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BVIPA: Unclaimed goods will be auctioned, discarded

The Port Purcell Cargo Facility on Tortola. (Photo credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News

The BVI Ports Authority is threatening to discard or auction unclaimed goods after April 6.

According to a government media release, a number of individuals and well-known companies have left their imported goods for more than two months at the cargo ports.

The goods range from tile cement and boat seats to electrical wires, display cases, plumbing fixtures, and perishable items.

Non-perishable items that have been sitting at the port for extended periods will be auctioned while perishable items will be discarded.


The public auction is scheduled for April 7 at the cargo facility in Port Purcell. Auctions will begin at 9am.

According to the Ports Authority, the auction is lawful.

“The auction is in accordance with the Customs Management and Duties Act No. 6 of 2010 Section 52 (8) which states: “Goods deposited in a Customs warehouse shall be removed from that warehouse within two months from the date of their deposit, and any goods not so removed may be sold.”

The auction is sanctioned under Section 137 of the same legislation, the Ports Authority added.

Clearance of unclaimed goods

The release advised that before clearance is given to items, owners are required to present necessary documentation and pay shipping and other fees incurred.

CLICK HERE for the list of unclaimed goods at the ports.

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  1. Mick Mars says:

    It look like the port want me to come down there and start auctioning off hard clout like Oprah on a giveaway bender.

    The amount of material I got down there and CAN’T, FOR THE BLESSED LIFE OF ME ATTAIN UP TO NOW IS RIDICULOUS.

    They say one thing in media and press releases but the people reading these news articles know the whole scoop because they is the ones going through it.

    The majority of “unclaimed” goods are tied up behind unnecessary red tape, port negligence, and a failure to facilitate the common customer who, along with myself, been down there with receipts, papers, documents, bibles, BEGGING to geh wah we paid for and can’t.

    Duty free….but them charging wharfage while you can’t get your material for the most innane of reasons. We see the strings, Government. Trust me, we do. Ayo keep it up.

  2. Tiny Tim says:

    The Port Authority has a hell of a nerve with this latest. While peoples goods, cars, and other things are leaving the port with people they don’t belong to the authority is demanding paper work. The hurricanes took every shred of common sense that anyone in this place had and now shear craziness reigns. People get paperwork that their goods are in the port and when you go, walk down the entire place, your things are no where to be found. Now they want to auction what they could not deliver in the first instance. What other stresses can government officials put us through?

  3. Chris says:

    We have had containers in the port since January 13th but told we cannot get them sent to VG because there are no chassis to put them on. In the bvi just like stt and pr people are storing their goods in containers still mounted on chassis and so new goods cannot move. Remember the bvi only has a limited number of chassis and when they are all in use then nothing can move until empty containers are returned to the port.

  4. Scary Mary says:

    This is what happens when the Government hires people who have no experience, no common sense, and no business in the positions assigned.

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