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Careless persons can’t hold BVI economy hostage — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has insisted that his government has done all it can to protect residents against COVID-19 — including asking everyone to get vaccinated — and cannot allow careless persons to hold the BVI’s economy hostage.

“I’m asking our people let’s not get careless. I do see some slacking off with the wearing of masks. I do some see some slacking off in certain areas.,” Premier Fahie said while speaking at the Taddy Bay airport reopening yesterday.

“We asked everyone to get vaccinated. We asked everyone, if you’re not going to be vaccinated, take care of your immune system. And we cannot let persons who are going to be careless hold our economy hostage,” the Premier added.

The Premier’s appeal comes amid warnings from the government that persons have attended local events recently where there have been positive COVID-19 cases.

Premier Fahie stressed that while his government has not made vaccines mandatory, it continues to strongly encourage it.

“You have to adhere to the protocols, we all have to adhere to them because this government is not shutting down again,” the Premier insisted. “You might get shut down, but we’re not shutting down. [We are moving] full speed ahead!”

“We are not mandating for businesses or persons to be vaccinated, you as an individual have to take that personal responsibility to do that,” the Premier expressed.

“It is also up to the business to decide if they want their staff vaccinated or not — this government will not make the call neither for the individual nor for the business,” he added.

The territory’s leader said everything that could’ve been done has been done with God’s help and everything that could’ve been provided has been provided with God’s help.

The Premier reminded persons that the United Kingdom (UK) has assisted with vaccines and his government has expended more than $150 million in keeping our public officers hired.

“We are here now and we cannot take retrograde steps,” Premier Fahie insisted.

He said 60.6 percent of the population had already taken the first jab while a further 55.3% had taken both jabs and are fully vaccinated.

The Premier promised that the Pfizer vaccine will be in the BVI before the end of the year. He further said booster shots will have started to be distributed by that time.

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  2. Please shut it says:

    Whenever I see this man mouth open I get concerned because it’s pure Nancy stories and untruths coming out. Cover your mouth please, I can’t take any more untruths for 2021. It’s just been to much. And I know some even bigger untruths coming for 2022 because election coming up

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    • let me get this straight says:

      he’s not enforcing any rules – it’s just up to you. This is weak leadership, from his initial hesitancy, to indulgence of maskless gatherings. I’m not convinced he has even been jabbed. People have to realize this is not an exercise, Covid has more variations to come, possibly way more lethal. With about only 55% vaccination we are doomed to live in a cycle of infection waves. Why are we lumbered with a complacent Nero overseeing, aiding and abetting the destruction of the economy?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Malawi Government has asked former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson to be the ambassador for Malawi’s cannabis brand.(Chamba).

    The Minister of Agriculture Minister in Malawi , Lobin Lowe, has written a letter to Tyson to become the country’s ambassador for cannabis.

    In the letter dated November 1, Lowe noted that the legalisation of Cannabis in 2020 has created opportunities for both medicinal and industrial purposes and has also offered Malawi an opportunity to generate foreign exchange

    Here, christians and closed minds do not dictate policy, legislators do.

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  4. careless says:

    The government is also being careless and spiteful.

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  5. yolo says:

    yes i had covid and yes I’m not jab I’m happy your not making it mandatory….i don’t go to large gathering…but person must understand the risk….dont blame the government….he give everyone a chance to take the jab…everyone have there own option …..but he is rite we need to move forward…..larger gathering is where the money at…tourist is where the money at…..if you the people are soooo scared of covid and don’t want to take the jab…. you should live in a bubble….life must go on….we live to die…thats the circle of life.

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  6. Lol says:

    Only thing that held our economy hostage was you! Only thing that led to that deadly spike with a careless reopening on June 15th was you!

    You don’t be anywhere to see any darned slacking off.

    You never talked or promoted natural immunity and immune system boosting. You only pushed vaccines. Don’t try be slick now.


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  7. Secret Bear says:

    This was an airport opening. Why are you talking about frigging masks, you clown? If the vaccines work, why do we need them? What is the off ramp? The virus is not going away.

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  8. the usvi stayed open and took all our tourists says:

    He finally came to his senses

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  9. Anonymous says:

    “A people ignorant of themselves are a people headed for disaster. One reason for the condition we’re in today is a LEADERSHIP that has not yet decided it will determine a NEW REALITY and DEVELOP an AFROCENTRIC REALITY, one that is suitable to the advancement and development of Afrikan people.

    We have a LEADERSHIP that has rejected and dispensed with self-knowing for knowing of the enemy.

    We have a people who PRIDE in the fact that they know more about the history of their enemies than they KNOW ABOUT THEMSELVES; who pride in getting degrees in the history of their enemies while knowing nothing about who and what they are as a people.

    We have a leadership that has made us think that knowledge of self was not important, that knowledge of our oppressor was the only important knowledge, that knowledge of who and what he was about is the only knowledge of importance.

    Consequently, the more knowledge and education these leaders gained in terms of the knowledge of the oppressor, the more ignorant they became themselves.” – Amos Wilson

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  10. Resident says:

    I was stopped by a police officer once. She talked to me without mask at my driver’s side window. She can clearly see that I was not comfortable and have my mask from the get go. But she still went her way like it was a normal day. Very fine models we have in our society so much that you would expect each resident to follow protocols. SMH

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  11. Lieeees. says:

    ….can’t done!!

  12. ? says:

    He’s not wearing mask in the photo!

  13. Resident says:

    government should stop misleading the public, even with the vaccines you can still get covid, so why push it alone, its time to start looking at treatment options eg ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies

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    • Oculus says:

      You realize that monoclonal antibodies is made from the same mRNA technology as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that you reject, right?

  14. Hmmm says:

    Yes, we all agree that the govt did what was neccessary to get the vaccine. But the govt never had a plan in place to encourage persons to get the vaccine until we all nearly died this past June, July. It was then the govt took the vaccine hesitancy serious. Thanks to concerned citizens who publically spoke and educated the public about the vaccine then percentage of vaccinated persons increased. The increase was not because of any specific govt action.
    Premier stop your mind games like govt was some kind of saviour during covid. All governments have a public duty to protect its citizens. Stop the glory seeking BS,

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  15. Hostages? says:

    Perhaps the Hon. Premier would like to explain why heathen unleashed is dogs at HM Customs on the charter yachting tourism sector?
    Enquiring minds want to know: What about “opening up to tourism” is about keeping charter yachts out?

  16. Hmmmm says:

    Businesses are struggling as they cannot get workers back into the country or new permits process while these loons are in front of cameras bragging about bulls**t.

  17. @ ANONYMOUS says:

    well that is the tactic they are using as a distraction to hide their deception and if you look at his photo , only TRUMP comes to mind

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  18. informed says:

    Mr Fahie, You held the economy hostage. You promised to open 1st december 2020. It took a whole 6 month more to get the borders open. Delay after delay. Employers were keeping staff on for two months insight of the opening. But 6 months later with empty bank accounts and no stock we had to let staff go. So please explain why you were not ready to open when the tourism industry were making plans and suggestions to you to open and you ignored it over and over again. Last Xmas only 56 boats were on charter in the entire charter fleet. Today the marines are empty as the yachts are on the water and the economy is finally flowing and we are not able to pay bills on time and start paying the debts we incurred. Working still with Skelton staff as you are taking months to process work permits. So when you are holding people hostage please take a look in the mirror.

  19. Eagle says:

    This Premier swinging from one extreme to the next . He is a confused person because he micromanage.

    Tears coming to his eyes … The VG Airport is not a new project . He met the airport there

    Don’t be fooled or become gullible

    He met millions in the reserved funds for govt.. he put his hand on it

    He met millions at Social Security
    He put his hand on it
    where is the lives of the people better?
    Why is there price on food going up?
    Why is medication going up?
    Why is the poor people who have to bear the burden ?
    Why is there few shoppers ?
    Where did the money generate for stimulus package ?
    Worst Govermnent ever ?
    Oh it is young ?

  20. Hostage says:

    The government is holding all of us hostage. Yes we needed to stay safe, but you have caused hardships in all aspects of BVI work and life.
    You and you ministers have hurt the tourism industry but make rules that now just make no sense.
    Relook at your recent decisions.

  21. Fixit says:

    If The Premier wants our economy to go full steam ahead then why are they ( Government) holding the charter industry hostage ? Why are they now at the beginning of Charter season making the charter companies jump every hoop and instructing hard protocols? Don’t see any large Mega Boats here anymore ? Why is that ? Keep the economy going yes … but don’t bite the hand that feeds you and the BVI people !!

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