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Campaign donations shouldn’t be linked to future favours — Premier

Donations made during election campaigns should not be linked to future political favours for those donors, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has expressed.

The Premier shared his position on the issue at a press conference late last week as he discussed the subject of electoral reform in the territory.

Dr Wheatley previously shared that electoral reform is something that is high on his government’s agenda, but noted at the time that this was not simply because it was mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report.

According to Dr Wheatley, the issue was important more so because various administrations have encountered challenges on this front and those need to be sorted out.

Meanwhile, as legislators return to the House of Assembly (HOA) today, May 31, they are expected to hear a presentation from the Governor’s Office on specific electoral reforms.

In addition, he said there are also recommendations to be considered from election observers who visited during the last election.

“The campaign finance reform is among the chief ones (electoral reforms). We want to ensure of course when persons are being elected that we know of course the source of finances for persons who are making donations,” the Premier said.

“You don’t want donations to be linked – to speak frankly – to future favours when persons are being elected. So we want a transparent process as it pertains to campaign donations,“ he added.

Big campaign spenders should have advantage

Another issue the Premier suggested needs to be looked at, is ensuring that persons who are the biggest campaign spenders do not end up having an unfair advantage above others.

“We want the elections to be about persons’ plans, their policies, their track record, [as well as] them being able to articulate their ideas and to demonstrate that they can achieve those ideas in some type of realistic fashion,“ he continued.

Dr Wheatley said once members of the HOA hear the presentation today, they will better be able to decide which aspects of electoral reform are going to be taken forward.

Just last week, Dr Wheatley said his government is heavily focused on election reform, constitutional review, and the new Register of Interests Act to chart a way forward with good governance.

Premier Wheatley at the time said his government was committed to making constitutional changes that were in line with those in the COI report.


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  1. Roxane says:

    Why doesn’t he say where the VIP got all the money for the last from including being able to hire a man from Senegal for his high science services which they all partook in. You received donations from other people who got their favors already. The best thing you could do Slow Wande is to shut your mouth. We have no confidence in you to lead this country. None!

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    • Him says:

      It incredible that he says these things as if he’s suddenly realised the way things are done are wrong. Everyone knows it’s wrong. Only an idiot would find this surprising.

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      • Licker and Sticker says:

        Only a slow witted *** would act as if we don’t know these things. Slow Wande needs to go. I have no confidence in this guy.

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      • HAHAHA says:


    • List of names to share says:

      – Man from Senegal
      – Government official number 1
      – Official(s) at Airport
      – Officials at Customs/Immigration
      – Friend(s) who does drug tracking and guns trafficking
      – Every fast boat owner in the BVI without an apparent job or business
      – Everyone in government who knew about all the individuals above and the other sh#t Fahie was involved in.

      Thank you!

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    • Common Sense says:


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  2. Where were you? says:

    When Fahie was establishing all the statutory boards, handing out cash to farmers & fisher folk, ‘borrowing’ money from social security, putting his family members in lucrative roles? Suddenly you are woken up? Doing the right thing? Joker..absolute joker

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  3. Good start says:

    Thank you Premier Wheatley. Good start. We need campaign reform to avoid past problems. It will really help us to have better politics. Please push this reform through as soon as possible.

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    • Popeye says:

      We need full public disclosure of all: 1) Campaign Contributions, 2) Personal Financial Records for 5 years before and after serving in office. These should be open to the public.

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      • and says:

        we want to know what favour they gave in return full disclosure. This is required of all existing and rejected politicians seeking to run again

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      • 007 says:

        We need full disclosre and transparency on everything.

        You can be 100% certain you will never get it if this lot stay in power.

  4. we know better says:

    Nobody dont give nothing for nothing

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  5. Slow-e says:

    There are a lot of people who might not be as articulate as you are but smarter than you for sure. You have proven that being articulate does not mean your are smart. Dissolve the house of assembly.

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  6. yeah right says:

    Mehson you think people like wha he name them so gonna give you them money for free?

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  7. watching says:

    Change is hard but necessary

    You say born again, yes indeed born again. Reset bottom hit .

    Be transformed by the renewing of your MIND.

    Act right instead of just reacting , act right

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  8. Stupes says:

    Good Morning Mr Wheatley. You know that campaign donations are linked to future favours. However, you are damn right in that it should not be, but that’s the nature of the beast politicians created. You fix it. Hope you get plenty of donations next time around.

  9. Radio Rich says:

    Thank you Natalio for stating the bleeding obvious. Good grief.

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  10. Concerned says:

    You were Deputy Premier when all the funds were being abused. Now you want to be seen to be doing right, we are not fooled!

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  11. heckler says:

    Isn’t this the same man who seconded Andrew with all the bad decisions made by the VIP government?

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  12. Nothing life is free says:

    And to quote the old saying: “Nothing in life is free”

  13. temporary premier says:

    Mr temporary premier do you know of any country in the world big or small that donations for campaigning and to political parties are not given for favors?? well let me tell you it’s impossible for that to stop .so these nice words you put together to tell us and the British is just words not even a fool would take you serious. in America they call in lobbying. can you Mr temporary premier what they call it in the uk??

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  14. Interested says:

    But at the moment they are, my brother

  15. Agree says:

    Political parties are unnecessary and now dead in the BVI. Abolish the 9 district reps and elect 5 at large candidates to form the HOA. Allow 1 all day campaign on each of the 4 populated islands with a time limited speech of 30 min/candidate until all have spoken. Schedule 1 day campaign speeches on each island over 4 consecutive weeks then hold elections. The 5 candidates with the most votes form the new government with NO political parties! All the losing candidates must leave the BVI until the next election.

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  16. WEW says:

    Slowande, that’s what politics is all about.

  17. Licker and Sticker says:

    Slow Wande’s plan is to just say it and expects everyone to take these words as gospel. Someone needs to tell him that it is only through independent verification and transparency would anyone take these empty words seriously. Truth be told any rational person paying attention. sees him like a *** to his party. Until we see the inter working of the VIP and NDP parties we will continue to see party reps like ***.

  18. Hard working citizen says:

    I am sure all donations are in.

  19. Get real Natalio says:

    Campaign finance is linked to future favours/Government contracts IN ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD!!! ALLLLLLLLL…America, the EU, …even the hypocritical UK…it is a fact and an entrenched reality.

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  20. B**locks says:

    All of them sheltering under the green umbrella by the church.

  21. Nostalgic says:

    I look at this picture and I am transported back to January 2019.

    You had a youtube video where you were standing by the sea or so wearing the green polo and speaking about 5 things you were going to do for your district.

    After listening to you for about 3 minutes, I paused the video to internalise what you had said and I knew that you were genuine in your desire to serve your people .

    I definitely was not prepared for what was revealed to me after I paused the video…….

  22. Lilly says:

    Party politics and independent candidates both have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the people involved. One popular radio personality often speaks about this, and I sometimes get confused because she claims that she can work with anybody for the benefit of the country. However, we all know how she feels about some of the politicians/ministers, past and present, so how well will she work with them because some of them are bound to run again and win. It seems to me like some independent candidates are planning for a strong opposition. While a strong opposition is warranted, I would like to see a strong government, so the focus of the independents should be on that.

  23. Cato says:

    Having party politics is not a law. It is a choice and so is running independent.

  24. A Farmer says:

    Concrete a portion of the hillside above the cut that Omar Hodge Made for the green houses then construct a large cistern where the water can be stored on the level area. The supply can be supplemented in the dry season with water pumped from the several wells in Paraquita Bay to the cistern. Does anyone remember how water was caught and distributed in Road Town before the population explosion. Everything does not have to be about expensive desalinated water. Capitalize on the free rain water that goes to waste in the rainy season. It is also better suited for agricultural purposes.

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  25. Coulda shouda says:

    Campaign donations “shouldn’t” be linked to the expectation of future favours but many de facto are. It’s like saying we should keep proper govt. accounting records for future audits. Or, saying moped riders should abide by the rules of the road. Wishful thinking in these parts.

  26. The Reaper says:

    U all hear this *** guy….smh ,Am finish,,let me go and have a with the Governor….Election time.

  27. Anonymous says:


    We could do like Germany. The election commission finances the election process. Everyone seeking a seat in any council whether local or state must register with the commission. They commission in turn give them funding. They can only spend what they receive and must submit receipt as proof. They are not allowed to spend any other money or accept donations. This is considered bribery and will be disqualified from the election. Companies/person cannot give to a candidates as this is also illegal and they will be charged with bribery. Only monies given by the commission can be used and funds not used must be returned. Failure to do so is a offense. The commission receive its funding from the national budget.

  28. Shouldn’t says:

    Your just figuring that out now? It’s really so sad. The word “shouldn’t” got me

  29. Migoman says:

    Well whooopty f****g do, for educating us on the obvious SOWANDE.

  30. Really!? says:

    How about someone giving you a building lot in Oil Nut Bay (does that count?)
    Or how about a spot in the BVI Investment Company (bet you forgot about that one!)
    You THINK you have all these little tricks we can not figure out…how about just act in the benefit of the people and not just yourself? We need schools, roads, hospitals, and something for our children to do besides deal drugs and ride around on scooters.
    Try that!

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