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BVIPA Chairman resigns after MD’s alleged drug entanglement

Kelvin Hodge

In what appears to be a shake-up emanating from recent events, Chairman of the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) Board Kelvin Hodge is now expected to tender his resignation.

This is according to Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, who said in Facebook statement on Wednesday evening, “I have been in communication with the chairman of the board and he has indicated that he will tender his resignation.“

Dr Wheatley did not state whether the chairman was asked to resign or whether he did so voluntarily but noted the decision was not taken lightly.

Premier Wheatley expressed that the term of the remaining members of the Port Authority Board is set to expire within days. He said a new board of suitably qualified persons is expected to be appointed shortly afterwards.

The BVIPA shake-up comes on the heels of the arrest of its Managing Director Oleanvine Maynard, her son Kadeem Maynard, and disgraced former Premier, Andrew Fahie. They were apprehended on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering in Miami just two weeks ago.

Security at the ports

Given the remaining concerns about security at the Ports after Maynard’s arrest and details of her activities as alleged in the affidavit filed in a US court, Dr Wheatley said the reshuffle was important to ensure the board’s integrity was ‘beyond reproach’.

According to Dr Wheatley, an urgent meeting has been scheduled with the governor and commissioner of police to discuss some of the security concerns and what measures can be taken to address them.

He said the legal and practical issues involved in terminating Maynard’s appointment were being examined and updates are to be forthcoming on the issue.

Premier Wheatley offered the full assurance that work at the ports will continue and said the soon to be appointed board will be tasked with the appointment of an interim Managing Director while the recruitment of a substantive Managing Director is underway.

Change is hard

Meanwhile, the territory’s new leader said change is urgently needed in terms of the composition of statutory boards in the territory and how appointments are dealt with more generally.

“It is not good practice to have the same person sitting on multiple statutory boards and we will make the necessary changes in accordance with best practice,“ Dr Wheatley stated.

He noted that an announcement will be made shortly on a date and time when a comprehensive approach is expected to be presented.

“Change will be hard. It will be painful. People we know and care about will be affected,” Dr Wheatley added.


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  1. west bank says:

    The whole network is coming down. All those who’s hiding drug money behind legitimate businesses coming down one by one. Look how poor old Kelly going out because of individuals greeds.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Follow the money…how many companies does this guy have?

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      • @sherlock says:

        how much u give him? u ppl are malicious in this place. If the news didn’t say he did anything illegal, leave the man alone

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        • @Sherlock says:

          You just don’t know. All a dem is part of the problem. It will unfold very soon.

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          • Not right says:

            It is just not right to open your mouth and say what you don’t know and malign people when as you say you just don’t know. This man has not been accused of any wrongdoing. All of us are in some form or fashion a part of the problem. Staying quiet, taking the district allocation to pay off credit card bills, to buy personal items for one’s home and a myriad of other ills that just need to stop for the good of the country.

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        • quiet says:

          I can tell much of you don’t really know this man. He’s quiet and humble, but he know his thing and an honest worker. Get into a one on one conversation with him and you will see. Him or Zoe is a great pick for our port but I agree with him to resign. I hope you all c where the rowdy and loud ones got us: that is on every news site and in federal prison. He may have been friends with andrew but that does mean he is like andrew. How many of us are friends with crook and we didn’t even know???? we will miss you at the port Mr Hodge. thank you for ur time wit us

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        • @Sherlock responder says:

          If he wasnt guilty of something he wouldn’t resign… Use your common sense !

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          • ?? says:

            That doesn’t make any sense. Just shows you have no idea how integrity works. It sometimes requires you because of the position you hold, to do the right thing and take ultimate responsibility even if you are not personally responsible.

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          • @@sherlock responder says:

            U ppl are senseless. Everybody resign must be corrupt? U Sick individuals always quick to point finger. He was never accused of wrongdoing. Let the man live. U all too like to find fault in any and everybody. If the government decide to dismantle the board ofcourse he should resign. R u a fool? It is the correct thing to do

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          • Cato says:

            You need to use your common sense and stop assuming the worse of people. You have no clue. Kelly is a humble and honest person. You should get to know him. There are certain things which we cannot hide no matter how we try.

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      • @ Sherlock says:

        I’m guessing that you’re from the West? Lol.

        They really should follow the money indeed. Ask anyone from “the Cay” about this man and his family’s relationship with the ex-Premier.

        Barry seh, you’ll hear!

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        • Barry seh says:

          Because they may have been friends/family/supporters of Andrew, means what????? I’m sure them and many others honestly didn’t know the type of person Andrew is. Go see a doctor. Are all your friends clean and trustworthy and law abiding citizens? Since you know so much then tell us what’s the relationship with them and Andrew and how they benefitted then maybe you might have a point

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Good Goodbye. You won’t be missed.

      Sack Lake, sack Beavis, sack them all.

      We have many many honest upright and lovely people in the BVI

      We need the stables cleaning out and some of them appointed.

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      • Speak for urself says:

        He will be missed! He is a nice, honest man.

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      • Hmmm says:

        You could tell you don’t know diddly squat about Mr Hodge. All the same only ppl who don’t know s**t will air them mouth.. ahyo sickening leave this man alone, he did the right thing. The only thing he did wrong was join Port Authority board.

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  2. Secret Bear says:

    As long as the same rules stay in place this makes no difference at all. Firing a board and replacing it with all new members is no different from what every preceding government has done. No doubt they will merely be a different pack of political cronies as per usual.

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    • That new board in full.. says:

      … Wheatley’s sister, his cousin, his lover, his crony, his dealer, a representive of the Colombian Parcel Service, Fahies brother, Claude Skelton Cline.

      Plus ca change, plus ca reste pareil.

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    • .......... says:

      What about the famil and friends of the same board members who in positions. Primer move them too NOW. They are all in this together. The finance man is the boss lady second in command, he and RS got the place dutty. Them always say follow the money. RS and BS niece is a big one in finance wtf. Then they put the bored member daughter there too. The girl from Long Bay working so hard he bring somebody and put over she. Dont forget the second and third in that same unit, all resigned last year. Finance man over IT too, guest why?
      All depatment has cronies. HR is a waste waste waste, the one girl was the boss right hand. Ports need washing out with salt water.

  3. And now the rest please? says:

    – Roxanne Sylvester
    – Patsy Lake
    – Wade Smith
    – and many more

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    • Yh! says:

      these definitely need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • airport next says:

      the chief who is also a retiree police was asked to resign … the now chief who is also out of west who was also one of andrew bodyguards is now the chief come airport and clean house Premier wheatly remember andrew said in the affidivit he will take care of the airport because he have the right people in the right places from … and it goes on and on

    • Truth says:

      The top 2 on the list for certain. Don’t know much about the 3rd.

  4. Good man says:

    This man is a good man. The correct thing for him to do is resign. I agree with your decision Mr. Hodge

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  5. Lucy says:

    Who be Government Offical Number 1? Where he be?

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  6. 1st District says:

    Him and his ***…Andrew cronies. I suggest they both be investigated. You should hear how the the *** does be up and down boasting.

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    • On looker says:

      u must be love him and his ***. u all cant wait until someone is on the news(good or bad) to talk about them or there family.

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    • Kelly is a Honourable honest man. says:

      Make Mr. Kelly the Port MD. He is a decent honurable, bright man, he will do a good Job. The other name comes to mind is Ms. Zoe Walcott she is a no nonsense honest smart knowledgeable lady..I think either one of these two people will do a good job, they both have personality this Job needs..or try a white man… Not Fahie for sure he dont have the personality for that task..

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      • Please says:

        Being a good man does not qualify him to be the head. This is reason why we in this situation. All these people Andrew appointed on boards are his cronies. Kelly on 3-4 boards and his daughter in law in the same board.

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  7. Guest says:


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  8. Keeping it real says:

    Politicians need to stop putting their friends and families on boards that they are not qualified to be on. There are qualified individuals who can bring new prospective and innovative ideas. Most of these people are absolutely useless. Remove Patsy Lake NOW and that entire board at Pier Park. Bunch of damn cr**ks.

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  9. Vex says:

    This is sad

  10. He will be just fine says:

    Now tell me, what this man was doing on three (3) Boards??? What qualified him to be on three (3) Boards…oh my bad, I forgot that Andrew qualified him.

    Who the hammer is not going to crush are running like rats. Is there something to hide??? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I also heard that the GM at Electricity gone too. Why only now? The rat race in on and I going to get my bottled water.

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    • Lol says:

      Screw bottled water this is popcorn time. The lights are now on watch all the roaches that have been eating.

  11. One Board for all Ports. says:

    First. Why wasnt the Ports part of the COI.? Second. Why cant we have one Board fof all Ports, that will save tax payers money and have one security message.?.Third. Why cant we try another race as MD since all locals have let us down?…Fourth. Why the hiring and the security at all Ports are so amateur and appear so untrained?. Fifth. Why that dull uniform at our Sea Port.? We need a complete over haul of our ports especially our sea Ports..

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  12. Hardheaded says:

    Regardless who gets da ting end of big dark money gon beat the salary. Call spade spade

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  13. HMM says:

    What ever ayo Premier did was strategic. This man and his daughter in law on the same board. This man on 3 boards. This man son is the Premier right hand. Investigate this man too. All off a sudden they have a bunch of companies and up and down through the place but he building his house cash. Birds of a feather flock together.

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    • Anonymous says:

      U give dem a bunch of companies? U people are sick. You can investigate them and I’m 99% sure nothing wouldnt come out of it. Poor mr kelly is down in his place west end working night and day making his honest dollar. They are hard working people from time I know myself. As long as you own something on this little small minded island, you al like to point fingers at people. Dis is y the BVI is the way it is,, full of bad mind

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  14. Stacking the Deck says:

    RESHUFFLE MR Wheatley is not what is required . A new dealer and Deck please.

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    • Sara says:

      Agreed….real unity would have seen someone from the opposition as the Premier (Opposition Leader) and Mitch as Minister of Finance because he has the background in finance, a degree actually. We not serious

  15. Wicked says:

    PL and the board put me out of a job at bviaa.. that I won’t forget. She acted like it was nothing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    U all sound stupid, sayin he is Andrew cronie. EVERY party puts their friend or someone they know in these positions. So we will continue to relive this situation until UK step in. It is not just andrew alone. Watch natalio come and do the same thing. U all think he is going to put ppl he don’t know in these positions? Give me a break

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  17. Anonymous says:

    So many of you know who should and shouldnt be on the people board, who is best suitable for every job, but don’t even know what’s going on in you’ll homes.

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  18. Re-assign says:

    These suspicious civil servants should not be allowed to just resign and stay home like nothing illegal happened during their years on the job in any government department or authority. They should be re-assigned to a similar department in a junior position in another BOT for the next 5 to 10 years.

    There are openings for port managers in the Falkland Islands so transfer Mr. Gene Hodge to there for the remainder of this decade.

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  19. Re-assign says:

    These suspicious civil servants should not be allowed to just resign and stay home like nothing illegal happened during their years on the job in any government department or authority. They should be re-assigned to a similar department in a junior position in another BOT for the next 5 to 10 years.

    There are openings for port managers in the Falkland Islands so transfer Mr. Kelvin Hodge to there for the remainder of this decade.

  20. Beyond reproach says:

    What a statement he makes.
    Are any of them even remotely “beyond reproach”?

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  21. @ Lucy says:

    I tired asking. WHO IS GOVT OFFICAL 1???????

  22. BVI Future says:

    @ Lucy. That information will be out soon. Be patient. The UK is tracing some monies.
    Kelvin Hodge’s restaurant was used as a polling station for Andrew Fahie’s winning election. Kelvin and his daughter-in-law sat on three boards. Something to think about.
    Yes, political parties put their families and friends in these positions; however, we cannot compare ourselves to these people. Tortola is a smaller country and only some families are benefitting.

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  23. Kelly for Port MD. says:

    He is more than capable. He has all the acculates.He will be a great MD.

  24. Pasea Hall says:

    If he is such a good man, why does he have people living in f**th?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have known Kelvin Hodge for about 40 years. I can not believe he is involved in any of this. He is a hard working enterprising moral man.

  26. Jeff Hurd says:

    We need men like Kelly to bring back integrity to the BVI.

  27. 1st District says:

    Birds of a feather flocks together. Him and the great god of the universe is just alike. Wake up people. You think by having a conversation with Mr. Kelly will reveal who he truly is. He is not to be tr**ted.

  28. The Bridge says:

    Is there a connection between our Honourable Premier Fahie’s mansion and the French Man’s Cay Bridge?

  29. Well Sah says:

    It is sickening how he strategically placed his cronies on boards to do his bidding. It was evident to the blind. All this wrong needs to be corrected. Natalio has to be prepared to make the hard but necessary decisions. Deep down I do not want UK Direct Rule but I am not convinced that we can correct these wrongs. The corruption is deep rooted.

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