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BVIEC: Fallen poles may have live wires


Electrical wires hang on Main Street in Road Town, Tortola.

Residents in the British Virgin Islands are being told they could get electrocuted if they are not cautious around fallen utility poles which are scattered throughout the territory.

Deputy General Manager of the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC), Henry Creque, said more than 95 percent of utility poles were knocked down during the passage of two major hurricanes this month and that some may now have live wires.

“I want to caution persons to be extremely careful of the wires that they see on the ground or on the pole because the system is partially energised now on our part and there is a risk of getting electrical shocks. So, we want persons never to touch electrical wires… Call us first and we will come and deal with any issue that they have,” said Creque.

“We want persons to be aware that we have started restoring power in the territory,” he explained.

The BVIEC boss said power has been restored on sections of Wickhams Cay so far.

He however said he cannot estimate when power will be fully restored in the territory.

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