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Cabinet decisions will now be made public


Governor Augustus Jaspert

Cabinet – the executive arm of government – is ending the practice of generally withholding its decisions from the public.

Governor Augustus Jaspert made the announcement while delivering his Speech from the Throne address in House of Assembly on Thursday, September 13.

He said the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands decided to publicise their decisions in keeping with the government’s “commitment to promote more openness and transparency”.

“As such, the premier and I will shortly announce how the publicising of Cabinet decisions will be implemented,” Jaspert said.

The move to publicise Cabinet decisons comes after a number of calls from Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie.

The Cabinet of the Virgin Islands has authority above all ministries, departments, statutory boards, and agencies of government, except where it is otherwise clearly stated.

Cabinet comprises the territory’s governor, the premier and his four other government ministers, the attorney general, and the Cabinet secretary, who heads the group.

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  1. Woww says:

    About time.

    Now we can see what NDP planning to do.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    Good thing jaspert, know more hiding now NDP.

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  3. Lol says:

    I know M—– doesn’t like this now.

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  4. Michael says:

    No more hiding now c—ks!!!

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  5. Thanks says:

    For this we must say thanks to VIP and Fahie. It shows that their plans are on target & that the UK also agrees.

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  6. Kenneth Dreger says:

    Now publish them online for all to see….

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    • Jefferson says:

      Thank you Governor. Open disclosure will create more trust between the people and our elected officials. Greater transparency shall invite more public discussion and encourage our next generation of leaders to conduct due dillegence and extend greater care to spending our money and planning our future.

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  7. Get real says:

    The NDP was forced by the UK to do this but we will take it.

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  8. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Great news! This is 5 decades long over due; except for security or some legal issues or proprietary information, all other government operations must be available, open and transparent to the public. Furthermore, the public needs more than decisions publicizing; it needs, except for security information, access to and input on the deliberations. People should have the real time opportunity to comment on issues Cabinet is deliberating on.

    The territory supposedly has a unicameral HOA. However, the Cabinet makes it look like there is a bicameral system. Further, some of the members in the unicameral HOA are also on the Cabinet. The Cabinet comprises the Governor, Attorney General, Premier, other four Ministers and Cabinet Secretary. Is the Governor voting on issues that fall under the purview of the local government?

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  9. Years gone by... says:

    Please publish them in the Gazette and please publish them from 2001 come forward. We need to see both what the NDP and the VIP were doing with our money all these times. Thank you.

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  10. Windy says:

    A good question is WHEN will decisions be made public in relation to when they’re made ????

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  11. Haters says:

    Don’t worry Myron you the next premier

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  12. What Time Is It? says:

    Don’t try to Boost Myron’s shattered confidence. He apparently loves Secrecy wearing those dark Sniper shades and covering up the TV screen with those big hands. He can’t cover up anything any longer, No more $Million.something contracts, hush hush.

    Tek Dat

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  13. What Time Is It? says:

    Don’t try to Boost Myron’s shattered confidence. He apparently loves Secrecy wearing those dark Sniper shades and covering up the TV screen with those big hands. He can’t cover up anything any longer, No more $Million.something contracts, hush hush.

    Thanks to Hon. Andrew Fahie; and he aint in the Hot Seat yet. Imagine when he’s in it… and Myron is on the outside looking in, (Up actually) lol

    Tek Dat

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  14. Fellow bloggers says:

    Most of these commentors are misguided. Isn’t it the same NDP Cabinet that has made the decision to do this? This has nothing to do with Fahie. This has been in the making.

    You will aslo be surprised to see that decisions will only be published in a certain format. The “juicy salacious” details you are expecting will not be forthcoming.

    Also, are you not aware that all that happens with the throne speech is that the Governor reads the Government agenda? Its basically a speech prepared for him by Government officials setting out the Governments agenda. Obviously he tweaks it to his style.

    And newspaper please get it right. Obviously ghere will be decisions of a security and otherwise sensistive matter that be published so your headline of “All” is misleading.

    I swear, so many people in VI do not think!!

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    • @ Fellow Bloggers says:

      …including you. And the NDP cabinet did not willingly yield to this decision just like dem didnt willingly not renew skelton cline contract. They had no choice. Pressure buss pipes.

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  15. NDP SUPPORTER says:

    Like Fahie or not one must admit that he has been consistently championing this initiative for months now. This shows that he is a leader with vision.

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  16. Wes says:

    let see if this goes the same way as the Register of Interests and Public Accounts Committee.

  17. Rubber Duck says:

    Seems like the relationship with the UK does have a few advantages.

  18. Queen Mary says:

    Seems like the UK is tightenkng up the
    ship as the possibility of F—— and others whose reputation precedes them might be taking the helm.

  19. Hosa says:

    The opposition mentioning this made it sn opportune time for the UK to implement it.

  20. think says:

    One project at a time what we do not have do without, until the finances are available the thing is to get out of debt, it is depressing.
    We like competition but it is bad business

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