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Call made for more religious leaders to enter politics

Reverend Dr. Melvin Turnbull (File photo)

Local clergyman, Dr. Melvin Turnbull has said there is a need for more religious leaders to be elected to sit at the political table and not just persons who are good at talking themselves into positions of authority.

Dr. Turnbull, who is the senior pastor at the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church said while his view might not be popular among some, the Bible is filled with examples of religious elders being made to sit on councils of government.

“A lot of the time people get mad when pastors and Christians get into politics, but that is where they belong, to help set the laws, the infrastructure. So, you can hear from God …and direct them in the way of the Lord,” said Dr. Turnbull, while speaking on ZBVI’s “Honestly Speaking” radio program last evening.

“However, in our communities, we are looking for the most charismatic who tells the most lies, and these are the people we elevate.”

Pastor Turnbull added that whenever persons are being chosen for political office the communities should choose from among themselves elders who are already established and have a reputation for looking out for the general well-being of people.

Meanwhile, Pastor Claude Skelton-Cline who was the host of the programme agreed.

“The church maintains its authority to always speak truth to power, and somehow we have been [hoodwinked] into believing otherwise and has had people scare us away,” said Skelton-Cline

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