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UPDATE: By-election in coming weeks, says governor

Governor Augustus Jaspert has the prerogative to appoint a date for a by-election.

Governor Augustus Jaspert has confirmed that a by-election will happen “in the coming weeks”.

He made the statement in a brief media release Wednesday afternoon.


The territory is expected to have a by-election for the Fourth Electoral District within the next two months since National Democratic Party (NDP) legislator Mark Vanterpool has suddenly relinquished his post as the constituency’s elected representative.

Governor Augustus Jaspert is responsible for appointing a date for the by-election.

According to the Election (Amended) Act of 2019, “a by-election shall be held to fill the vacancy, on such date as the governor shall appoint by proclamation published in the Gazette, within two months but not less than 21 days of the occurrence of the vacancy, unless the House of Assembly is sooner dissolved or will be dissolved.”

Vanterpool, in the meantime, is yet to offer an explanation as to why he resigned public office only a week after being elected to the post.

The Fourth District was the only district seat to have four candidates vying to become its representative.

Vanterpool of the NDP won with 442 votes, the governing Virgin Islands Party followed closely behind with 385 votes, while the Vincent Scatliffe of Progressives United and Karl Scatliffe of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement secured 24 and 28 votes, respectively.

It is not clear if the NDP will be fielding a new candidate for the seat. It is also not known whether any of the defeated candidates will be returning to the polls for the anticipated by-election.

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  1. oh no says:

    oh no not again. this man have done this thing twice

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Walwyn will be running again. Hmmmm. Does this all look like it was planned…lmao. The politicians wouldn’t be so cunning would they…..lmao

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  3. son of the soil says:

    We don’t want any more island man in our house of assembly……………..GOOD RIDDANCE!

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    • @Son of the soil says:

      @Son of the soil, stop it! If you are truly the real deal, son of the soil, you are making yourself a nuisance now. Add some substance like some other bloggers to the discussion to move the country progressively forward. Virgin Islanders descendants are partaking in elections elsewhere, ie, USVI, US……etc. Here is a news flash. With migration, it is inevitable. Expats respect locals and locals respect expats.

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    • Let me help you there Guy says:

      Umm..You do know Tortola is an amalgamation of islands which also falls into the classification of being an island itself too …right?

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  4. District 4 voter says:

    Truth be told, he did not win Luce by a whole heap. Glad he is gone. Too many personal hand outs from what I heard. His interests apparently was just in getting elected, not proper representation for all of us the 4th. He resigned and left us hanging in the breeze just a week after election. Wow!

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    • Dirty minded says:

      I believe Marky is for who he want…I heard a story from a single mom who had difficulty when a much needed kitchen appliance stopped working. She went to his store to look for a replacement and that man didn’t even offer to discount $100 off the item which was close to $900…the lady didn’t mind making a sacrifice and paying but gosh he could have dropped something off the price. Thank God the lady went somewhere else and got a nice deal.

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  5. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Ok. The election cannot be held sooner than 21 days nor later than 60 days. Nonetheless, let’s get this thing done soonest, ie, probably as soon as the 22nd day. Candidates intending to compete for the D-4 seat need to start campaigning now and not wait for the election date to be announced; they have a time frame to work with, ie, between March 27 and May 06 plus or minus.

    Mark’s sudden, surprising and shocking resignation 8 days after the Feb 25 election may raise the hopes of many unsuccessful candidates of getting a second bite of the apple to serve in the Fourth Term of the HOA. All the jockeying will be interesting to watch with all the people tripping over themselves. Nonetheless, whoever runs will have the challenge of motivating residents to return to the polls in short order. The election should be held on Saturday to allow for maximum participation.

    Moreover, inquiring minds are eager to get the real story for the quickie resignation. If it were that he was never going to be allowed to serve in the HOA, why let him run? The same forces that engineered (allegedly) his resignation should have acted sooner rather than put D-4 residents and territory through this embarrassment, distraction, side show…….etc. If he were unsuccessful at the polls, would things go on as if nothing had happened? Was he allowed to get to the bitter end of the rope before acting? What other shoes going to be dropped? Should we stay tuned for more breaking news? What was D-4 residents exercised unnecessarily for? BVI residents need answers. Is the BVI a causalty of lopsided government (11-2 in HOA)? Was poor leadership and management a contributing factor to the current situation? The VIP government must do things right (Management) and do the right things (Leadership). We must stay on them like white on rice.

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  6. Walwyn says:

    Hope Walwyn runs

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  7. Diana says:

    The government should tax Hon. Mark Vanterpool for all the time and monies it will take to hold a bi-election. They should take it out of his pension until it is paid off. We the tax payers of this country does not deserve this neither the voters in the 4th district. I have a gut feeling Hon. Vanterpool knew long ago he was not going thru with this.

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  8. Dont be quick says:

    Dont be quick to disrespect a person because they are not from here.irma brought the bvi to their knees and the other islands supported, dominica donated plants,food etc. Trinidad donated water and the list go on. When will the people of the bvi stop this bitterness. Myron was born here and have created jobs for both local and foreigners. So has mark. Why to you bash foreigners who have build your tower of babel while your able bodied men your so call son of the soil was busy somking and getting wasted. Tortolans are back ward people they dont like change they are afraid of it, they school else where and they see the progress others are making.but they dont want to change. Go anywhere else in the world no one go around beating their chest i from here only in tola we see that. Strupes. Ps tell your men and women leave the drugs and apply their selves to prepare for the competion that lies ahead.

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    • Hmmmmmmm says:

      Babel is in your mouth

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    • @Do not be quick says:

      @Do not be quick, if you have not booked your ticket as yet go do it now. Why are you living among backward people? Seems like you would want to be home among progressive people. Do want to hear the the mantra that you are here to help the BVI. It is people as you that is causing friction between locals and expats. Most expats are here making their contribution and respecting the territory. Bye bye birdie.

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    • TJ says:

      Why don’t you go somewhere else in the world? I mean since Tortola is such an awful backward place

  9. hmm says:

    Seems very suspicious especially since I heard this rumor before election day. It would appear that Mark ran primarily as a favor because NDP felt they needed him. Now that it hasn’t worked out as they hoped, I guess they cooking up a plan B.

    Just seem like this NDP got more going on internally than the general population may ever know.

    Now if Myron run, all will know the desperation for power. I would bet he either wants to control Marlon or replace him as leader of the opposition.

    But as a 4th district voter. NDP can’t get my vote and after this slap in the face – make it worse.

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  10. Governor says:

    Please get this over with ASAP.

  11. NDP Supporter says:

    I am finished with these guys. NDP is just a set of con men.

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  12. Tears says:

    I work so dam hard to help get Mark elected now to come hear this piddle. Well NDP you and whoever you bring can go sit down. I am voting LUCE!

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  13. Home Boy says:

    I was a NDP supporter but not anymore, I lost all respect for the NDP. They can never get me nor my family of 8 to vote for them again. Mark you let me down as well as the voters of the 4th District and the entire NDP family. I hope whoever NDP put up for the By-Election the VIP slaughter them. I am truly disgusted with these guys now.

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  14. The Man says:

    The man not running and has no intention of running.

    give it a freaking rest!

    ayo like to believe the worst of others, why dont you go make sure you lives are white as snow!

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  15. Help says:

    Mark you are a very big disappointment and a very big fool. Had we’ve known that you had this in the making planning to resign from the district we in the Fourth District will never vote for you. You and your NDP team are so corrupted, you have no respect,no humility you and your crew nothing but fools useless fool. Now by Election in the making and we are going to vote for VIP candidate. All of you the NDP team need to go to God and Repent of your sin darkness is all around you. Thanks for all you foolish people.Ediot!!

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  16. serious guy says:

    The costs associated with this By-Election should be taken from his Ministerial Pension.

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  17. Politico Nuevo says:

    Governor, the clock is ticking on the 21 days no sooner than and 60 days no later than time prescribed by the Election Act. Set an election date now; we just had an election a few days ago so it should take the Election Office little time to ramp up. Let’s geh ah dun mon! Candidates, you don’t have to wait for the date to be announced to start the campaign, for it is known that the election will be between March 27 and May 05 (cinco de Mayo). The starting pistol shot so the race is on. In the coming days or hours, we should see some announcements. Surprise that some announcements have not occurred already. Early birds get worms; well, sometimes. Will candidates failing to get 1/8 of votes cast lose their $1000.00?

  18. Luc says:

    I hope more persons run .Luce doesn’t convince me , looks like a smiler just like alver@ .

  19. Watch Dog says:

    Premier Fahie, what is taking so long to consult with the Governor and set an election date?

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