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Cabinet confirms Maynard as BVIPA’s official Managing Director

File photo of Oleanvine Maynard and the minister responsible for Ports, Premier Andrew Fahie. (GIS Photo)

After being appointed to act in the post in 2019, Oleanvine Maynard has now been officially installed as the full-time Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA).

The Cabinet decided on the appointment during its May 19 meeting.

Maynard has been appointed to serve for two years with effect from March 18, 2021, a post-Cabinet statement released on Thursday said.

The Cabinet has also given instructions for the BVIPA’s Board to review her performance annually.

Maynard is a former Labour Commissioner who has also previously served as the personal assistant to the Managing Director.

Only a year, BVIPA Operations Manager Dean Fahie was announced as the new Acting Managing Director. However, the Ports later retracted that announcement describing it as being “prematurely” made.

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  1. Big AL says:

    What a huge mistake. I guess the BVI is the place where you can rise to the top even with flawed … I have nothing against this lady but certain people does not fit certain positions and she most certainly doesn’t fit this position. Anyone knows why she [left] Labour? Will here be any different? Just same sh*t, different department. All governments whether it be VIP or NDP or any “P” should operate with a fair steady hand. Not wishy washy like these past governments.

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  2. heckler says:

    Some one in ** our ports who don’t know the difference between port and starboard….What a joke!

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  3. ...... says:

    Please UK come and save us. If not on the basis of corruption, on the basis lf stupidity and incompetence.

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  4. system says:

    the port is in a mess administratively , structurally etc . not a friendly place to conduct business.

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    The ports need to be run by someone with experience of running a large logistics operation, not once again by someone’s relative.

    The Ports are a national embarrassment. They should also be privatized.

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  6. Common sense says:

    Where is Mr John Samuel did he not run with the vip ticket ain’t he local don’t he have the qualifications for this job why why why are we as local is been push around in this lil bird sanctuary that our forefathers save too bring us too where we at please stop making fools of our peoples please stop it stop it

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    • Lol says:

      Because the – – – like to be in power so *** force him out. He did the best thing. Smh this is to much. Election hurry come Because this is non sense. Employees of the Port you thing are bad now they have officially gotten worst

  7. Hmm says:

    A boy they ain’t t get it

  8. For real! says:

    Can’t say Fahie ain’t taking care of his people, qualified or not. Bobo, thank you Sir Hickinbottom.

  9. MESSAGE TO HER says:

    Dear Olivine, this government is spoiling your name with their nonsense and the Bvi Ports Authority issues, I’m warning you BECAREFUL!

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  10. Big AL says:

    … is not *** for this job. What is the BVI coming bgg to? There’s more to say about this appointment but it might not be published.

  11. Smffffhhh says:

    Listen all i know in my house alone. 14 of us voting. Thats all i have to say. Set of nonesense. No increments nothing nothing just big positions and big positions alone passing. I tired. Port staff all them seeing is people dropping in an big promotional Job. Nothing for the hard workers. We tireddddddddddddddd. We need a change.

  12. Goat water says:

    Imagine the port staff them same government trying theif the people out off them hard pension money. They making plans to make us not pensionable after 10.5 yrs. When we sign contracts stating we pensionable 10.5 yrs 25 yrs and 33 yrs. Now they trying break our contracts and say we got to pay our own pensions listen alu have some lawsuits coming u hear i hope alu got room for over 200 staff lawyering up. This nonesesnse needs to staff. Imagine them trying save them *ss by making earily pension for them self but we who working hard for our 20yrs 10.5 yrs u trying rob we money. We need alu gone. We dont like alu. Go evil doers and devil worshippers. I waiting for alu to bring them shit for me. My lawyer waiting. Bout alu got new polices. My policy stands. If alu qan hire new staff on alu bullshit go ahead. Soon make my 25yrs try that shit with my money. Some fires will pass. Think people working hard for shit. Stop try rob poor people this is honest money. All them doing is trying pressure all the close pension people out the port. Listen i alu uno. Listen i see alot dead people. 6 sense i got one. Stop play around people. U think is easy u going work for years and policy are put in place an all u all wicked devil people cone to do is rob innocent taxpayers wait. Problem soon start. Port staff trust me we quiet but we deadly. Watch us. We want our monies again. We want our money back. Coi hoing get involve in this trust me.

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