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BVI visas to go on sale, Premier announces

Visa passport stamp

Persons will soon be able to purchase visitor visas for a one-week stay in the British Virgin Islands.

Premier and Minister for Tourism Andrew Fahie made the announcement while delivering his budget address in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, November 19.

“To support the growth of visitor arrivals and fill our hotel rooms, particularly with persons with spending power, special visitors’ visas will be introduced allowing certain categories of visitors one-week stays,” Fahie said.

“They (visitors) would be able to purchase these visas at the airport of their departure or here in the BVI,” he added.

While he did not divulge the cost or any other information on this new undertaking, the Premier said the sale of visas “would provide another revenue stream for the territory”.

BVI to benefit from more routes

In the meantime, the leader of government business said the BVI Airports Authority (BVIAA) has commenced talks with Caribbean Airlines Limited to add the Virgin Islands to their list of flight destinations.

“There is optimism that this will happen in 2020,” Fahie told the House of Assembly.

He also said Silver Airways is set to add their 48 and 72 seater ATR aircraft to the BVI route by April 2020.

“This will significantly increase airlift to and from the territory and make it more convenient to connect with other destinations. The marketing strategy of these two airlines involves promoting the calendar of events – in the BVI’s case, our events such as Emancipation Festival, Lobster Fest, Virgin Gorda Easter Festival and our regattas – to boost their bookings. This will help the BVI to increase our visitor arrivals, providing direct benefits to our hotel, accommodation, and hospitality sectors,” the Premier noted.

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  1. Hahahah says:

    So you’re now making visitors pay for a VISA to enter the BVI. In addition to the departure tax they must pay. In addition to the relatively high cost of visiting the BVI including the numerous other taxes imposed on visitors.
    No thanks. Plenty more destinations I can visit without being fleeced and lining the pockets of corrupt and greedy politicians.

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    • Morons says:

      So let me understand. Expats that have invested in the BVI and have homes here will now have to purchase a visa to come and stay in their own homes. Hmmmm. I believe one good turn deserves another. I am going to press my Congressman to initiate a bill forcing BVI citizens to purchase a 1 week visa every time you visit the US. Sooo, when you go to Miami or Orlando shopping or for that matter go to St Thomas to shop you will pay. Also I think the US should tax all products leaving the US for the BVI. I just think what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You are truly a bunch of morons and racists.

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    • Hmph says:

      You people really cant read and understand English. Well saw.

  2. Joke on you says:

    No need to fret or complain. If u have a problem with it just don’t come. U have a choice to go wherever you chose, and obviously the BVI isn’t on that list, then so be it. No love lost at all but u best believe, there will be those who would welcome the opportunity. In life, everything won’t be for you and it seems like this is one of them. Bye (with a wide smile)

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  3. Anonymous says:

    What happens after one week? Another visa?

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  4. Anonymous says:

    You are a flaming idiot! Yes there are many more places to go and we’ll do so as well as taking the $10,000 US dollars we spent in the BVI’s since 2002 you moron!

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  5. smh says:

    To joke on you…..You are a complete babbling idiot!

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  6. smh says:

    The joke is on US, the people of the BVI!

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  7. Hello says:

    Does he mean the Visa is for those nationals of countries requiring visas? They can now buy it online for 1 week? Please clarify…

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  8. LoveBVI says:

    I wonder if they really looked into this in detail. Is this going to cost them perspective visitors? How much $$$ does a one week visitor actually spend on the island? Will the cost of a one week visa deter people from going there? I really like the BVI but if the cost is going to be high I might rethink it, and maybe go someplace else. Just saying, seems just like a poor excuse to grab $$$$ from tourists….AGAIN…

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  9. Visa is not an acronym says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what he’s saying is that persons of nationalities that currently require a visa to enter the territory will be able to BUY one for a weeklong stay instead of applying for one via conventional means. The majority of travellers who do not require visas will be unaffected.

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  10. Good says:

    If ayu island people don’t like it leave or don’t come period.

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  11. Lord help us says:

    So here is the invironment fee.and now visa coming in and tax leavingwhats next

  12. BVI says:

    That is very good because here in virgin fat they bring the women of Santo Domingo on vacation and put her to work and the government does nothing

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  13. Stupid says:

    Some of ayo just playing stupid because y’all are hatest. If you already can come in without a visa you won’t have to get one. Is only people from certain countries this will apply to. Fahie said this about two weeks ago in a speech. But y’all don’t read and you want to comment on everything.

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  14. Guy Hill says:

    A Visa is a mere application for entry. It does not guarantee entry into any Country.

  15. Citizen says:

    My VIP please review a d clarify you intentions with this initiative. Seems to be very confusing and costly. Many are obviously concerned. As a hotelier/ restaurateur I am as well. How are these visitors being vetted for criminal activities etc. Many things to think about my good people. Plan it through talk it through. This affects everyone especially in the industry your trying to help.

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  16. Absurd says:

    Insanity defined. So, first you buy a visa if you belong to the appropriate “category” whatever that means. How does anyone find put. . Then buy tickets to get here, often pricey if you fly to Beef. Then you pay arrival tax, plus environmental tax. Then when you leave, you pay a departure tax. Everything here is expensive, plus the welcome one gets upon arrival in Tortola is well, not exactly welcoming.

    What next? Mandatory contributions to the BVI govt ’ go fund me account? Or, how about a sign at all arrival points into the Territory that says “Welcome to the BVIs, please deposit all monies you planned to spend here in the box provided or via the credit card machine. Then, please leave by the next available means. We want your money not your presence. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation”

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  17. Stupid says:

    But let me guess… cruise ship tourists who only a faction of the amount compared to visitors who spend a week or so will not have to get these visas.
    Overnight visitors spend thousand staying in hotels or villas, hiring a vehicles, eating at restaurants, shopping, taking taxis and ferries, diving, sailing, fishing etc. Plus they already pay a departure tax. Isn’t all this enough or do you want to empty every last dollar bill out of their wallets/purses/pockets too?

  18. Father Time says:

    This makes absolutely no sense. The visa process here is fairly easy. As frustrating as it is dealing with government officers/offices, it isn’t that hard to apply for the one that allows travel for years.

    Unless Mr. Fahie intends on blocking such applications? I guess we have to wait and see.

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  19. you people to dumb yes says:

    particularly with persons with spending power, special visitors’ visas will be introduced………….. allowing certain categories of visitors……

  20. Faith says:

    Come on people; please read to understand instead of reading to comment. This initiative refers only to people from those countries who already require a visa to visit the Virgin Islands, not every single visitor. I swear most of you commenting filth need to go back to primary school.

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    • Dumb says:

      Where in this article does it say this new visa is only for people who already require a visa?
      The article just says ‘visitors’ with make any specific reference to what type of visitor so anyone reading this article would naturally assume this new entry visa will be required for ALL visitors.
      And who’s to say this new entry visa won’t actually be rolled out to ALL visitors once the greedy politicians realise how much money they can make from it.
      So before you start making judgments about readers’ education maybe you should actually read the article and understand that it is not clear and is causing confusion.

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  21. Passsport says:

    It’s great to know that Silver Airways and Caribbean Airlines Limited are perhaps going to fly here. Wouldn’t it be even better to know where they would be flying from? Muppet journalism.

  22. lawyer says:

    Cuba has a similar system where persons from countries requiring visa can come as a visitor and pay for a visa at the port of departure or on arrival to Cuba. Countries not requiring a visa, their nationals enter freely.

  23. Haha says:

    Wow no disrespect to the mentally challenged but a lot of BVInews patrons for this article are retards. The stupidity and illiteracy is astounding.They complaining as if this is some new tax that affects them when this is actually a benefit to someone that would like to come here but was unable due to current visa restrictions. To those with security concerns there is a database available for ppl that need it that is accessed by government and trust companies, law firms etc everyday that you can enter the name of an individual and verify if they are a risk.

  24. Westman says:

    We Spanish taking over and run

  25. lol says:

    And what y’all consider spending power…y’all to love beg..a plate of food and a malt..can get you wife in Bvi..its what you value.

  26. Warrior says:

    This world and the bvi is not my or our home anyway , its belongs to God he is who created it so weither expats or bvi islanders , we are just simple passing through people , we will all died some day and go leave it anyway people forgotten its so sad there are people who are defending this world while it killing them softly we just need to live in peace and love one another,

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