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BVIHSA seeking donations to outfit new VG med centre

The progress of the Iris O’Neal Medical Centre as at mid-August 2018.

Donations are being sought for the new Nurse Iris O’Neal Medical Centre being constructed on Virgin Gorda.

To that end, public health authorities are launching a programme to help generate funds for the centre.

Funds from initiative being dubbed the Iris O’Neal Medical Centre Pledge Programme is specifically to outfit the facility with supplies once construction works are completed.

Construction is projected to end in December.

“As we near the completion of construction, we are seeking the community’s support to offset the cost to outfit the building with the necessary equipment and supplies required to provide optimum health care for the residents and visitors of Virgin Gorda and neighbouring islands,” said CEO of the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA), Paula Chester-Cumberbatch.

The BVIHSA said donors will receive free advertising in the June 2019 edition of Pulse Magazine and have their name, organization, or church mentioned in other media releases and broadcast productions.

Donations will also be displayed on the new medical centre’s donor wall, the BVIHSA said.

Meanwhile, the launch of the pledge programme will happen on October 26 on Virgin Gorda.

The event will include a health fair where residents will receive free checkups and scheduled tours of the soon-to-be-completed medical centre.

The centre will have facilities such as a laboratory, imaging area, pharmacy, an urgent medical services space, and expanded clinic areas.

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  1. Gandalf says:

    Give this Government cash? Hahahahahahaaha! Never! They had a budget which they have already gone through, dates that they were meant to complete that have passed, and now you’re appealing for donations? I get the cause, and understand the need for the medical facility, but the trust these guys, no thanks.

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  2. Only here says:

    Only in the BVIs is a hospital financed and built without considering commissioning it. You’d think they would have learned from the Peebles debacle. Where does the govt. think regular people get the extra money to donate, given the high cost of living and relatively low wages here? So, it looks to be a while before the new clinic to put into use.

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  3. joke says:

    I didn’t hear a pledge for money to travel China and Africa? Apply that money youall were going to spend on these elaborate trips to projects on the ground that will impact people directly.

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  4. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Is this another case of poor project planning or rolling out of another project that was under budgeted? Proper project planning and programming are the basis for budgeting and scheduling of work (SOW). It is a best management practice to award a project for construction only when a budget source is identified and is available.

    Further, a project should not be awarded with an inadequate and a relative uncertain funding source. Additionally, a project should be complete, ie, planning, programming, design,budgeting, contract award, construction, construction management……etc, including equipping. Did not the new Pebbles Hospital go through a similiar equipping issue?

    Nonetheless, the Iris O’Neal Medical Centre is a vital medical facility for the VG community; it is for a public good As such, territorial residents and others who can are strongly encouarged to contribute to its outfitting. What about Anegada?

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  5. L says:

    I wonder if they would consider asking BVI Airways to make a donation.

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    • Quiet Storm says:

      The $7.2M could have gone a long way in the recovery effort. How can $7.2M disappear in thin air just lika dat and BVI people quieter than a church mouse. Well sah, well mai boi! The bruk BVI Airways people must be living large on taxpayers money. If it were a local company, its personnel would probably been under Balo. What self hatred.

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