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BVIPA moving forward with fee increases in ‘phased approach’

The Port Purcell Cargo Facility on Tortola. (Photo credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News

The BVI Ports Authority has decided to move forward with its fee increases but will now do so in a “phased approach” starting this month.

The Authority and had announced drastic fee increases at the start of the year but promised to review the hike after receiving major public backlash.

Following this ‘review’, the BVIPA said in a statement on Thursday that its solution is now to gradually roll out the new fees.

“The fee increases will be implemented in a phased approach beginning with the following fees on 15 March 2021: licenses (Customs broker and Agent), storage fees, wharfage, line handling, container fees, [and] vehicles accessing port facilities fees,” the BVIPA said.

“The general increase in fees has become necessary for the provision of important upgrades to the operations of the ports, which will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the ports to deliver on promised services,” it added.

The Authority said the upgrades will be at all the territory’s seaports and is being done to “meet modern standards in facilities and services”.

The BVIPA said it will involve the public in a series of information-sharing and gathering engagements about these upgrades.

500% increases

Since the fee increases, BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association has outlined instances where the BVIPA had increased some of the fees by 500 per cent, where fees had jumped from $500 to $2,500.

With such hikes that will affect the importation of all goods into the territory, the main concern raised by business owners is that it would increase the cost of most items in BVI.

This would therefore further raise the cost of living in an already impacted economy battling the effects of COVID-19.


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  1. Doh says:

    They gave all of us the middle finger

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  2. Stupidness says:

    This make any frigging sense how you going increase fees in a broken economy.

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  3. Buh-bye says:

    See ya! Time to go.

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  4. this is your goverment working for you says:

    so we now tek dat. We going be buying fries for $12.00 and a standard light bulb for $20.00. Welcome to the BVI and enjoy our version of love.

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  5. ooohhh booiii says:

    Honourable Primier please revisit this PORT FEES increase
    The only way WE as a people are going to sit and take this is to give “FOOD STAMPS” like the USA , besides that STEALING / MUGGING/PICK-POCKETING/BAG SNATCHING people walking in Super markets and eat what they can;this will happen . There is no way the economy can take this kind of increase as the PRICE on every thing will go up. The fees for a broker ? from $500.00 to $2500.00 is completely INSANE

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  6. Forced to go elsewhere says:

    If the cost of food and other consumables continue to go up due to a higher cost of import fees, then you are forcing many visitors to go elsewhere. Better find a way to grow your exports to offset the costs. I went to St. Lucia on a charter and the food there was half the cost, more like what I pay in the US. I feel sorry for the residents as you are being asked to bend over and grab your ankles. Look out, here it comes!

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  7. Bellfoot Pants says:

    “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power”

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  8. Vg says:

    I help vote them in now its time to vote them out. We need a young vibrant party retire the old people

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  9. Wow says:

    After all the dope they hold on the port , they still went & raise the fee !!! , I guess the millions wasn’t enough

  10. heckler says:

    This is bvilove//time to get rid of the vip

  11. Now says:

    Let’s vote them out!

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  12. hmmmm says:

    talk about kicking a person when there down, this is not a time to talk about increasing fees what the government need to be talking about and looking into is all those high prices in the supermarkets especially ***, people keep on complaining about consumer protection come on Honourable Primier you need to step in, it’s getting out of hand right now.

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  13. wow wow wow says:

    where they want people to be getting all this money to pay all these fees they coming up with every week.. thats what happens when there are no natural resourses. they squander all the country money now trying to milk the poor people dry again, to get it back.

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