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Cabinet grants Belongership to 27 persons! Another 36 get residency

Twenty-seven non-nationals have now been granted Belonger status in the British Virgin Islands.

Six of these persons are the spouses of Belongers. They have been living in the territory with their spouses for five years or more.

“Cabinet [also] reviewed and accepted the recommendations of the Board of Immigration to grant Certificates of Belonger Status to [another] 21 applicants were who, in the opinion of the Board, have met each of the legal requirements of Section 16(3) of the Immigration and Passport Act (revised),” a post-Cabinet statement released on Thursday said.

The statement also said Cabinet reviewed and accepted recommendations from the Immigration Board to grant Certificates of Residence to another 36 persons.

Cabinet further agreed for endorsements of four minors under Section 18(2) of the Immigration and Passport Ordinance.

Cabinet made these latest decisions during its February 24 meeting.

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  1. 40 plus yrs cant get belongers says:

    All my kids and grand kids born here….When you see people with power dont like you…U in trouble, but hope they know every dog has its day..

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    • Anonymous says:

      That sound like your fault because people that were here for 20 years plus were being given belongership during the fast track so you are definitely omitting something from your story.

    • Listen says:

      In the BVI it takes 20 years to gain citizenship. It takes 9 months for a Belonger to have a US citizen in their family. The man who waits 20 years gets nothing from the government. The Belonger gets free health care, welfare, school and money from the US. The man who waits 20 years pays taxes each year. The Belonger never pays taxes in the US for which he is a criminal. It amazes how the Belonger can open their mouth about anyone becoming a citizen in the BVI. I hope the COI will resolve this racist practice. Oh and please keep your knocked up mamas out of the US.

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  2. son of the soil says:

    stop allowing these people to live here for no more than 7 years at a time to avoid this constant giving away of our country

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    • Really says:

      Let’s guess where you were actually born or where all the babies in your family were dropped. Just another racist pig you are.

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      • Black Nationalist says:

        We can’t ever be racist so when it comes to non HUEmans we should be prejudice at best. All islands are loved and welcome in the BVI once you of the correct hue. They trying to murder us all over the world we must think like this to thrive and correct the wrongs of Europe especially Belgium.

  3. Village says:

    True that too much unfair game

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  4. Sam says:

    Bvi belong to God

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  5. more belonger than ever says:

    Every body is a belonger now!! so whatever even so called 3rd and 4th generation whom never came to the BVI.. I really hope it’s worth it… Smart moves whatever it takes to get those votes.. but we the real.
    indigenous BVI will vote.

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  6. Curly says:

    I do wonder if persons objecting to those that have worked, lived and paid taxes here for 20 years. Is all your family born here, any born in St Thomas. Because that seems to be a popular choice to gain a US Passport.

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