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BVI tops OECS in CXC sittings last year

Myron Walwyn with Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Dr Marcia Potter. (File Photo)

The British Virgin Islands has ranked at the top of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) for having the most students to sit five or more subjects in the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) exams last year.

Education Minister Myron Walwyn made the announcement following the OECS Council of Ministers of Education meeting held in Martinique this week.

According to Walwyn, 95 percent of BVI students sat five or more subjects including mathematics and English at CXC.

“We were 24 percent ahead of the country that came in ninth and four percent ahead of the country that came second,” Walwyn said.

“This validates our mission to produce students that can adequately compete with their peers in the region,” the minister added.

Reaping the rewards

The education minister said he knew students would have ‘risen to the occasion’ and make the territory proud.

He went on to mentioned government’s decision five years ago to cover costs for local students to sit the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exams at CXC.

“I am happy to report to the people and the government of the Virgin Islands that your investments in the students of the Virgin Islands have paid off and they have us all very proud.”

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  1. he like says:

    Is this the truth?

    • Smh says:

      No is lie! Smh
      We just can’t be happy for our country can we. If it was another country I bet you wouldn’t have asked that question. Then we wonder why the country is the way it is.

  2. Wendy says:

    Good possibility the BVI will have locals suitable for top positions. No more need to import.
    Adonis rocks!

  3. Quick Questions says:

    Are the Governments of other countries paying also?
    Are we just hoping that we top the rate of success in these exams if we have more runners in the race?

    Is the minister just is collecting press on them “showing up.”

    Statistics on how many of the passed?

    • We sick says:

      Wow. We always try to work against our own. I was at the graduation and I witnessed the students standing up for their scholarships. Why we cannot be happy for our own people?

    • Hi says:

      Thank you very much….I thought I was the only person thinking that

  4. Now Work on your grading Scale says:

    Your grading system gives children a false sense of accomplishment and reality. The spread for each letter grade is too wide compared to other countries. Some think they are A students when in reality they are “c” or at best B minus instead of “A”.

  5. Okay.. says:

    Walwyn will never get the recognition he deserves, NEVER!! People will quicker talk about a stupid wall than this situation at hand. He got blows for making CXC mandatory and putting certain measures in place, even from some of the very Teachers but look at the results. I don’t agree with everything he does but give jack his jacket, the man has done A WHOLE LOT for Education since becoming Minister.

    • @ Okay... says:

      if the NDP is to have a chance of getting back they have to reshuffle the cabinet.

    • Congratulations Students - Congratulations Minister says:

      WELL DONE BVI!!!!!!! Stand up and take a bow.

      This site does not give the supporting information,
      but the BVI got a 95% pass rate with student achieving 5 subjects including English and Math.

      That is the essential BUILDING BLOCK for greater things in terms of achievement.

      The focus is not so much as the highest number of
      subjects passed per student, but rather on developing a reliable Core Competency in the education system.

      The next steps will no doubt focus on the QUALITY of the passes as well as Numeric value and targeted
      diversification… as for example in the hard sciences and foreign languages.

      Structure, Quality Instruction and Supervision
      certainly count for a lot.

      P.S. Do something memorable for the students to enjoy and reflect on their achievement please.

    • Hmm says:

      Because it’s a dumb mistake that cost the people a lot with no proper explanation. That’s the problem with this whole government, no transparency when it’s obvious something is amiss.

      If a thief robbed your flour, baked a cake and give you a slice of it, it could be the biggest slice ever of the most delicious cake but he’s still the thief who stole your flour. Some reputations are hard to live down. Somethings should be forgiven but not forgotten.

      Where is the money of the VI people? We need it now!

  6. Question says:

    If I understand the article correctly. The BVI had the most pupils that sat five or subjects,.When will We know the passing rate and grades of those subjects sat? To me that is important as well as you can sit many and pass very few. just saying.

    • @ Question says:

      Intelligent question.

    • Answer says:

      I think it’s sat and passed. CXC wouldn’t recognize a country like that for just writing the exams. Doesn’t make much sense.

      • patriotic says:

        Just because 3 and 4 are passes that doesn’t mean you have to settle for that. In other countries one cannot go to college with a grade 3 o4 4 much less to apply for a job. Yes they nay have received 95% pass but 3’s and 4’s. No way they wouldn’t even give your application a glimpse. Just my piece.

  7. watcher says:

    Education standards can always be improved but well done BVI.

  8. SMH says:

    KUDOS to the students…they deserve the praise!

  9. Concerns says:

    Are you all aware that throughout the Caribbean, a grade 4 is not accepted as a pass mark in cxc? A grade 3 is only accepted for government jobs.

  10. Member says:

    This is an ABSOLUTE LIE!
    I will report this to the OECS…..

  11. duck1951 says:

    Do we know how many subjects they passed ? Also remember the size of the population . Nevertheless 95% sitting is excellent .

  12. Soak it up. says:

    I heard minister walwyn on the radio. The 95% refers to passes and not just sittings. I think the article might have omitted to say that. You can’t judge based on sittings. It has to be passes. I’m proud of my country so I will soak it up.

  13. Teachers says:

    Well done STUDENTS who actually worked hard and THE TEACHERS who helped to prepare them. The minister is thanked/congratulated for the successes of the students,
    On the other hand…When the students can’t perform we blame…teachers and not the minister, I’ll sip my tea.
    Well done Teachers and students for your hard work.

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