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BVI under spiritual siege – Cline plans unity march

Bishop Cline

Bishop Cline

While claiming that the recent spate of murders, suicide, attempted suicide, and crashes is a sign that ‘Nature’s Little Secret’ is under spiritual siege, well-known clergyman Bishop John Cline said he will lead a unity march to reclaim peace and safety.

“I am going to start organize this week and hopefully in the next 30 days we can get it (march) going. But I cannot stand to get another phone call that somebody has committed suicide, or stand to get another picture of a vehicle run into the sea, or somebody else die from a car accident.”

“I cannot sit by quietly and think this is business as usual; this is not business as usual in the BVI. I am raising my voice as a spiritual leader, but also as a national of this territory, to say we have to return the atmosphere over us. We are like almost under siege,” Bishop Cline further declared.

While noting that the territory has recorded a number of deaths since January – including three murders, Bishop Cline lamented that the churches and the society as a whole have been too quiet on the issue.

“Even though we are talking in pockets – maybe the politicians and a few people here or there, we have not come together in a unified fashion. I believe it’s time that we rally as one people and one country and reclaim our country.”

“The churches are silent; we just need a unifying effort to arrest what’s going so no more of our young men would kill themselves. The Bible says the things that are manifested in the physical has a spiritual side. There are some things that are going on in the heavenly that we have to come against strongly in prayer. But there is also an element of the physical side we have to do as a people; get up and declare our voices,” added Bishop Cline.

Mainly men

Meanwhile, the clergyman revealed that under the unity march, everyone will be targeted – including gang members.

He noted that it is mainly young men who are dying.

“If you notice it is not the young ladies who are dying; it’s our young men. So, I will reach out to the members of the Christian Council, churches, the politicians, clubs, the gangs, every mother, every father, every brother, every sister. I will play a leading role in it because everybody else is quiet in a way,” Bishop Cline said.

“There is a spirit of death over our nation that has to be broken, and I’m determined to break it. First it was by accident; then murder; now suicide. This spirit is targeting our young men mostly. But, if not stopped, it will spread to our young ladies. We cannot rest until we return our nation to peace and safety and arrest the spirit of death that looms over us.”

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