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Cabinet officially approves larger bikes for BVI, only gov’t-authorised dealers can import

Motorcycles with engine capacities that are more than 125 cubic centimetres (CC) will now be permitted into the British Virgin Islands but will only be allowed in through dealers who are authorised by government.

This was revealed in a report on Cabinet’s November 29 meeting. The report said Premier Andrew Fahie as Minister of Finance shall allow increased engine sizes into the territory on specified conditions.

“The Minister of Finance may vary the import and export restrictions on 125 CC engine size limit on motorcycles and their parts pursuant to the Customs Management and Duties Act, 2010, section 85(3)(a),” the statement said.

The conditions, which must be imposed to facilitate the larger engine motorcycles into the territory include a revamp of the old licensing mechanism for motorcycles by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to now possess a three-prong licensing regime, compulsory basic training for every motorcycle rider, theoretical testing and full rider testing.

A minimum age limit and minimum riding experience requirements for larger CC engine sizes will also be established.

Mandatory DMV programme and certification

According to the post-Cabinet report, the conditions for the revamping of the licensing mechanism will allow riders to demonstrate their competence and levels of safe riding on public roadways by age and experience.

All persons who wish to import these larger capacity motorcycles into the BVI must obtain a certificate from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to do so.

In order to receive certification, riders must undergo a DMV-approved programme that offers instructions in operations, maintenance, emergencies, defensive riding, judgement, and use of safety equipment as it relates to larger-sized bikes.

In May 2019, Minister for Transportation Kye Rymer, stated in the House of Assembly that his ministry had been working on legislation to increase the motorcycle size in the territory from its 125-CC limit up to as much as 600 CCs.

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  1. That bike..... says:

    Looks like a demon sitting there.

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  2. Lmao says:

    I want to see Kye and Andrew blowing down waterfront drive on one of those bikes with the wind wiping in their hair.LOL.

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    • Motor says:

      Well it looks like Fahie will now need a motorcycle escort in front of his limo procession. I think this is a wonderful thing. Larger motorcycle will result in way more deaths. This will serve to reduce the Belonger population on the island more than free food stamps and housing in the US. Ramp up the funeral homes. Your gonna need them.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I only hope motor cycle legislation will be drafted. Importation is only being addressed in this segment. Please impliment proper enforcement legislation to go along with importation include chase legislation and look at hit and run at the same time

  4. #AmItheonlyone# says:

    I only hope motor cycle legislation will be drafted. Importation is only being addressed in this segment. Please impliment proper enforcement legislation to go along with importation include chase legislation and look at hit and run at the same time

  5. makes sense says:

    So I can ride in the back of a truck or on a motorcycle but can’t drive a car without a seatbelt. makes sense.
    Police love handing out tickets for idiotic things

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  6. Hmm says:

    Government approved huh. I guess we will soon see who has the government in their pockets.

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    • Xbiker says:

      Finally don’t forget there are good riders who cares and who have never broken the laws and always wear their helmets don’t forget a few months ago good riders was going around the island from Trellis Bay etc come on

  7. A concerned Citizen says:

    What about all of the under aged kids that ride around with out a worry in the world? No license no helmet and a 600cc bike. Sounds like a recipe for disaster .

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    • Science in action says:

      Survival of the fittest. Less chance for survival when you crash at higher speeds, but messier cleanup. Those that do survive will probably need lifelong health care that is probably not included in their bike insurance, so it’ll be on the tax payer. Again, a situation where individual rights have trumped what is good for the community.

  8. Hip Hip says:

    If these new rules are enforced as good as the current scooter rules then we are in good hands yes? Happy days ahead, hip hip hooray!!!

    *sarcasm off*

    This has got to be a f***ing joke! I’m sure the RVIPF Commissioner made it clear that if Government intended to lift the ban there were many issues that needed to be addressed like resurfacing and proper maintenance of roads, licensing mechanisms etc. So we ignore the person(s) that are going to be tasked with enforcement and pass it anyway? I’m sure the cops will just let them kill themselves. Only authorized importers? Once the ban is lifted the cat is out of the bag and now you’re going to have customs and/or police chasing behind these big machines to see if they were brought in legal or not? Good luck!

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  9. SOS says:

    Any bets that the Pasty Kigh gang would be bike dealers? You telling me if I go to the states and buy a motorcycle I can’t bring it in?

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  10. NOT VERY WISE says:


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  11. Anonymous says:

    An increase i noise pollution by at least 100% should aslo be expected to be tolerated. A very unwise decision this.

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  12. #AmItheonlyone# says:

    We don’t have scooter legislation. We have importation legislation under the customs ordinance. The Police can’t enforce what is not there
    They can only give a ticket for riding without a helmet which is $50.00 I think. But first you have to identify and catch the rider . The whole thing needs careful consideration.

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  13. As a concern wife says:

    I am afraid of motor bikes due to the fact that I lost a cousin and a family friend in motor bike crashes. My husband who never rode a motor bike is saying he is going to get a harley. He is going to get it no matter what I say so, I am going to make sure his damn insurance is paid up.

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  14. Curious says:

    Why do we need bigger bikes? The scooters here seem to have no problem with the hills or access to anywhere the driver needs to go? So we need bigger bikes just to go faster? What would be the requirement bigger bikes fulfill??

  15. GM says:

    OH YEA, great idea!!!! who comes up with this stuff?

  16. BVI says:

    What a dumb idea. Second only to belongers status awarded by this Government since it came to office. It’s bad enough with the riders of the moron bikes riding up and down all night disturbing the elderly people in their homes.

  17. MM says:

    If only you could regulate bikers. Annual road tests to control muffler tampering, lights etc. Nothing wrong with large bikes. You can do the same damage on a small bike. It just takes education.

  18. Tourism says:

    This is not going to be good for tourism. How many stories do we want to see about people on vacation killed in a motorcycle accident?? The roads in the BVI are not even fit for cars (turns sloped the wrong way, hill beyond grade). People can have plenty of fun on a 125 cc bike. This is BAD

  19. Jahlove says:

    I think it’s a good move once done properly. There’s definitely a concern about the younger reckless riders now getting access to bigger bikes. But if the right laws and regulations are in place there can be age limits and other restrictions to give access to the right people. I’m a pass rider and would love to have a 600cc motorcycle here. 125cc bikes have e some of the worst breaks,very low quality shocks and overall handling is nothing compared to the bigger bikes and I’m not talking about speed. So,yes it has to be done carefully and properly but it’s definitely doable and should be done. Stop limiting grown men and women,let’s see how this can be done and not just look at the negative aspects.

  20. Tourism says:

    It might work out for tourism..I mean why not bring in Harley Davidson to rent choppers from.

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