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Call the police! ‘Strange’ woman running grocery scam on VG

Wheatley (Forground)

A woman, who has only been described as ‘strange’ is attempting to scam Virgin Gorda residents, offering them groceries on behalf of Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley, in exchange for money.

Wheatley said, to his knowledge, the woman targeted a female resident early this morning. 

“A woman called me this morning and said, ‘Mr Wheatley, I have to pay for the stuff you send me?’,” the Ninth District Representative said in an interview with BVI News on Monday.

During further inquiries, Wheatley said the unnamed sister island resident who was target told him: “Yes, a woman show up here with a bag of stuff saying it came from you and demanding money.”

He said the female, however, refused to pay so the strange woman left.

“It’s a scam. I don’t know what they are up to or where they get the stuff from so that’s why I put people on alert. Everybody know how I just operate, if I send you something, I send you something I don’t ask no money for it. Now I don’t know who already pay, but this one woman called to verify. I don’t know if it was the first case,” he said.

He then urged residents to be on their guard. And if this stranger targets them, Wheatley said they should take a picture of the individual and report the matter to the Virgin Gorda Police Station.

Likewise, if other persons were targeted in the past, they should report the matter as well, he urged.

“It is wrong. You cannot take advantage of people in a crisis,” he argued.

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  1. Pure trash says:

    Ok I can understand America but someone came to your door on V.G and you don’t know who it is
    Government please feed the people across the territory

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    • Bruh says:

      What u saying abt America

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      • smh says:

        Do not misinterpret what is being said. What he is trying to say is America is big and everyone don’t know each other and VG is a small island and just about everyone know each other.

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    • 2G says:

      LOL exactly, VG is small….they have to know who she is. Maybe the so called 5G people sent her cause you know…5G is to blam for EVERYTHING

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  2. Hmmm says:

    People are becoming desperate…. Everything got hard without any real warning.

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  3. Windy says:

    If we could go to the store we wouldn’t be targeted by scammers. This is a failure. Admit it and let us free

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    • To Windy says:

      Wait hold up! So as a grown person you are saying cause you can’t go to the store…if someone shows up at your door with groceries…you will be gullible enough to give them money??? WOW! You are SPECIAL

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  4. ReX FeRaL says:

    Does Vincent know this so called strange woman all along?

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  5. Virgin Gorda says:

    I think there is more to this story than what is printed here. There were lots of phone numbers flying around in the Gov announcement Sunday night. Did lady call for free food, but call for a food delivery by accident?? Some people still paying for food here. I got my delivery today…and I paid. It was no scam.

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    • No says:

      The scammer stated she was delivering food on behalf of the district rep. How can that be a mistaken food delivery order? If the woman ordered groceries whether on purpose or by mistake I’m sure the delivery person would identify themselves as such. I mean, when you order your food did they tell you they bringing it in behalf of your district and ask for money?

  6. Windy says:

    @ To Windy no I’m not special. For you to interpret what I wrote shows your intelligence

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  7. SMH#3 says:

    When people become hungry and desperate they will pay for anything, even a dog in a bag without questions.

    This delivery process is slow and annoying. No one can tell you when your order will be received. What if someone is really hungry? Should that person just sit and wait? Another thing, what is in the Governmental food packages? I guess we have to simply take what is given?

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  8. D Douglas says:

    So what that has to do with American. People are people everywhere you will fine good and bad.

  9. Just curious says:

    Yes, VG small….if the bag indeed came from the government. Why dont they investigate the team they have working for that district. Who are all the persons set up to deliver and distribute food? Get their photos and let the same person that made their claim, identify the person. Its simple as that.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pure bulls**t vg too small to not know maybe the person wanted food but had no cash n wanted vincent to feel for her who knows

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