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Cabinet waives tender process to award Skelton Cline new gov’t consultancy contract

Claude Skelton Cline

VIP stalwart Claude Skelton Cline has been awarded a new $144,000 contract to provide consultancy services to government.

This was revealed in government’s latest post-Cabinet statement which confirmed that Cline’s company, Grace Consulting, has been awarded the contract for 12 months.

The contract will run from September 18, 2019, to August 17, 2020.

“[Cabinet] approved the request for waiver of the tender process in favour of Grace Consulting, that is deemed to be a suitable company having successfully executed deliverables in a just-concluded contract and provided evidence of the same,” the statement read.

“[Cabinet] approved [the] fee at the rate of twelve thousand dollars ($12,000) per month in accordance with the draft contract, and to be payable periodically upon presentation of invoices, and accompanied with status reports of the deliverables under the consultancy,” the statement added.

This is the second time since taking office in late February that the Andrew Fahie-led administration has waived the tender process to award Cline a consultancy contract.

The first contract was for a six-month period and valued $98,000.

It tasked Cline’s company Grace Consulting with advising government on how to create a climate-resilient and renewable energy unit, along with other similar projects.

Grace Consulting was also responsible to lead negotiations with stakeholders in the telecommunication sector, and discussions on the status and future of Prospect Reef.

They were also expected to head negotiations for new Cruise Line Berthing Agreements as well as to identify and facilitate a seaplane tour excursion initiative.

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  1. Goodsense says:

    where is the report that the premier promised the people before renewing this contract?

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    • Hahaha says:

      You all wanted NDP gone so bad that you didnt see what was coming. This is only a little taste of what is to come. You voted for it now deal with it!

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    • Nothing says:

      And what qualifies t***f to provide a not needed report. There are plenty of Belongers employee by the government that are doing nothing that can provide the same hogwash as this c***n. You people are truly amazing. A world class third world Territory.

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    Wow. Unbelievable.

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    • Bush Tea Sipping says:

      Sipping my tea and watching it unfold day by day.

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      • Question of the week? says:

        to Bush tea ? sipping, wha a ting! before our very eyes.

        Now to the “Question of the week?”

        There are 2 biblical archetypes synonymous here: is Fah.., “the unconventionalist,” is he a Jacob (a master deceiver), or a Noah (the great saviour of our little nation, [BVI])? Now that! is the question for all neophytes to answer for themselves. Ending it there.

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        • You sound ignorant says:

          Both Noah and Jacob were chosen men… Jacob is the father of the 12 tribes of the Creator’s chosen people … He was clever yes but Esau was plain wicked so he deserved it. Lol You will then need to bring the mother in as she helped the second time and pushed him to do so… Soooo choose someone else, for in the end Jacob is still a mighty man and will definitely have a place in heaven.. So will Noah… There is only one master deceiver so just say the devil or Noah.

  3. watching says:

    What a complete and utter CROCK !!! Do nothing consultants for everything . So I guess no one has a competent brain in govt

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  4. stewps says:

    You get the government you deserve

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  5. Lollll says:

    No matter what the census speaks concerning this man he still getting what he wants

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  6. LMAO says:

    It’s clear as day who is in who’s pockets.

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  7. Fools says:

    Consultancy my azz.

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  8. Wellsaw says:

    Governor where are you what is going on. The people are now on the street saying you were too young for the job and these guys are running circles around you.

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    • mi b@ckside says:

      Tis wah we wote fah. we a democracy, all gov can do is watch an shake he head

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      • Nonsense says:

        No, unfortunately, that is not how it is . It seems so but not. There is a constitution where the Governor is in charge of all agencies that investigate.

        And if it is that an appointment is deemed undesirable especially legally or morally wrong he can stop it. It is alleged or reported that he ignmored or stopped the PSC recommendations for PS and appointed his own.

        There have been audits and investigations for alleged government mishandling and as of yet close to a year, the people have not been told the results of the accusations and investigations and this is his responsibility.

  9. Who giveth? says:

    In business you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!

    You’ve done it again Sir!

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  10. No carrots, Mr.Hitler says:

    Detroit miss you, please come back to us. He will soon say pineapples dont belong on Pizza….mayo sauce dont belong on sushi…what a freaking l*on this guy is

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    • Detroit calling says:

      — can never step foot back in the Motor City even if he wanted to. Don’t you think it was odd the way he came back to the Caribbean?

  11. Every Government does this says:

    So freaking what- VIP will get two terms and more – tell me whether NDP did not do even worse – Stupes – hypocries

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    • Wooosh says:

      So are you admitting a wrong doing here? This is not Mathematics; two wrongs don’t make it right, ironically that’s why The NDP was voted out of office and so will be this government next time at the polls, if the Queen doesn’t take control to right this ship by then.

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      • @Woosh says:

        I can agree with every word you wrote except those that state, “if the Queen doesn’t take control bull s**t.. On that, you need a decolonisation cleansing..

        Ak thy self how did those people become owners of these lands., how they are rich today while all of remain are so blasted poor. When you have the answers, maybe you will stepped on the mental road to decolonialization of the mind.

        The first step in very long mental journey to freedom. Hopefully, you will get there before you volenteer to be placed back in physical chains.

        • Reality says:

          Sad to say that’s where we are headed at this current pace, it’s not the fact that we will be recolonised but I think it will be a similar situation to what happened in Turks and Caicos. The UK is not going to stand by and watch us fester in bad governance. We are similar to the USVI , in terms of being over seas territories.We have to show that we can manage our affairs and not blow smoke screen and pull wool over the sheep’s eye; today you are boasting that you are aggressively trying to recoup the 7.2 million investment then tomorrow you are giving away $144,000.00 on top of a previous $90,000.00. with nothing to show for it.

  12. ? says:

    The worst of the worst, man of the cloth by day d***l by night, first it was the afterschool program now this.

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  13. Paul Revere says:

    The next time the UK deploys their military to the shores of the BVI, is to round up this Administration.

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  14. Mmm hmm says:

    Fahie, be careful that this man is not your downfall. Tread lightly and carefully. We remember all the things you said against the NDP while on the other side of the floor.

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  15. biggs says:


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  16. crying for this country says:

    None of us should be surprised by this move. Our home will never get any better until we change some very fundamental things about ourselves. Many of us are too selfish and think only about ourselves. Many of our decisions are based on what is in it for me. The country cannot get better if this view doesn’t change.
    Pastor Cline is a political opportunist who cares only about Claude Cline. If that is not clear to us by now then we are really in trouble. Pastor Cline is supposed to be a Christian leader. This makes it worse. And where are the other Christian leaders who like to call out what they call wrong. Where is the voice of Bishop Cline? oh! Its his nephew so you wouldn’t hear a word. Where is Pastor Turnbull? Oh! Its his close family member too so, not a word. Where is the inquiry into the pier park? Oh! It wouldn’t happen because Claude is involved. This is plain out wrong. He would have received 240K for 18 months of work that he have not seen and nobody says anything.
    Take a look at who have the most power in the country. Look at the people calling the shots for the rest of us. People with no kind of integrity. Don’t we see something is wrong? Must we crash and burn before we see how the cards are being stacked?

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  17. vip heckler says:

    This guy is rubbing shoulders with the premier. The VIP is behaving/operating like a criminal organization

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    • Wow - Be Humble says:

      This man campaigned heavily for the now premier. He did all the d—y work for the premier. So now the premier have to give everyone a job to continue his d—y ways. Read between the line. Who was the running person for the premier. Everything that goes on in the dark will come to light one day. Mr. Premier be careful that this man of God do not sell you out. Remember to be humble and kind to all and do not forget from where you came. Ben Carson have a book Think Big. All ways be nice to the people, because the people you pass going up you going to fall all over them coming back down. Mr. Premier you a much better person that that.

  18. “It’s the people, Stu...” says:

    Micro+Macro=Hive Minds

    In the words of Headless Chicken, “And no one will do Jack ….” Now we see why nothing will change until people stand up for Justice. It first starts with the little things.

    Until then, “Stay Woke” is just a paradox for the Living Dead.

    I’m memory of those who still seek Justice for their loved one: Kendoy Penn, Nickera Smith, Alston Penn, Ashburn Dawson, 11 age young, Trinity, and for all the others who have not been mentioned here.

    Justice must be served someday. Rise! So they may find rest in eternal love.

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    • To it's the people..stu says:

      I am so happy to see there are still people out there that remember those whose lives were snuffed out. The other day, I was surprised to see the article published by both platinum & the yellow site about it being 2yrs since the murder of Mr.Penn and Trinity…yes ONLY 2 news sites posted the Police press release, yet just hours after the murders all the news sites including this one, were posting it like crazy. We MUST NEVER give up on justice for all who were killed….do better “bweeeinews”

  19. Facts says:

    a c***inal enterprise running the country. Check it out. #Facts

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  20. smh says:

    Exactly what has he done for $98K in 6 months? Really, inquiring minds would like to know.

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  21. VIP=NDP (squared)? says:

    Now, now, now…Fahie I am for you…but not those people who you surrounding yourself with.
    Can anyone tell me what happened in DETROIT?????????

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    • LMAO says:

      Oh yeah for sure. That other ???? Mitch is sitting back waiting to strike like he did when he was plotting on NDP.

      • Oh chile says:

        LOL, sipping my Merlot. He is a slick one,he was plotting to help bring NDP down right up under their noses. See how you men don’t pay attention? A woman would have already scoped that out.LOL.

    • You want the truth? says:

      Research the Ex Mayor of Detroit that had to serve time …. Does Cline got Andrew in his back pocket? As a matter of fact, Mitch knows a whole lot.

    • Ask MT from D2 says:

      He knows a whole lot. He is just sitting back on the oppersation side waiting and watching for the right time to strike. I don’t understand why the Premier can’t see that he is getting played. His enemies is right in his mist waiting for the opportunity to derail his Government and make him look inept.I wish you silly men would listen sometimes.

    • DETROIT says:


  22. Kitchen Table Group Panel says:

    Cline is the one calling the shots and running the Country.The Premier is I***T. Remember,Cline ran with the big boys in Detroit Political circle. He knows how the Political game is played.

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  23. Will say says:


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  24. vip heckler says:

    911……….Robbery in progress at the treasury

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  25. :) says:

    Stalwart is not a word I would use to describe CSC. The only reason he is with VIP is because NDP refused to renew his contract. If this one isn’t renewed he will be making the switch with Mitch.

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  26. Quiet Rebel says:

    To the victor goes the spoil. In opposition, people criticize the encumbent government for certain behaviors, ie, favoring and showing preference for supporters but when the shoe is on the other foot, exhibit the same behaviour. In the Caribbean universe of politics, political patronage and tribal politics is a way of life. Whatever government is in power there supporters feed at the trough and suck on the government’s nipple. That said cows feed where they are pastured and ties. Thus, qualified Virgin Islanders should first preference for available opportunities. As such, I’m not averse to CSC getting a$12K per month contract if he is qualified, it is the going rate, and will it provide the taxpayers value for money. By the way, what was the deliverables for the first contracts for $90K+ contract? The taxpayers have a right to know?

    • EOO says:

      to Quiet Rebel.

      The right thing to do is to advertise the job and allow other possibly qualified Virgin Islanders to apply and participate in the process. Any other way- invites corruption.

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  27. Bob Marley sang “Truth to Power” says:

    Still precipitating today.


  28. Observer says:

    The VIP may very well be a one term Government. Keep making them find of decisions. This Government is picking up right where NDP left off. Four years will go by quickly.

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  29. I laugh says:

    And we thought he lost his power to others. Skelton Cline wielding that big stick. Our poor Premier only knows how to say “okay”, obviously. Poor taxpayers money. The roads are awful and the smoke killing us to name a few. Wow and to think we could have had a Premier with a mind of his own and a decision maker. Well, that would have been the smart and right thing to do, but who cares about smart and right in these last days?

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  30. Heard it through the grape vines says:

    There is an ?, tell all, Book about to drop on the 1st Year Anniversary of “How the Fahie Government came into power.” Entitled: THE HONEST TRUTH. POLITICS IN THE [B]VI. The ?. Heads!!! will spin.

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    CONSULTATION FOR WHAAATTTTTT!?! So what’s the point of hiring All those brilliant minds/employees in office? Government can’t execute decisions without this man and his near $100,000 Bill? WHY MUST WE ALWAYS WASTE MONEY! I HATE IT HERE!!!

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    • Square Pegs in Round holes says:

      In 1992 or 93 I was privy to a presentation, where a minister of tourism from another Caribbean country made a presentation on Consultancy in which he described a Consultant as “Someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is” In other words you know what you need to do but want someone else to tell you
      During the late 80s-early 90s, the then Vip government paid $300,000 to a 2-person consultancy to advise us on Cruise Tourism. What did they do since they didn’t really have the answers? they walked and drove around asking the said folks living and doing business here. Around the same time a book was commissioned and written by a French economist meant to be introduced in the schools, titled “Why the Tourism Dollar Matters”. The book never made it into the schools nor can be found anywhere.
      Our people of past generation though less educated, (according to current standards) were the really educated. Without smartphones, FB Twitter, instant messaging, instant live broadcasting etc. they held on to their lands and properties (real economics) and passed them on to their progeny; we turn around and either sold them for mere pittance or leased them for 99 years, renewable.
      Hon Omar Hodge attempted to introduced the Green Houses method of farming to us and Hon Riel George traveled to Cuba to enquire about live stock, (smaller/quicker breeding). Just this afternoon while riding the ferry back to Virgin Gorda, another VGian educated me about a wealthy American gentleman was ready, willing and committed to assist locals with boat ownership and long line training; and went as far as setting up an outside market for fish caught beyond local consumption. That was as recent as the early 1990s while Vip was in office; but never materialised.
      The big question now is: What are this gentleman’s credentials regarding economic diversification and expansion? Are larger and more ships an answer to our economic expansion challenges? What does he know or can do about Financial Services? Can the EU be hypnotised to change the rules?. He CSC himself has been telling us for some time: “there’s no one riding a white horse that’s coming to save us”

  32. Question says:

    What services is he providing that not one else can? What are the deliverables? What if he does not deliver?

  33. Wrong says:

    This is unacceptable and something needs to be done. Democracy – Your job is to execute the wants and needs of the people. But instead ayo just doing what ayo want. Clearly this choice is making the people upset and the people don’t want/need him. So what ayo really doing? Then on top of that ayo going waive the standard process? Corruption.

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  34. AHA says:


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    • @AHA says:

      NONSENSE! When did right became wrong and wrong became right. There is a right way in doing things, especially when it comes to using hard earned taxpayers money to do so. Your attempt at psychology in reverse is futile.

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    • @Ahs says:

      It is not about black people wanting to see other blacks fail, it is about not thinking for themselves and from a lack of common sense and not willing to reason with each other.

  35. Interesting says:

    In a “democratic” election, a pastor with a politically charged talk show wins the control of the BVI government without the votes of the the people and receives a hefty salary that many government departments and projects could use more efficiently. Is this faith in the church or the political election process that cunning opportunists depend on in their loyal followers?

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  36. @BLIND AHA says:

    Stop it! This is a case of non-transparency and no accountability. What does this breed again? CORRUPTION.

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  37. LBJ says:

    Isn’t this the same thing they accused the NDP of doing?

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  38. Wellsah1 says:

    Some in the NDP still nursing wounds. Three degrees of separations: some live, some dream, and some fantasize. In which category say you. Time to level-up for the next round; don’t stay stuck. Life experiences for limitless beings must be lived to level up. “As above, So below” Own it all and never get stuck, lbj. Got it, seems intelligent enough. On to the next.

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  39. Sad says:

    After all the BVI had been through it needed to elect a leader with Statesman attributes. It cannot be that what was done previously should continue. The current Premier just does not have them with decisions like this. Sadly….just not Premier material!

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  40. My two cents says:

    On what basis was the tender process waived? Can the government be transparent about that so we the people can understand what exactly makes this person so special and what specific value he added to the growth and development and recovery of the Territory under the 6 month contract that would justify an extension of the contract and without putting it out to tender? Also does Grace Consultancy have any other consultancy contracts from anyone else? I was looking online to find their website to see who they really are, what their expertise is, who their OTHER clients are etc. A reputable consulting firm and one with a record that speaks for itself will surely have an online presence. Not this one.. Nada! Not a thing to be found. The man appeared to be walking around without a job before the VIP got back in. Now he has attached himself once again to the government nipple and sucking for all it’s worth. This situation would be laughable if it wasn’t so pitiful. Only in the BVI.

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  41. Concerned says:

    I am concerned because despite the promise our current government made that they would be transparent, all I see are decisions being made by Cabinet by waiving the tendering process. We fuss about those that come to light, but little do we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I could appreciate if this unhealthy trend happened once every blue moon, but it appears to be the norm, and it is quite disconcerting. Sidestepping procedures time and again? Not good at all!

    It is high time that the Yes Men speak out and stop accepting whatever is pushed down their throats. Until this happens, nothing will change, people will be unhappy and our country will continue its downward spiral going to hell in a handbasket.

    To top it off, if you are not friends and family (or backers) of this government you suck salt.

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  42. Online Now says:

    He must be really good at his job … or just anointed .. couldn’t make it up!

  43. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The territory ideally has 3 branches of government, well 4, ie, legislative, executive and judicial; the crown in essence is another branch. The prime purpose of the branches is to provide checks and balances on one another. The territory adopted and employs the West Minister system. Nonetheless, the system is flawed and it is a farce. For example, there is little to no daylight between the Legislative and Executive branches.

    For the most part, the Legislative and Executive teams have the same members. The next constitutional review needs to separate the line between the Legislative and Executive branches. Further, the budget authorization and appropriation processes need to change. Financial obligations above say $100K should be approved by the HOA; put the members on record. Now, they can hide and say I had no say in either this or that. This requirement, perhaps, would have stopped or slowed the $7.2M give away to BVI Airways, a bruk airline. Passing the budget is an authorization, not an appropriation.

    Moreover, did the HOA approved CSC first consultancy contract? Did the HOA receive a report on the deliverable? What are the deliverables for this next $144K consultancy contract? Are there any retainage in place to ensure timely delivery of deliverables? Did HOA approve this consultancy? Are taxpayers going to get value for money? Is the incumbent government making some questionable decisions that is putting it on the road to one term?

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