for the new modular building which now houses the Magistrate’s Court in John’s Hole, Tortola. She has also worked on reparation designs for the police headquarters in Road Town.

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    Good luck to all contestants.

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    Good luck to all’
    Miss Yadali, reading through your credentials and platform,
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    great .We are looking forward to your performance and your film/movie on the island.
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  5. My 2 cents says:

    Miss World is a pageant for mature young ladies. In my opinion these ladies are not experienced enough for that level of competition. Have them go to school overseas join college groups and get some worldly experience. During their school breaks bring them back and continue some serious training with them. After about two years they should be ready

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    • @My 2 cents says:

      I am so much on board with your comments. I have been saying this for donkey yeaarrssss. These young ladies, especially those at age 18 needed to be in the August Festival celebrations pageant (hope to see them next year because they are beautiful and equally ready to take that crown), then move up to the Miss World pageant (but prepare for it). Our August queen needs to participate extensively in the region to gain experience, while training her in other areas. If we cannot send a well prepared representative to these international shows…why are we wasting this money? Remember they are representing BVI and we must at all times be at our highest game. The countries we go to compete against each year, those contestants have been exposed to many pageants and are groomed for years before they get there.

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