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BVITB paid off Flax-Brutus | Premier requests ‘full report’

Former Tourism Director Sharon Flax-Brutus (left) and Premier Andrew Fahie.

Premier and Tourism Minister Andrew Fahie said he has requested a full report into the circumstances surrounding the now-controversial departure of Sharon Flax-Brutus as Tourism Director at the BVI Tourist Board (BVITB).

Days after giving six months notice about her intended resignation, the Board decided that Flax-Brutus’ resignation must take immediate effect.

Addressing the issue via a press conference on Thursday, the Premier said preliminary information indicates that the former Tourism Director was paid out for the six months and released.

“The board has dealt with it independent of myself, [but] I have asked for a full report on it, and they are supposed to be giving me the report hopefully by tomorrow,” Premier Fahie stated.

“Anything other than that (all of the preceding), I cannot answer until I get the full report, but that’s the gist of the whole matter,” he added.

When asked if he was privy to the BVITB’s decision prior to its execution, the Tourism Minister said: “I don’t interfere with the board like that.”

Premier Fahie, in the meantime, placed on record his gratitude to the former Director for her ‘hard work’ and positive contributions to the tourism industry for the eight years she held that position.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most leaders and managers should take this approach. If you hire somebody to manage or supervise allow them to do the job that they were hired to do without interference. Nothing is worse than being hired to do a job based on your qualifications and experience then being micromanaged. Some people do do it to feel important and to “flex their muscles” show that they are the ones that are in control.

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    • But says:

      In reality these micro managers expose their management incompetence and prohibit progress.

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      • @But says:

        Don’t forget INEPT dumb as doornail I can’t quite pronounce a word the correct way folks. I just have to chuckle to myself when I see them.

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      • I can attest to that says:

        To much MICRO MANGEITIST is going on. There is no way I will study law for eight years, join a law firm and a Para Legal or a intern tries to Micro Manage me.

  2. vip heckler says:

    Ayo please don’t fall for this because the VIP wanted her gone from the time they got. Just wait a couple more days and ayo will see what was in the hidden agenda.

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    • @VIP heckler says:

      I agree, all I want to know is why she was treated the way she was treated. As far as I am concern after 8 years of dedicated service she was treated unfairly,disrespected used and tossed out. Those of you involved in this you should be ashamed of yourselves and need to hide your faces. No matter what you do a strong woman never falls from grace, nor can you keep a strong focused woman down.

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      • Watching on says:

        well said… she has a passion for her job, and she did a lot for our BVI And for her to be treated like this is inhumane and wrong, she will survive because she is a strong woman

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  3. Lol says:

    What a sack of shhhh…..They treated the woman like dirt after all her years of service. But that’s nothing new in the BVI, they do it to both locals and expats

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  4. insulting our intelligence says:

    This Premier continues to insult the intelligence of the BVI people and many of the BVI people continue to allow him to do so. All who are paying attention could see the di******ial nature of the Premier. Bevis, his best friend, is on every board including the tourist board. You want to tell me that the Premier would really have no idea whatsoever was happening and given the political fall out that could come from this that none of the members of the board that he handpicked would call him or even send him a message about what they were doing? People please stop allowing these silver tongue people to make fools of you! The Premier knew about this. He probably worked on Hon. ****** to get her over to his side before he made his move just in case Shereen decided to leave if her sister is fired.

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    • @Insulting our Intelligence says:

      If IPhone had kiss a Phone, I would have given you a nice peck on the cheek. 100% correct. May not see it now but,some type of Political fall out is going to come behind this.

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      @insulting our intelligence.

      Well said and might I add:

      Zan asked him were you privy to the BVI TB’s decision and the Premier’s response was he doesn’t interfere with the board like that. The board can tell you of their decision without you interfering in the decision making process. Sounds like somebody guilty of something.

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      • @tongue fu says:

        EXACTLY!! and he name MINISTER OF TOURISM! but yet he don’t know nothing? something isn’t right. TELL THE PEOPLE WHATS UPP PREMIER!!! stop

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        • Exactly! says:

          I agree. Where is the Jr Minister of Tourism who knows nothing about tourism and has been absolutely quiet through all of this?

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    • school chiren says:

      We heard he is making over a $100,000 per year off these 6 board salaries

      • Reality Check says:

        You know what’s interesting about all these curry-favour positions…the one who keeps talking about God forget calling God’s name doesn’t get you anywhere, practicing God’s laws and doing as He expects is what brings us to where He wants us to be in the end.


        So the set of brown-nosers on these Boards that fattening their pockets yet have no idea what they’re doing and really doing nothing (how many meetings do these people actually have/attend)…at the end of the day their 5 mins of “fame” will be up.

    • BornHere says:


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  5. Diaspora says:

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Six plus half a dozen is not adding up to 12 here. Something in the mortar besides the pestle. I used to wear a dunce cap at Manda School and still slow so someone tell me if I got this right. The BVITB paid Ms. Sharon Flax-Brutus 6 months salary so that she could retire early? Was the 6 month salary in addition to her earned vacation?

    Pride and legacy aside, she made out well financially but what was the value to the taxpayer? But it was not her fault that she was paid to go home; I’m sure she willing to work. Was she such a threat to the BVITB that she could not have serve until November? How was her last annual performance appraisal and what was her performance from her last performance appraisal to May 19, 2020? Did she have some recent performance and behavioral issues? Why was Premier Andrew Fahie not apprised (at least a courtesy) of the sudden and controversial departure of a high level director? Residents puzzled, they need a full accounting of what happened?

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  6. Naturalized Citizen says:

    Nah worry with none of them, dem ah one, one family, so if yo hear Fahie say that flax a c***k, so sit your a$$ in a corner and try to pronounce and spell the word THE.
    I live amongst these people for 40 years and I trust not one, if I don’t know who they are I won’t know again, I stay woke and cordial but I ah long time not to show them my coffee stained teeth.
    These people are faker than my grandmother’s false teeth.

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  7. Accountant says:

    They need to give her her full paycheck. They did not pay her all her money owed. Trying to rip her off. Premier give her her money and stop pretending. You knew all along what your board was doing

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  8. Wow says:

    When the green eye monster of politics , raise up its tail , neither local or expat would escape from injustice . Why does black folks like be to drag their brothers and sisters through the mud . Why do some people in the BVI take pleasure behind closed doors to humiliate their race . Greed , jealousy and discrimination counter all party lines . It comes crawling out like cockroaches . We need to stop fighting each other and do what is best for the country ; not party lines . If we carry on like this more lives would be lost emotionally than Covid 19 can ever do !

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  9. Disinterested says:

    To protect an organization, it is sometime worthwhile to buy out an employee contract and part ways. I have not seen any info yet that warrants a contract buy out, eyebrow raised. But the Premier is awaiting a full report. Really! I wonder what the report is going to say. I know what it is not going to say; it is not going to say we hose this up like Hogan’s goat. It is going to be some whitewashed report.

    Is the Premier going to overrule the BVITB if he is not satisfy with the reasonings for kicking her to the curb? Ops! I forget there are always more than two sides to a story, ie, your side, my side and the truth in the middle. Who believe the Premier had no clue?

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  10. citizen says:

    remier, you said you don’t get involve with your boards. pure rubbish! You are the leader of this country! It is your duty to get involved! The way Mrs. Brutus was dismissed was wronggggggggggggggggg! and you know it. I think you forget that what ever goes on the news goes Global. This is not looking good Premier. She has taken Tourism to another level, she has done her part and that is the thank you, you give her. You or your board owes that woman an apology! It is wrong! I don’t even look forward to your report because its your administration, which means i highly doubt anything will come out of it.

    Premier i really hope your new candidate is globally connected and respected globally like Mrs. Brutus is, what a thing to tell the king? Fix this premier you losing points!

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    • @citizen says:

      If he losing points again!!! LOL woooow. fix itttttt

    • @ citizen says:

      Plenty of them who are supposed to overlook Departments claim they don’t get involved and this includes matters involving children (I never heard more hogwash).

      I realize that’s the excuse when persons are trying to cover their backsides.

    • One time says:

      She wasn’t always globally respected as you say. She got the job … after she was … a Board member. She had no experience and no one knew her. She had to learn on the job. The next person might have to do the same thing cause not much people here have that level of experience.

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      • @onetime says:

        you really aint know her. Mrs. Brutus lives, sleep, eat Tourism. She is very knowledgeable and well rounded. She could be a very good consultant if they wanted to remove her. They going look like some real a**. With this global Pandemic, this wasnt the dam time. We need her. Our pillars are in trouble. Anyway my mother always say, who don’t hear by their ear always hear by them ass.

  11. 6 months notice? says:

    Wow that’s a lot! Is it typical for senior statutory bodies workers to be on 6 months notice?

  12. Expatriate says:

    Fahie knows exactly what’s going this is an insult to the intelligence of the people of the BVI and as a expatriate who pays taxes you should come clean

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  13. Mr. Premier says:

    After eight years of dedicated service and boosting the Tourist Industry how can you all treat the lady like that? Mr. Premier, you had knowledge and was aware of what was happening. Did the call to have her terminated come from your mouth? Yes? Then you want to save face by saying you are waiting for some damn FUDGED report? That was a cruel and wicked thing you people, yes you people did to that lady. No matter who you put in her spot, they will never be able to or have the knowledge to boost the Tourist Industry like Mrs. Flax. The Tourist Industry in the BVI will take a big hit behind this and there will be Political fall outs behind this. WHEN YOU ARE IN FOR MORE,YOU ALWAYS COMES OUT WITH LESS.

  14. Overseas says:

    Exactly, she is connected and respected Globally. Good luck trying to fill her shoes. 8 years of hard work and determination to be non appreciated, disrespected and humiliated. Not a good look for the BVI Tourist Board.

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    • @overseas says:

      Indeed, not a good look at all!

    • This is ugly says:

      She was on a CTO live broadcast that morning. She represented well…by the afternoon it’s in the media that she was relieved of her duties.The way it was done is ugly. The way the government looks is ugly.To do it during a time like this is uglier

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  15. hog city says:

    If you all want to know more about the 1st district representative ask the member for the 3rd

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  16. Roy says:

    Wow, Andrew you really take people for fool, nothing happens with your government, and it wasn’t your decision, what sucks is her own sister allow this to happen, her own Sister, if she cant defend her sister, how can she defend the people, who elected her.

  17. Bust Shot says:

    One woman is causing all of the boards to be in confusion. Her love for power and negative energy will cost VIP a whole lot.

    • @Bust shot says:

      They need to get rid of her and the Boards will be fine. She is the ELEPHANT in the room. So correct about the NEGATIVE energy. She walks in a room and you can feel the NEGATIVE energy. Get rid of her now rather than later.

  18. well sah says:

    The man who ordered her to be f**** now saying he wants a report on his desk……….lol

  19. Lid says:

    It have a department right now being run by a nincompoop that need to go.

  20. VIP In Charge says:

    New Director CC to the rescue

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