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BVI’s relationship with UK not strained, says Premier

Despite the heated exchange between local government and the United Kingdom recently, Premier Andrew Fahie has dismissed the notion that the relationship between Britain and the BVI is tense.

The Premier’s remarks come ahead of an upcoming trip to the UK to discuss, among other things, the loan guarantee for the territory’s ongoing hurricane recovery efforts.

He said: “We see it as a good relationship and now is a very [good] testing time because certain negotiations have to go down. But, you would respect the fact that in any negotiations, persons who are negotiating will always go with the intention to fight and debate and discuss in the best interest of the entity for which they are representing.”

“At the end of the day, we will do it as mature people and try to find a middle ground because in the 21st Century, we have to be able to find middle ground on both sides to make sure that we achieve what we have to achieve. So, it is not a matter of a strained relationship, at least in our eyes,” he added.

However, Premier Fahie said the kind of relationship the BVI would like with the UK going forward would be addressed in an upcoming constitutional review.

“We have an informal meeting coming up, and it will be one of the topics,” he told members of the media on Friday.

Edgy for first public meeting since dispute

Notwithstanding the Premier’s comments, the first public appearance between himself and Governor Augustus Jaspert since residents were made aware of their disagreement seemed strained at times.

The two made that joint public appearance in the small but packed room during the swearing-in of Deputy Premier, Vincent Wheatley on Friday.

A sense of discomfort and tension as particularly felt when the Premier opened the floor to the media for questions and himself and the Governor were quizzed on certain matters relating to the United Kingdom.

When asked about the reasons the BVI is holding on to the UK as its sovereign, Premier Fahie said: “I will speak to that in another forum.”

Governor will support BVI during upcoming negotiations with UK,

Governor Jaspert also appeared to be uncomfortable when the subject of the ongoing dispute between UK and BVI officials was raised. 

The governor was asked what are some of his expectations ahead of the upcoming negotiations with the UK.

“As the Premier said, this is not really the forum for discussions on that,” Governor Jaspert said before stating that he intends to support the territory.


The Premier and the Governor have been at loggerheads over the appointment of new Permanent Secretaries, and also the issue surrounding Premier Fahie’s claim that the UK wanted the Recovery & Development Agency to have full control over the public’s purse.

Last week, Director of British Overseas Territories, Ben Merrick said engagements between the United Kingdom (UK) and the BVI have deteriorated since the Andrew Fahie-led administration took over government operations.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    We have to start fact-checking this premier because it seems like he has a problem with the truth

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  2. strupes says:

    sheer damage control

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  3. huh says:


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  4. Hmmm says:

    This man is more delusional, than I thought.

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  5. Just thinking... says:

    So, we the BVI went to the UK for a loan. They set their stipulations and we want to negotiate…Hmm… When I go to the bank for a loan, when the bank sets out their stipulations, I can’t negotiate. It’s either I take it or leave it. In other words, Beggars can’t be Choosers. I think the trip is wasted. If we don’t like the stipulations, just do without the money and find alternate means.

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    • Sultana says:

      The BVI never went to the UK for a loan, the UK offered to guarantee any loans that we would need to rebuild following Irma, up to $400 mil USD and they set out the stipulations for the said guarantee. The UK is not giving a loan, they have basically agreed to back loans up to that amount. If the BVI intends to lend money, they will determine which institution(s) they would lend from and the UK will back the loans with the said institution(s). I think the Premier has a valid concern with respect to borrowing lots of monies and our people not benefiting in a major way from it. I am sure after his meeting with the UK they will agree on terms and we will be able to access the much needed rebuild funding. The Territory is still reeling from the Hurricane damage and we need some stimulus to the economy and fast.

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    • @just thinking says:

      After Irma , the UK offered guaranteed loan under their conditions as their contribution to the BVI. The BVI did not go begging the UK. The UK should have been able to give the BVI financial donations instead of a loan especially after the destruction.

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  6. Bait says:

    It’s a good thing Fahie doesn’t take you Internet trolls too seriously.

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    • @Bait says:

      What? He is reading every blog that is posted. He is taking it seriously alright.

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      • Of course says:

        Please Y’all, the Premier is reading the blogs. How else is he going to know what the people is saying or thinking about him. After all one can’t go up to him and say what they think or how they feel because of the bodyguards and they might shoot to kill right?

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Some of ayo does go to sleep and wake up with Fahie on your mind. At least brush your teeth and eat some breakfast first. Only VIP heckler gets a pass because his name says it all.

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  8. Mr.Premier says:

    I am sick and tired of your back peddling ways now man. If that is the case,then prove it. I will admit,I voted for you but,next election I am going to vote to unseat you and the kid from Cane Garden Bay.

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    • Strange? says:

      How are you able to vote out 2 district reps? I thought each voter only had one district rep but 4 at large to vote for. Fraud in the place???

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      • @Strange? says:

        What the blogger is saying is come next election, they will not get the votes at the polls. I know D2 will have a new D2 Rep.

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        • Oh hoot says:

          D2 rep will not get the votes next election. That airport security thing was like,I’m so done with this guy.I have traveled through Reagan International Airport in Washington and I have seen Congress Men and Women going through security check by TSA Agents and they never threw a hissy fit.

  9. Eagle eye says:

    The BVI is recovered loan needed period.

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  10. lol says:

    This ain’t the same man who was declaring war with the UK on claude cline’s honestly speaking show?

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  11. Lawd? says:

    How does this man can say with a straight face that the relationship is not strained? Jesus……u even had the temerity to ask the Governor why he should be party to the up coming UK delegation!

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  12. Little IslandTrump says:

    Has anyone realised this man is using Trump’s playbook for his spinning of facts? We have our own ISLAND TRUMP!

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  13. Dman says:

    The way things are going, Great Britain is going to need the BVI to guarantee THEIR loans.

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  14. Facts first says:

    I think the Premier is right in his assertions that if the UK loan agreement is not amended he will not sign it. The UK insisted we set up the RDA with a cash burn of 100k per month in operating expenses and they have done a paltry 4 projects to date. In my view they have not done anything to speed up the recovery and we would be better off disbanding them and handing the recovery ourselves. The BVI got to this point in our development without the RDA and the taxpayers of the BVI have to pay back these loans and also fund the operating costs of the RDA. We can get some assistance to beef up our procurement procedures and fund a robust internal audit department and proceed with what money we can raise on our own and more importantly what we can repay.

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  15. NOW SAH says:

    @ facts first…there you go. We not falling for no stupidness.

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  16. Okay says:

    The same people blogging over and over on FAHIE. The majority is with the Premier.

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    • hint hint says:

      This is the same thing that the NDP was saying. Where are they now?

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    • Ajic says:

      No they are not. I work in a large organization and not one of them have anything nice to say about Fahie…A lot of people are not with him. If he is not careful he will be a one-term Premier

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  17. @Ok says:

    Nope, the majority is not for Fahie because he tells to many lies. He sat on his friend radio show and declair war with the UK. Maybe he need to cut ties with his advisor and hire a new advisor.

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  18. Onlooker says:

    If we decline to move forward with the loan guarantee, and we suffer another disaster, will the UK help us again by sending resources etc for us? Asking as a concerned citizen.

  19. E Scott says:

    @facts first check the RDA Facebook page you will see more than 4 projects . And the uk gave £10 mil for running costs.

    The uk is a co underwriter for money BVI needs to loan because BVI can not get loans, BVI Has a poor fiscal record and does not have the world credit rating .

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    • loans says:

      Have the BVI ever defaulted on any loans? asking for the UK.

      • E Scott says:

        A country does not miss a payment they tend to “re negotiate” terms” BVI does that a lot and it’s also about GDP and potential growth to GDP or potential reduced GDP . BVI is on a forecast of a dramatically reduced GDP .

  20. Kitchen Table Panel Group says:

    We the Kitchen Table Panel Group have came to a unanimous decission all 15 of us that the Premier and District 2 Rep will be replaced next election. They will “NOT” get the votes come next election.

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