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BVIEC: We’re not hiding info on our partnership with Delta Petroleum

The BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) has issued a statement criticising persons for circulating what they describe as misleading and disturbing information regarding the corporation’s partnership with Delta Petroleum.

In the statement, BVIEC said it was not deliberately concealing any information relating to its Fuel Supply Agreement with Delta.

“The reason why such statements were made are certainly unclear to BVIEC. However, the statements have the potential to cause mass hysteria and unnecessary panic and so the BVIEC believes it is important to set the record straight,” the statement read.

“The truth of the matter is that since early April 2022, BVIEC has been vigorously attempting to obtain information from Delta Petroleum concerning its ability to continue to fulfil its contractual obligations, under the existing Fuel Supply Agreement, to supply the Corporation with No.2 diesel fuel required for its operations on an ongoing basis,” it added.

The BVIEC said it was not until last Friday that it received formal notification from Delta Petroleum of its inability to continue to source and supply the required fuel under the agreement.

“However, BVIEC wishes to reassure the public that it takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously and that it has swiftly taken steps to procure the necessary No. 2 diesel fuel
for the continued production of electricity in the intervening period while we recommence our tendering process for the purpose of securing a reliable and constant source of supply
of fuel for the production of electricity,” the power company said.

The Corporation said it is committed to providing exceptional customer services, as a proper functioning electric utility is integral to the quality of life enjoyed by both residents and visitors in the territory. The BVIEC also promise to provide updates on what it describes as an important issue as matter progresses.


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  1. No problem says:

    Just conserve diesel fuel for the rest of 2022 by generating less electricity everyday. Shut the generators down every night from 11pm to 6am and the BVIEC will save barrels of diesel. During the day rotate power in the distribution systems so every island/area gets at least 6 hrs. of continuous power AND advertise the times. No more surprise power cuts.

    Hurricane season starts in 3 weeks so the BVI will already be on storm rationing of electricity for the first tropical weather systems in June.

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    • Resident says:

      h**l no who wants to sleep without a fan every night, they need to find another source of fuel asap

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      • Solar fan says:

        Charge all day in the sun and it runs all night from the battery. Problem solved!

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      • @ Resident says:

        Agreed 100%. Can’t sleep in house day or night without power and a fan. The house, though a wodden structure, is woefully hot. Can fathom what the temp will be in a wall structure. Hope they don’t go that route. Will have to sleep outside with jumbbies, the thieves and the wicked.

  2. M.Bar says:

    Look like the list with names going around got a lot of people SHOOK lol

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  3. Sue says:

    If they are unable to fulfill a pre-determined contract, they should be taken to court.

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  4. Interested says:

    Very curious

  5. Why Now says:

    Why are they breaching the contract? When they were making money it was okay,it’s gotta be okay now.

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  6. Ha ha says:

    Keep your wood for the cold days

  7. there goes the last pillar says:

    Trust companies that work with Asian Markets need reliable services 24/7.

    this is insanity.

  8. blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhh says:

    Hands and gloves

  9. Caribbean Girl says:

    It is time to seriously plan for alternative energy sources. Why is not an option for BVI in this 21 St century? We are fortunate to have all the elements needed. We are lacking the minds.

  10. Buh-Bye offshore banking says:

    This isn’t funny in any way.
    We could lose the entire industry if the banks can’t operate globally.
    The trust companies supported the VI after Irma. They didn’t have to.
    They won’t continue to support a place in which they can’t operate as necessary due to graft or incompetence- they don’t have to.

    Ask yourself why solar power was blocked for decades. Ask yourself why, when the grid was rebuilt after Irma, a buyback grid wasn’t even considered and anyone who brought it up was ridiculed.

    We must start asking the hard questions without fear of reprisal.

  11. Does anyone here know? says:

    Has the concept of cogeneration ever been discussed here?

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