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BVI votes today | Things to know

Advance pollers outside the House of Assembly polling station in Road Town last Thursday, February 21.

The highly anticipated Election Day has finally arrived and combined below are things to know as voters journey to their respective polling stations.

A total of 17 polling stations across nine electoral districts opened at 6 am to begin voting.

Anegada polling stations will close at 5 pm while all other polling stations across the territory will close at 6 pm (see polling station list below).

To vote, persons will require a personal voter registration card OR any other government-issued identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or a National Health Insurance card.

The voting process

Persons will be given a single ballot sheet containing the names of district candidates and the 16 Territorial At-Large candidates.

On that sheet, voters will be able to vote for a total of five candidates, comprising of ONE district candidate and FOUR Territorial At-Large candidates. To vote, persons are required to shade within the oval beside the names of each candidate.

Notably, if a person decides to vote for fewer than five candidates, the ballot is still valid. However, a ballot will become invalid if a person votes for more than five candidates — a concept known as over-voting.

After casting thier ballot, voters will be required to insert the said ballot paper inside an electronic tabulating machine that will be located at each polling station.

Tallying of votes will take place at the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Road Town from 8 pm.

Polling Stations

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