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BVI’s COVID-19 cases spike to 24

There has been an upsurge in reported cases of COVID-19 in the BVI.

The BVI’s latest COVID-19 dashboard figures revealed that 24 active cases of the coronavirus was detected as of May 3.

The recent upsurge comes after the last report stated that only two persons in the territory had remained positive for the coronavirus.

This shows that 22 of the cases were detected after April, 29 when the last update was issued.

All of the current cases have been classified as asymptomatic which means that persons who have tested positive have not displayed visible symptoms of having the virus.

Fifteen of the recorded cases have been registered on the main island of Tortola; two cases on Virgin Gorda and one each on the islands of Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. A further five cases were said to be isolated to vessels.

According to the dashboard, 23 of the cases were detected following entry into the BVI with seven coming on Day 0; 13 cases on Day 4 and one case on Day 14.

Two of the cases were listed as having come from travel screening while only one case was classified as being local.

All cases and close contacts of those affected by the virus have reportedly been quarantined.

Of the nearly 40,000 persons that have been tested so far, the territory has recorded a total of 216 positive cases of COVID-19.

There has been one death recorded along with 191 recoveries from the dreaded virus.

Meanwhile, the territory’s vaccination progress continues apace with a reported 11,147 vaccines having been administered thus far.

Of these, more than 10,000 persons are recorded as receiving their first dose of the vaccine while more than 900 persons have been listed as receiving their second dose of the vaccine.

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    • What? says:

      “Of the nearly 40,000 persons that have been tested so far” Where the h**l are they getting 40,000 people to test in a country of 30k and lots are not tested because they are children. It’s mathematically impossible.
      Now, if they’d said 40,000 tests have been administered, that would make sense…

  1. Be safe! says:

    Get the vaccine!

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  2. scare tactic says:

    They are scaring us into taking the vaccine.

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  3. Pandora's Box says:

    And all are asymptomatic – imagine the odds of that!

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  4. Tim says:

    Add one more statistics… how many false positive…

    In 40,000 tests, there must be some false positive … what are they?

    24 new cases in 2-3 days … check your lab procedure if anything have changed…

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    • Marty says:

      We took our Covid test 2 days ago at JVD. This was our exit test to get back into the states. We are on a boat with 10 people. and 9 of us came back negative. My wife came back positive. She has had both Pfizer vaccines and is fully vaccinated.
      Our boat was ordered to return to port. All 10 of us are in quarantine on the boat, on the dock. They have moved unoccupied boats away from us and set up a barrier on the dock with danger tape. There is also a guard at the end of the dock. Then we hear another boat is coming in right after us with 2 positive people.
      I believe the main hospital testing site, where all samples get evaluated, that there might be a issue with cross contamination or someone in the lab is positive and tainting the samples.
      I will say that everyone has been very nice and as helpful as the can.
      We are all going to get tested tomorrow and I am hoping for the best.
      Because of my concerns, and the need to return to the states, I have also arranged for a private doctor to perform a PCR test on my wife and I that will be evaluated in St. Thomas.
      My wife is not symptomatic and fully vaccinated.
      I love the BVI’s and the people in the BVI’s. I just won’t know what to say about the current testing process until I get the results back. Both sets of results.



      • SH says:


        Please keep us posted on your wife’s test. We have a big group of all vaccinated people coming in June and this would be a nightmare to deal with. The chances are so low to get it with the vaccine AND the majority of the trip is outdoors. In addition since almost no cases in the BVI where would she have even gotten it. Does not make sense.

      • @Marty says:

        Man, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Could you give us an update? I’ve got a small group of fully vaccinated crew headed there on the 18th and a false positive is our worst fear. Is your wife ok? Was it a false result?

      • Marty says:

        Please update us on the situation, were you tested and let out of quarantine or did you have to quarantine for the full time.

  5. ANOTHER HOAX says:


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  6. YOUTH says:

    Where are the Government vaccine haters now? You all are hypocrites.

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  7. The lodge man them says:

    At work

  8. statistics says:

    Makes no sense at all. If roughly 80% of covid is asymptomatic then for some reason only very special people are coming to the BVI OR the lab is throwing our FALSE POSITIVES! Get your Sh*t together people.

    Then again. lab is run by the same folks responsible for everything else so no surprise there.

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  9. Oh Lordy says:

    Shut down, lock the doors, weld shut the gates, burn the fields, hide your daughters, load the guns, fill your bathtub with water, stock up on toilet paper ….the end is Neigh!

    OR maybe do the tests again – statistically what you are seeing is impossible. Math, get it?

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  10. Joe says:

    The rate of asymptomatic is unusually high, all positive testers should be automatically retested.

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