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BVIEC open bids for petroleum products: SOL, Delta propose big bucks

General Manager for the BVI Electricity Corporation, Leroy Abraham.

The BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) will soon award major contracts for petroleum suppliers to provide the BVIEC with fuel and lubricating oil for the next five years.

BVIEC’s General Manager Leroy Abraham said the bids will be scrutinized during the next few weeks.

The electricity company’s present supplier for diesel fuel and petrol for its vehicle fleet is Delta Petroleum while SOL St Lucia Limited provides the lubricating products. They are both hoping to secure new contracts when their current contract expires on August 31.

Both companies submitted bids to the company at 8:45am on Wednesday, July 25.

SOL St Lucia Limited is proposing to provide fuel for the entire BVIEC vehicle fleet for $467,992. SOL is further proposing to supply lubricating oil to the BVIEC for $1,285,555, and diesel fuel for the Henry Wilfred Smith Power station on Tortola and the Anegada power station at a cost of $88,145,137.

On the other hand, Delta Petroleum has proposed to provide fuel for the BVIEC’s vehicle fleet for $481,415. To provide lubricating oil, the company provided two separate bids costs.

The company is proposing to provide either MobilGard oil for $922,259 or Castrol oil for $887,242. To supply of diesel fuel to the aforementioned power stations, Delta proposed a cost of $91,928,488.

Huge Expense

According to BVIEC’s general manager, petroleum products are the single largest expense for the electricity company.

He said petroleum products are BVIEC’s largest expense because the BVI is fully reliant on fossil fuels.

“This [bidding process] is very significant and important to all of us; not just who produces the electricity, but all of us who are likewise users of electricity. So, [when considering bids], we look at cost, we look at whether the products meet our specifications and likewise the reputation of the bidders in being able to supply those products,” he said at BVIEC’s Long Bush location this morning.

Abraham, however, said the two bidders are capable of supplying the products as they have all done so in the past.

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  1. Youth says:

    In this day and age, the BVI should not be fully reliant on fossil fuel. Something needs to be done about this now!

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    • Lordie says:

      It’s all politics daddeh!

      Many proposals past through Communications and works for wind Turbines where the fossil fuel and wind turbines grids can be connected hence dropping the need to buy so much fossil fuel. One back up the other.

      These guys are jokers and they play politics with everything. They know what’s best for us but the lodge boys just looking out for self not country.

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  2. Forget says:

    ..what about Delta’s bid for Diesel?

  3. Jane says:

    Solar power? Wind farm? Wave power? Nope, we’ll just keeping burning fossil fuels whilst the islands are trashed by the impact of climate change….

    Like 14
  4. Albion says:

    Full marks for transparency in the tender process.

    But it reminds me how much we need to move away from importing and burning fossil fuels to generate our power.

    What happened to Government proposals to encourage solar power and grid-tie technology?

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  5. concern says:

    Just give delta the contract. Sol has been a poor corporate entity post erma. Not even fixing the two gas station and help improve the ambiance and ascetic in the capital. It’s really sad that the two main gas station in town reminds us about erma

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    • Hmmmm says:

      I suspect those stations are privately owned and franchised through Sol – I doubt Sol owns them specifically.

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  6. Sweeney Todd says:

    Really! Invest in petroleum!
    Mmm. Constant winds averaging 15-20 kts, sun pumping out solar energy 12-13 hrs a day and they still talking oil!
    Take a leaf out of how eco tourism can benefit countries by reading the Costa Rica story!

  7. Proper Engineering says:

    I’m seeing so many high points of land (mountains) here in the bvi stop wasting money on fuel let’s do more solar and wind turbines for power Simple.

  8. Boo says:

    They were supposed to go LNG and alternatives but the dinosaurs in the Cabinet must be fed and they is hungry.

  9. waylox says:

    Ayo heard wha myrun seh to keep de names confidential?

  10. WTF? says:

    But if we use Solar and Wind for added energy capacity, how will the Ministers get their kickbacks? They gone hold out their hands to the sun???

  11. $100k consultant says:

    MCW had a ‘energy consultant’ whom was supposedly working on legislation and other avenues for alternative energy for the territory. That ‘consultant’ is now the P– — managing director and an NDP crony. What was the value he added to this critical energy issue? None whatsoever imo! NDP has had 7+ years to get things going and under the stewardship and direction of the subject minister – not a damn thing has happened apart from draining the Treasury funds every 15th & 30th of each month!! No wonder there is a budget defecit that NO ONE is talking about! We had an opportunity with the Pier Park to make it a more ‘green’ project. That oppportunity was missed due to having way too many chefs stirring the pot! Years ago (8+) I sourced a wind turbines that would’ve powered roughly the entire area of Carrot Bay for around $875 k including installation and maintenance for 12 months as a pilot program to assess viability. I went to the NDP with it and it went dead in the water! The ole’ boys club have no interest in this energy sector unless they can personally benefit.

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