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BVIslanders trained in marine sector be given ‘first preference’ for jobs

Government is implementing a policy giving BVIslanders and Belongers first preference for jobs in the marine sector.

This according to the latest Cabinet statements published on June 20.

The statement said: “In an effort to empower the people of the BVI, the Premier’s Office and the Ministry responsible for Labour shall ensure that BVIslanders/Belongers who are trained in the marine sector be given first preference for employment by employers within the marine industry.”

The statements further said government would subsidize training opportunities up to a total of $500,000 each financial year.

These subsidies will be for BVIslanders/Belongers who enrol and complete certification courses in marine-related studies.

The Office of the Premier will also be establishing what Cabinet described as a Referral Registration Programme for persons to register their interests to be trained in the marine industry. This will be launched once government launches it’s related “Back to the Sea” programme by June 30.

The Cabinet statement further said the Premier’s Office will collaborate with training services providers to enrol the first cohort of students at the next intake at the approved institutions.

These decisions follow statements made by Premier Andrew Fahie in early March promising residents that the training opportunities needed to tap into the multimillion-dollar marine industry will be made available.

He also said at the time that he had planned on implementing a ‘transparent and solid policy framework that will guide the development in the territory’.

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  1. the BVI is for BVISLANDERS at home and abroad says:

    Not first preference…………ALL THE PREFERENCE

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    • really says:

      well lets have what type of skills you have in the industry!!!!!!

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    • Anonymous says:

      Once again the Belonger will be given the jobs whether they can do it or not. Better off paying them and have them stay home. They are more productive sitting under a tree.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Did you read the part about the BVIslanders and belongers being trained or did you foolishly assume that any BVIslander and belonger would get the job because of their status.

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        • Anonymous says:

          What is written is irrelevant. Facts are facts and there is no training the Belonger because they are lazy and expect expats to work for them. The Belonger expects money for doing nothing at which they are experts

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      • Winston says:


        Once again….not all of us think like you. You need to go home to South Africa or the swamps of Alabama or whatever unfortunate place you are from.

        As a white expat I am embarrassed and sorry for this moron.

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        • @winston says:

          You clearly have been living on the island too long. Your conception of your neighbors is truly delusional. This may be caused by your wishing to suck up to them to become a Belonger or you have no sense of reality. The Belonger is forced upon companies seeking employees and forced to hire them. The Belonger is lazy thus, they may show up for work 3 out of 5 days a week if a company is lucky. The Belonger barely finishes school and is essentially illiterate upon graduation. They are given jobs in law firms and cannot compose a sentence. Say what you will of me but the truth is the truth. This is not being racist. It’s a dose of reality.

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      • BVI Strong says:

        @ Anonymous: LIAT still flying

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        • @BVI Strong says:

          Thank goodness Liat’s pilots are not Belongers. By the way how is BVI Airways doing. Waiting to purchase a ticket. Oh wait…let’s ask a Belonger when they are flying…lmao

    • O’Neal says:

      We should implement the whistle blow legislation now or otherwise call for new elections.

      Greater transparency was promised. Shall it be delivered this week?

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  2. Now Now Now says:

    Now this is a government that is for its people. Good move.

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  3. LOL says:

    Let’s see what the Vip critics will say about this initiative now. Dam if you do and dam if you don’t.

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  4. Intrested says:

    How to go about signing up for the course.
    Please give details thanks

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    • first step says:

      Learn how to put a couple of words together to sdllk a simple question. If you don’t like cleaning boats..that’s were you start…and being told what to do by someone above you…It’s not for you.

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  5. isnt that already in place? says:

    It is my understanding that BVIslanders are given preference in all aspects of employment in the BVI already – advertise the position, if a qualified BVIslander applies then they get the job – how is this different??

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    • To answer your question says:

      Just like the documentary WHEN THEY SEE US the fact is that many employers in the BVI have no clue and don’t care who is local and not, they just see black faces. They do however know how to tell each other apart based on continental origin and we clue less locals busy fightin each other instead of taking advantage of their soft spots.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      In theory.

      Some unscrupulous employers, mostly locals, prefer non belongers with work permits because they can control them much more easily and pay them less. Work permits are a form of indentured slavery that allows bad employers to exploit workers.

      Most ex pat owned businesses are simply looking for the best person for the job regardless of origin or race and that is by far the best policy for any company and any economy.

      99.9% of the marine industry was founded , is owned and is managed by non belongers. I suspect they will just continue to employ the best person for the job regardless of frankly unenforceable government rules.

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  6. Retired says:

    It appears from this news article that the current government has not actually consulted with employers in the marine sector. If the government consulted with the employers they would probably find that offshore and coastal sea time on large yachts, ships, barges, etc. as trained crew or Master is more important than college courses. Perhaps the college courses could include a year or two of sea time for these students/cadedts before they enter the marine sector ashore in the BVI.

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  7. just a watcher says:

    i work in the marine sector, i hold diplomas is electrical, air conditioning , Diesel mechanic, and i must say marine time is not a 3 weeks seminar or an one year enrollment program , so i dont see no short cuts or fast track .

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  8. Jobs alone? says:

    When all the white man own the yachting industry.
    Slavery come again.

    Peep it!

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    • duck1951 says:

      Well it takes a lot of capital to sustain this industry so you cannot blame the ownership. Best ay around is to train your people and hopefully down the road they can partake in the business.

  9. Windy says:

    Training for ETHICS included ?

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  10. duck1951 says:

    Good idea but one must be careful not to go overboard .It takes a long time to gather this experience and the only way to get it apart from schooling is hands on experience as an apprentice ona boat .This should be highly encouraged .

  11. BVI Strong says:

    This makes lots of sense. Where else in the Caribbean do we see white South Africa’s etc. getting all the skilled jobs in the Marine Industry ? For far too long BVISLANDERS were being forced to sit in the back seat under the NDP.

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  12. Water sports Centre says:

    Was an RYA training centre specifically for this purpose who placed several left caps ( including handicapped) in the marine industry and off to Uni. Gov refused to support. I’m afraid the first step is qualified instructors who are unlikely to be locals, then with training in 10 years positions can change. RBVIYC and KATS have youth programmes. We do need to consult with the marine industry to go about this properly

  13. Mr. Hodge says:

    Some of you may not be aware of how the yacht charter industry has come to be what it is today. I think it would benefit you to know who’s sweat and sometimes blood and tears went into building this multi-million $$$ industry

  14. CW says:


  15. They know says:

    The Government knows how the industry works..the just want to find jobs for there drop outs.??

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