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BVIPA cuts work hours of staff as COVID-19 puts a ‘strain on revenue’

The Port Purcell Cargo Facility on Tortola.

Citing financial difficulties, the state-owned BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) has cut the regular working hours of its staff.

This is according to a memorandum dated May 13 that was addressed and issued to ‘managers and staff’ of the BVIPA.

The document — a copy of which was shared with our news centre — stated that as of May 4, 2020, the schedule of hourly-paid employees has been reduced to 30 work hours per week; down from the regular 40 hours.

The memorandum pointed to the economic impact of COVID-19 as the cause of the cut.

It said: “As you are no doubt aware, the recent spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictive curfew measures has placed a significant strain on our source of revenue/income.”

“As a result, it has become necessary for BVI Ports Authority to temporarily reduce its hours of our daily paid employees,” BVIPA management further said in the document.

Cuts indefinite?

The memorandum did not give any indication when workers would return to regular work hours and pay.

Up till publication time, BVI News has been unsuccessful in obtaining a comment from the BVIPA’s Acting Deputy Managing Director Oleanvine Maynard, whose signature was affixed as the author of the memorandum.

Reports of a cut in staff work hours come days after the BVIPA announced that their cargo facility operations across the British Virgin Islands had returned to regular pre-curfew hours, while the ferry ports regular schedule had been tweaked to align with the government-imposed curfew order.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the BVIPA has reduced the work hours of its staff during or after a disaster of some kind. The Authority had cut the work hours and pay of its staff following the onslaught of hurricanes Irma and Maria back in 2017.

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  1. No chance of a comment says:

    Has Oleanvine Maynard ever made a comment on anything, or ever responded to a question?

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  2. Across the Board!? says:

    Are the senior and executive managers taking a cut as well? Have the board taking a cut from that massive increases they just gave themselves?

    This Government is famous for its reverse Robin Hood approach. Take from the poor to give to the rich. Same thing they did with placing a 7% Tax on Western Union and Money Gram and give rich people a break for buying property a tax break.

    Poor people “Go Dead” under this Government. Only the cult followers can’t see what is going on.

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    • smh says:

      No instead of salary being cut the whales salary is being increased. smh It’s funny how we always take from who needs it the most. The ones who are actually working.

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    • Voting doesn't make sense says:

      Every where you go, you hear go out and vote it’s your democratic right. Waste of time. ALL and I repeat ALL governments are the same. They only lookout for their party supporters and neglect the rest of the country.

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      • @Voting says:

        While that is true to an extent as bad as NDP may have been this VIP govt has shown that they have ZERO CLUE how to run anything. You cannot hear anything from the other elected persons in govt only the Premier and sometimes Carvin and Vincent. The NDP wouldve had a plan to deal with this not stupif lip service. The Premier said phase 1 of stimulus is in operation, do you see or feel it?

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      • That is where you are wrong says:

        Sometimes they don’t even look out for their bonifide party supporters. Been there, done that?.

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    • Not rich says:

      It is not rich people bass. It is belongers. The govt take money from the poor down islanders and give it to the rich belongers.

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    • P says:

      They making figures you cant call the figures and they going home with their over 5000.00 a month and those daily paid staff getting the less money. And they still fulling the big paying positions. Who looking out for these poor people. They aint recover from the hurricane cut.

  3. 2020 says:

    If work hours cut for hourly staff, most of who deal directly with the public, that means port operating hours slashed for the public too. That in turn means more customers- the public will come around that time which means more work done by the hourly staff than what was done before? ?

    Hope those that sit at desks in AC hours get cut by 50% because their salaries are more of a strain on the system

    Too much injustices in the place.

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  4. History teacher says:

    Ndp left the country in a mess

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    • More like Story Teller says:

      You come spread the propaganda given to you by your cult leader? The country was left with over $150 million in the bank when this Government took office. I wouldn’t be surprise in just over a year if we’re not on life support. With all the money being dished out to cronies.

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    • Hmmm says:

      And now VIP F…ing it up!!!! Go have a seat.

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  5. Steve - dockmaster says:

    And they want to be sending out notice talking about the BVI PA keeping the country moving and they turn around and cut our salary. When p***y getting rich off the port and making the regular workers suffer. They not even taking into consideration that our rents remain the same and the BVI Govt should be ashamed of themselves because I ain’t seeing no landlord taking any breaks on rent or atleast reducing rent, the cost of living is still the same. This Government is a waste of time. Think they getting my vote again? I’d rather vote for NDP. Is a set of bullies in The VIP administration and the BVI Port authority who don’t care about the Regular BVI worker. Only concerned about their pockets even if they have walk over the backs of the poor. This country really need a next category 5 hurricane to wipe these fools out

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    • Hmmmmmm says:

      Landlord can’t reduce the rent because the mortgage and bills and food still the same

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      • Why? says:

        Why is it that renters believe landlords do not have a need for the rent they collect? Stop being envious of your landlord and pay your rent in full and on time. When you build a house and rent it you will understand.

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        • @Why? says:

          Who said they were envious of Landlords? Girl, all they said was that the Landlords could take a break, and yes they are getting breaks on mortgages etc because all of the banks are offering up to 6 month deferrals on loans. Just say y’all are just as greedy as the government you’re on here bashing and go. The “jealous” talks is dead.

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          • Lita says:

            Why? Do you know what a deferral is? are you willing to pay 6 months rent at once after a deferral? Are you willing to pay interest on your deferred rent?

            The best thing you can do is continue to pay your rent monthly. The banks are operating a business, and deferrals do not come cheap. Take my foolish advice

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    • @Steve - dockmaster says:

      Be careful what you ask for. Be careful that you are not one of ‘these fools’.

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    • Sir says:

      This is happening everywhere, We blame the Government for every thing. Many of us has spent our finances over the years recklessly, now here blogging a bunch of crap!

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    • BVI PA STAFF says:

      Think Port could get me to put my best foot forward now? I could see a shipload of drugs come in and I ain’t saying a thing I just taking my bribe from the drug man them. The drugs going flow into the country now. How you could pay Port staff pebbles to watch diamonds? Are Dumb? STOOPID? Or DUMB? HUH!?. Any other country you would think they would protect PORT staff salaries to deter them from bribes but I am welcoming drug bribes now to act blind ?

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      • Me tooo says:

        I am also turning a blind eye to the drugs. The bribe is right, I am going to let your S**t through. My salary is cut, and I ain’t killing myself anymore. Take care of your employees on the forefront that is doing all the hard work.

    • P says:

      I hope they keep the borders so the hurricane dont come in. It had a little shake.

  6. SEE ME says:

    It have a business wa do layoff since march you should reach out to da staff to get da real juice for a story bvinews

  7. Underpaid says:

    It is so funny that we are already making slave wages already and hours reduced SMH how much poorer can I get.These private and public sector when they are doing well the staff don’t get an increase in wages but when things are bad we get pay cut and less hours. lord help us! I will be homeless penniless foodless and clothless soon. I can’t even afford a Car otherwise I would be living in it . My rent is 1200$ per month,Light bill 50$ water 40$ internet 116$. Food 350$ per week.My pay used to be 1200$ per month now 800$ per month.If we don’t get help soon some of us going die of starvation.

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  8. Haha says:

    Where are the VIP defenders now? Kitchen too hot? More to come as the wheels continue to fall off the stupid wagon!!

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  9. Citizen says:

    It always the locals going to suffer. The government giving free water for months, not even $20.00 they charging and giving away millions in free food, now they cannot fine money to pay staff. Soon we will be line America where the majority of poor people dying.

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  10. well saw says:

    It’s funny how usually the top receives pay cuts however here it’s the totally opposite.

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  11. Truth says:

    The new management dont know nothing about ports. They have a new group of directors who are put in there because of politics. They hired a set a new staff after the new board and paid them big salaries so now there is no money. There are some people collecting check for nothing, they sit all day. The HR department is a waste of time. People collecting money for doing nothing. Governor please do somethings with ports.

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    • HarHarHar says:

      But Ports had a general manager who was well qualified and experienced in port management and you rejoice that they fire him cause he not born here. Let it rip. Sip, sip, sip.

  12. Bisa says:

    Anyone remember that line in Jimmy Cliff movie , The Harder they come: “ pressure no reach him yet “. Ask your self the reasons

  13. vip heckler says:

    They need to cut the stipends that the cronys on the port board receives

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  14. Diaspora says:

    Budget built, a 25% reduction in pay is a staggering body blow but not a head shot knock out. A layoff or furlough would been a 100% pay reduction and a head blow knock out . Speaking from the outside, it appears as if to keep everyone working as long as possible and to avoid layoffs at this time, management went for the reduction of hours for hourly workers.

    Only the workers know the pain of the reduced work hours and the rest of us can only imagine their pain. Did leadership set the uncommon personal example and take a pay cut? If they did, hourly workers would be taking the painful ride or die with with them and they would have earn some durable capital. If no, the fissure between the hourly workers and salaried workers continues to worsen. This is not in the BVIPA best interest.

    The BVIPA is a quasi statutory body (VI has too many statutory bodies but that is a discussion for another day) that earns its revenue from Port Ops and if Port Ops is down, the revenue stream will shrink, forcing the reduction in work hours. Nonetheless, hopefully soon Port Ops can pick up and the 40-work week can be reinstated. In the interim, put in 7 productive hours per day (well 6 with an hour for lunch) and be safe.

  15. really? says:

    We’ve been wondering what all the ships arriving everyday are bringing, there is always a container ship at dock and a couple hanging off – surely there is work to be done is only streamlining the service so goods can more easily be sent to BVI

  16. Picture says:

    Wow! dem stacks of containers and expanded port dont look like a slow down to me!

  17. Sir says:

    This is happening everywhere, We blame the Government for every thing. Many of us has spent our finances over the years recklessly, now here blogging a bunch of crap!

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    • BVI PA staff says:

      Port is an import entity in any country. They claim Port is the veins of a country. Now the BVI could keep Port staff on full salary if they choose to but the fact of the matter is they won’t. They don’t care about the start. They would rather protect the rich pockets. Hence the reason somuch drug men prevailed over the BVI Ports because the lack proper management for its staff with regards to how they are being paid and treated. So the Port is a playing field for the drug man cause the staff are being paid pennies to watch diamonds. Like that make any sense! And best believe the staff ain’t care about the Port either. The question is how can u take pride in an organization that doesn’t care for its staff? So let the drugs flow in. Real set of r****ded i***ts running the port and the country

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    • @Sir says:

      You are talking RUBBISH! Where are the pay cuts to board members including BVIPA who were given huge increases on their stipends recently? It’s a shame and a crime for government to cut employee salaries without first looking at other areas. Are the boards being cut? At this point in time they should be willing to serve their country because how many days a month do they really have to meet? Forfeit the stipend for the next 3 months as a show of good faith to the employees. The chickens are coming home to roost faster than Fahie anticipated and the soles coming off the old shoes as we speak.

  18. Stop the crying says:

    So you all see the need for island people, local against local, some of ayo same people be critizing island people about what there coming here for, we come for jobs like these, the under paid ones because majority of jobs in the BVI, especially own run or manage by tolian is under paid jobs…

  19. Finance says:

    Ports are paying high school drops 30K. They are in every section. Do not force us to share the spreadsheet. Employers just got an increment with five months back pay.

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    • upfullness says:

      thing 2 talk – Cut 10% from those making $50.00 plus per year
      “Only the poor man ah feel it” Peter Tosh.

  20. P says:

    They making figures you cant call the figures and they going home with their over 5000.00 a month and those daily paid staff getting the less money. And they still fulling the big paying positions. Who looking out for these poor people. They aint recover from the hurricane cut.

  21. Cut Island peoole says:

    Cut the staff…renove all Island people and leave the local.

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