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BVI’s elected officials not getting any R-E-S-P-E-C-T; says Wheatley

Vincent Wheatley

Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley has bemoaned the lack of respect towards legislators in the BVI.

Noting that it is an issue that pains him very much, Wheatley said incidents of disrespect are mostly perpetrated on social media.

“When I see that persons just very, very casually would go on Facebook and disrespect each other. And they even take it further than that – they even disrespect elected officials. I never thought I would have seen a day when persons would openly disrespect elected officials the way I’m seeing today,” said Wheatley who is a government minister.

He further said the justification that ministers don’t act in an honourable way — therefore allowing persons to feel free to disrespect them — was not acceptable.

“I could never agree to that, respect is an internal thing,” Wheatley said. “You don’t respect me because of who you think I am or not, I am respected because it is the right thing for you to do.”

According to Minister Wheatley, he grew up in a different BVI society where persons acted with dignity and respect. He said these attributes were an integral part of society at the time.

The minister told the House of Assembly that simple and basic pleasantries such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘good morning’ were said as signs of respect that represented how persons felt about themselves.

The Minister said he longed to see locals getting back to a time when there was more self-respect — something which he felt would allow persons to demonstrate more respect for others around them.

“This degradation I’ve seen of manners and respect – it is very, very concerning and I hope we can put an end to this as quickly as possible,” he added.

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  1. Styles. says:

    Respect is earned not given or demanded.

    First try leading the country in a respectful and honourable manner, perhaps you will get our respect then.

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    • disgraceful says:

      coming from an administration that is characterised by overweaning arrogance, and petty vindictiveness depriving the Territory of resources required to rebuild after Irma,offered by the UK. Now that the UK is bailing us out with vaccines in a second existential crisis, some humility is in order, followed by some responsible leadership.

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    • Struups says:

      How can respect be considered when the Ministers Lack Integrity? How many persons have you all tricked?

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  2. Hard says:

    Wheatley it is hard to respect criminals. More so it’s hard to respect dishonorable elected officials. Perhaps it’s time for you all to vacate your positions and be replaced with honorable people and politicians that can be respected. Think about that for awhile and then please go away.

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  3. Respect is earned says:

    Sorry to say but minister, the reason why the Government’s officials are not being respected is because, you guys started the disrespect and continue to disrespect individuals. Not because you and your colleagues are members of Government does it mean that you are entitled to respect while disrespecting others. I can almost guarantee you that if the respect begins from you guys then the public will return the respect. You can only get what you give.

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  4. Please Sir! says:

    That’s because we realize that you all are fake. You cheated your way to government by spreading untruths and now you got the government you all cannot do the work. Respect for what? We want all of you gone!!! When is the election?

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  5. Reason says:

    Mr. You all only respect your pockets ,friends and family not the people who elected you all u all have a lot to answer to God.

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  6. Strange says:

    Have respect for yourself first, the people of the BVI, our fellow expats and, and then you shall be respected. Remember the golden rule. Respect is not a right, its reciprocal and its earned.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    His remarks are hugely indicative of the attitude of this government. They clearly believe they above the rules of law ( see the COI ) or of normal humanity.

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  8. LMAO says:

    Says the guys who continue to disrespect the office of the Governor, the UK and many others.

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  9. Windy says:

    And respect for the people who don’t have a big island name and pay taxes ?

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  10. Thoughts... says:

    Respect is E-A-R-N-E-D!!!! You ***!!! Gosh, this man just does not get it. Voters placed you in government and if we are opposed to your actions we are entitled to criticize.

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  11. lillian says:

    specially the inmigration officer p**n p*g

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  12. Respect says:

    It must be earned, not demanded, respect the people of the Virgin Islands and the people of the Virgin Islands will respect you

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  13. You again says:

    With the BS about no respect? SIR, you have to earn respect first before anyone can give you respect. Mannnn, don’t you have anything else important to blab about?You want respect? Go listen to Aretha Franklin song 🎵 RESPECT.

  14. Eagle and Buffalo says:

    Butch, go do the people work and give this a rest. If you don’t have any meaningful work to do and you should, go siddung. Sound like you want to be a show horse, not a work horse. This is a simple and silly rant to be airing in public. Silence is golden. Some cats need to be bell. You want people to respect you because you won a popularity contest. Take a seat or two. Here is a news flash. Respect has to be EARNED. Unearned respect will never happen nor should it. Stop looking cheap status. Be a servant leader.

    [Let’s lead as eagles, not careen off the cliff as buffaloes or sheep].

  15. Leveller says:

    earn it

  16. Jokers says:

    You all look like little rag dolls before the COI
    Premier …..not close to my heart ……Deception can’t done

  17. musa says:

    1 time leader by buy

  18. Germs says:

    Not one of the elected members on the government or opposition are good leaders. They are all poisonous trash to take out.

  19. Common sense says:

    Respect has to be earned, and, with what’s already been uncovered by the COI, respect is the last thing this government deserves.

  20. Respect? PSST!!!!! says:

    I sure as H*ll don’t have any respect for any of them. They do to many SHADY BS. A Country to run with so many pressing issues to be addressed and he talking about respect. Dude, go do the F***ing job you were elected to do. RESPECT MY A**!!!!!

  21. informed says:

    Respect is earned.
    Ill respect you one i can get a work permit processed within 3 months and don’t need extensions 15 years and never once has it been ready.

    Ill respect you when the new electronic system does not require us to sit and supervise the labour department checking our paperwork doe 2 hours. Allow payment online and they can request things missing if needed. It should be a simple click if an employer needs to renew the work permit.

    ill respect you once you hold employers accountable for non payment of taxes, Kicking employees off island because of the fault of the employer is punishing the wrong person for a crime.

    Ill respect you when you fix this whole system, and stop disrespecting the hard working people and wasting our time and patience.

  22. Jimmy Jowe says:

    I say take away the Honorable tag. They need to earn that. This bunch are as sorry as h**l.

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