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Cabinet long approved allocations but Joint Task Force still not paid

Her Majesty’s Customs is one of the local law enforcement agencies providing enhanced border patrols since the coronavirus pandemic.

Responding to reports that the Joint Task Force assisting with marine border security still has not been paid their promised allowance, Premier and Minister of Finance, Andrew Fahie has said he is concerned.

As far as the Finance Minister’s role to facilitate the payments goes, he is not to blame because Cabinet has long approved the allocations.

However, the Premier has shied away from calling out the responsible party sitting on the officers’ pay.

“It pains my heart that they have not been paid as yet. And I will continue to apply pressure where pressure needs to be to make sure that they are paid,” the Premier stated.

“I wasn’t aware that they weren’t paid up till now. I know it came up about a month and a half ago and I made a push on it and I was told that they would be paid so its disappointing to hear that they’re not … This is a little long. This should have done been taken care of. There is no excuses for that,” he added.

The Joint Task Force was initially commissioned back in 2020 when COVID-19 hit the BVI.

Its role is to maintain the security and integrity of the territory’s borders. Up till recently, some 34 Customs and Immigration officers had joined the task force alongside members of the police force.

The task force has seen large success since its inception.


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  1. heckler says:

    but the barges were paid upfront

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  2. Barge says:

    The JTF guys should just go to work for the security barge anchored near Peter Island. 12k a day with free meals and room aboard!

  3. Jackie Long says:

    If I’m correct Andrew is the C******l of Finance. He’s l***g to the people again. He has the power to pay people same day if he feels like.

  4. Investigate says:

    Do y’all news sites do any investigative journalism or you just wait for press conferences and press releases and act like you’re revealing something? Honestly, the premier makes a statement saying that Cabinet approved the allocations and he wasn’t aware they weren’t paid. Did you have reporters call the entity responsible for dispersing the money? Did you speak with the head of the Task force? Did you speak with anyone on the task force? What is the real point of this article in the end? It sheds NO LIGHT on the issue. Investigate these statements.

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    • 1st district says:

      @investigate, what that hot air balloon say is little or of no importance. He just full ah hot air!

  5. Soldier says:

    Agreed! Investigate the Messenger! We Run our Month like Runny Sh***t.

  6. 1st district says:

    @investigate, what that hot air balloon say is little or of no importance. He just full ah hot air!

  7. This not priority says:

    The focus for this useless cabinet were to ensure that those long unpaid stimulus application be addressed and paid,, thats priority..

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