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Carib’n country asks for BVI’s unwanted COVID vaccines

Amid widespread refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccines that have been given to the BVI, the government will consider giving it to a neighbouring Caribbean country that has asked for the territory’s unwanted jabs.

The BVI government had announced that it is willing to return unwanted vaccines to the UK and Dominica so they can be given to persons who need the jabs in those countries.

The government said it would rather return the vaccines to the originating countries than have them expire in the BVI.

But speaking in the House of Assembly on April 22, Health Minister Carvin Malone said the government may consider giving some vaccines to a Caribbean country that has asked for them.

“We have one of the islands to our west that has called me and said, ‘whatever vaccines you have that the people don’t want, don’t send them back to the UK, send them to us because our hospitals are overwhelmed, our people are dying so send it to us’,” Minister Malone explained.

He added: “I asked the Governor to look into what portion of it we can offer our brothers and sisters if we are forced to look at the prospect of returning [vaccines].”

Minister Malone didn’t name the country that asked for the unwanted vaccines. But Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti are all neighbours west of the BVI.

The Health Minister also reminded the public and leaders that the global supply of COVID vaccines is dwindling as cases continue to surge worldwide.


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  1. virgin islander says:

    Don’t give them Any let them buy…

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    • @virgin islander says:

      Your post make you look like a person who would watch children starving for your leftovers and you would just watch them in the face and throw it away from them. May God forgive you.

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      • @@virgin islander says:

        Leave these ppl alone
        That’s how the wicked and bad minded
        The bvi islanders are the most wicked, nasty, bad minded ppl in the world
        It get some good ones

    • Anonymous says:

      Bet that person that p0sted “Don’t give them Any let them buy..” is neither a Virgin Islander nor Black. Still busy tryig to ivide lacals and our Caribbean family. Poor hopeless soul.

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    • Bull shit says:

      It ain’t no demand for no vaccine..buh other countries want them lie…trying to give this impression as if everyone esle so much want and taken them and we got them playing with bullshit..billgates given all them free ..hand out that what it is…

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    • Lima says:

      You do realise that the vaccines were given to us free by England? Why would we sell them?

    • He’s a troll says:

      Ignore him.

  2. What!!! says:

    “virgin islander”. Why would you be so mean spirited ?They were given to us for free and if they will expire before used here why not help our Caribbean brothers and sistets.

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  3. Concerned says:

    Can persons be fired from their jobs because they are not vaccinated?

    I think that persons should not be put in that position because taking the vaccine is a choice. Then might as well it was compulsory.

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    • Well says:

      Well you can’t go to college without being vaccinated, I think the reasoning follows private entities will make it mandatory as well.

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      • Islander, States Side says:

        My son who is a Junior at UMBC receive a email stating that all students have to be vaccinated by the Fall semester or they will not be able to return to classes or live on campus. Every College requires students be vaccinated.If they don’t, they can’t go back to school.

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        • Realism says:

          The truth is, pretty soon you won’t be able to travel outside BVi unless you are vaccinated. It’s no different from having to have malaria shots before you go to African countries.

    • Remember says:

      COVID don’t give you a choice once you are exposed to It.

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    • Tim says:

      Yes you can. You are right that you have the choice to be vaccinated or not.
      At the same time, business have the choice to employ you or not.

      Say your employer is in the tourism business and those customers don’t want to interact with none vaccinated people then yes, I think it’s more than thirst rights.

      The Gov might not force it but business will.
      BTW not only you might be fired but some business might even refuse to serve you..

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  4. Stupid is as Stupid Does says:

    Me Gump got it right. People still running from the fire. Science is your friend. Take the shot, open the borders and go back to work.

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  5. winston says:

    Please do not get rid of the vaccine just yet. Demand will increase as people gradually accept that those without vaccination are going to be left out of almost everything.

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    • Tim says:

      Too late…

      The people of the bvi need to figure out why their science is so different then everyone else….

      First I hear of a county giving up on vaccination out of free will based on science…

      G* will help us all

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  6. Liston says:

    Congratulations BVI. The most selfish nation on God’s earth.

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  7. itstime says:

    I hope you save enough for the people who had their first shot to get their second shot.

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  8. @virgin islander says:

    u can’t help your behavior. you from the bvi. thats how you all stay

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  9. Belonger says:

    It would be a sin to let the vaccine stay here and expire while our neighbours are desperate to get their hands on some.
    Reciprocate the love.

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  10. Yuh hear lie? says:

    Which hospital in the Caribbean overwhelmed with COVID cases? NOT ONE!!!! PURE FOOLISH TALK AS USUAL.

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  11. Q says:

    One day you all will have to pay for this same vaxcine trust me. It is coming.

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  12. Dam liar says:

    The evil in tortola being use won’t be surprised the hurricanes we get this year …hope malone got his wealth secured and ready to take it h**l with him on his way down …like the rest of them l**rs

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  13. Not using it says:


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  14. Tongue Fu says:

    Another ploy by Carvin and crew to get people to vaccinate. Most have already made up their minds and will not vaccinate and the only reason why they won’t try to mandate it is that they realize that most of those people who don’t want it can vote. What a conundrum.

    Which Caribbean country is overwhelmed by the corona pandemic? People dying so send them to us? Usual scaremongering from the Minister of gloom and doom.

    It is time to move on and reopen the dam country. 98% survival rate. People tired of these shenanigans. Please give the vaccines to a country who wants it. Continue to discriminate against those who chose not to vaccinate. We will meet you at the Polls.

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    • Mate says:

      What Caribbean Country is overwhelmed, how about Haiti (who does not have vaccines at all); Dominican Rupublic, Jamaica,

      • Bermuda says:

        Their numbers are coming down but they hit over 900 cases and last week 6 people died. They have 28 in hospital, 9 of which are in intensive care.

  15. Vote says:

    In the next election only the votes from vaccinated persons will be counted.

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  16. Hmmmm says:

    Can’t believe anything this man says. How can Puerto Rico ask for it when that vaccine is not authorized to be used in the US. Explain that one

  17. Health says:

    All businesses must make it mandatory to get their employees vaccinated , if not just fire them, those who refuse are dangerous to the business and community, send them home and enjoy their rest of life at home. Many people out there waiting for jobs.

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    • Wake up, Melanine says:

      Edomites talking thud. We were drinking the same bush in Africa. We shall drink them again when all you go back to Europe and we wouldn’t need no Covid shots. This world is run by a few Vaccine-pushing Mongrels who want to make billions on vaccine and kill of 90 percent of the population in name of depopulation. Wait, man. Wait, your time shall come. As in the beginning, so it will be in the end. Africa arise.

  18. Bill Gates Speech says:

    Before thinking about making Vaccines Mandatory, Let government explain to the public what the biggest sponsor of vaccines mean by saying” If we introduce new vaccines,new health care and new reproductive services,we can LOWER the worlds population by 10 or 15 percent.
    Some of the worlds agenda is written in stone and is being followed as we speak. Research the Georgia Guide stone Agenda 21.Keep the worlds population below a certain level. Reseach shows that Covid is a Biochemical weapon being used on the world but it is being covered up and distractions to fool us.
    It is easier to try to fool someone than to convenice them that they have been fooled.

  19. Premier Speech says:

    The Premier made a speech this morning on zbvi saying , a lie goes around the world twice but eventually the truth comes out, Words to minister of the 2nd District.
    This is what’s happening with Covid and the vaccines.

  20. Mighty Pen says:

    Freedom of choice is a double edge sword. You may decide you are free to not take the vaccine or wear a mask but then what about my freedom not to inhale your virus? it’s amazing how people who dont follow scientific advice still love to quote statistics, (like their 98% chance of surviving Covid). If you want to travel abroad now you have to pay for a ticket and a present a valid passport – try getting on a flight or through BVI immigration without one! If airlines decide you need to have proof of vaccination before travel that’s their freedom of choice…..and lets hope all those unvaccinated voters are well enough to get to the polls come election time!

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  21. GODS WORLD says:

    God did not make this world for vaccinated people only.

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