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Calls for more vaccination centres territory-wide

Health Minister Carvin Malone receiving his vaccination

If vaccination against COVID-19 is the key to the safe reopening of the BVI economy, then more testing centres should be made available across the territory to make the jabs more accessible to all residents.

That’s the view of Chaunci Cline, one of the leaders of the BVI Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association’s (BVICCHA). Currently the BVI has under 10 vaccination centres open between 10 am and 3 pm across the territory.

The government has also arranged for medical officials to administer vaccines by appointment on Anegada and Jost Van Dyke once 10 persons are available.

But Cline said the government needs to make a bigger effort to put the vaccine in front of residents.

“We can’t assume that everybody’s available between 10 and 3 Mondays through Fridays. We should have vaccinations booths, we should have an all-out concerted effort on every turn on this island. Drive-through vaccination – whatever it takes. If it’s key to the economy then we got to bolster the resources to ensure that people have all the necessary access,” Cline suggested in a recent interview with 284 Media.

Recently Health Minister Carvin Malone said the government would enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with some private healthcare providers to administer COVID-19 jabs to residents free of cost.

So far, more than $7,000 persons have taken the AstraZeneca jabs that are available in the BVI.

The numbers are climbing slowly and amid calls for the public to move swiftly in getting vaccinated, some persons are still hesitant to take the vaccine which was developed in under a year.



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  1. Lmao says:

    More than $7,000 got the vaccine? WTF????????

  2. Agree says:

    Yes the vaccine should be made available on weekends, get a shot on Saturday then you have Sunday off to recuperate if you have any symptoms, then back to work on Monday.

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  3. Pandora's says:

    Why can’t you administer vaccines on weekends, or in the evenings?

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    • Styles. says:

      Because people are lazy and don’t want to work or the over protective labour code will have them demand double pay.

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  4. EU Citizen says:

    10 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday?
    Dealing with a pandemic like it was some kind of bank business!
    That is not just irresponsible, it’s crazy.

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  5. Some ideas.... says:

    Some ideas for vaccine promotion because many of the people I have spoken to personally are chosing not to go because they can’t be bothered, not because of any religious or medical beliefs ….. If a person has not had the first dose of the vaccine by July 1st 2021 then they will need to pay for the vaccine after that…… After December 31st 2021 NHI should not cover any covid19 related treatment for persons who refused to vaccinate (this could also extend to SS paying sick leave)….

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    • Stop being a scaremonger says:

      You all need to stop with the scare tactics forcing people into taking the vaccine . We from Tola we got money to pay for the vaccine when you begin charging for it…. bring it on!!

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      • hmmm says:

        government getting them free, who they going charge

      • @stop being a scaremonger says:

        It isn’t about being a scaremonger. It is putting the community before yourself. It is about thinking about those who haven’t had work for a year and are struggling to feed their families. Then it is about looking at the world. Tens of thousands of people are dying everyday from COVID19 and the BVI are about to throw away thousands of vaccines that are expired because people cannot be bothered to go and get the vaccine. The suggestion wasn’t that the BVI government have to pay for the vaccine after the date, but the person receiving the vaccine would have to pay. Their decision to delay the vaccine if they want. Their decision to accept paying for it… if you have the funds and want to wait – absolutely go ahead!

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Some of you will be dead by then , so make sure you have enough for the funerals too.

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    • hmmm says:

      rubbish. all points stupidness.

  6. My Reason says:

    Why did I not take the vaccine as yet?

    1. I am not averse to taking it; however, I am building up courage as I am afraid of needles.
    2. I like choices. Only one type of vaccine here so far.
    3. I am hearing that the brand currently available here is 67% effective, whereas there are others on the market that are 100% effective.
    4. Would the loss of the 33% effectiveness mean that I will be jabbed and jabbed more often? Ugh! The very thought of top-ups make me nervous.
    Maybe we can have a(nother) forum on this type of platform where people with concerns (like myself) can make them known, and the experts can address them. That may result in a better understanding and ultimately a bigger turn out.
    Just a thought.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      What do you mean by effective? They are all roughly equivalent in prevent you catching it – 80-90%. That means you are 5 times less likely to catch it. They are all 100% effective in making sure you don’t get seriously ill or die. So even if you do catch it after vaccinating it’s just an annoyance not life threatening.

      Ever been bitten by a mosquito? You don’t feel the bite because the funnel is so sharp. Same with the one time needles they now use for vaccinations So sharp you don’t feel it. And most people don’t even get an itch. Look away and you won’t even know they did it.

      These are the results from the UK ….

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    • @My Reason says:

      Thank you…. I encourage everyone to take the vaccine but I think your suggestion for a forum for open discussion as to why people are not taking it is definitely what we need. Just to address your point about choices.. please remember that there are people who cannot feed their families at the moment because their place of work is not operating or they aren’t getting enough hours… whilst I agree to the right to choose please look at your brothers and sisters around you and decide what is most important.

    • Hello says:

      1. Yes understood.
      2. How often do you discuss any medication with your doctors? Did you choose any other vaccines you get?
      3. There are no vaccines with 100%. Stop getting your information from friends and facebook.
      4. Nonsense.

  7. Belonger says:

    As usual we special. If u want the vaccine u will make the effort.
    Some countries wish they had what we have.

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    • Doctor No says:

      Yes they do. Few other Caribbean countries have enough vaccine for the whole population. It will be a tragedy if we let it go to waste because of scremongering , superstition and lies.

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  8. cuba the experts says:

    i want the cuba vaccine

  9. Question Everything says:

    People should be better informed about the AstraZeneca vaccine. It does not stop you from getting covid. It does not stop you from spreading covid. 76% efficacy means you have a 76% chance of not getting hospitalized if you get covid and for some age groups 100% chance of not dying. In other words, all it does is lessen your symptoms. Do the research. Quote from recent article:
    “AstraZeneca plc AZN has now reported a vaccine efficacy of 76% in a phase III trial of its COVID-19 vaccine, AZD1222, in the United States, slightly lower than 79% reported earlier.

    On Mar 22, the company had reported an efficacy of 79% at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 and 100% efficacy at preventing severe disease and hospitalization.”

    Note that nowhere does it say it will prevent transmission or prevent catching the virus. I challenge anyone to find information from AstraZeneca otherwise.

    People who choose not to get vaccinated are by definition taking the risk that they will develop more severe symptoms or even die if they get covid. This is their personal risk — vaccinated people are just as likely to get or transmit covid as unvaccinated people, therefore unvaccinated people pose no greater risk to the community than vaccinated people.

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